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Gatablanche deals with spicy burlesque stories told by a feline about its owner. It reflects the inconstancy of love and the weakening of affective bonds, in a fast changing world, where almost everything turns disposable.

Erotica / Humor
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I was born in a time of acceleration of historical time, of rampant technology, of absolute relativism, of fluidity in relationships, of valorization of the female body and of the decadent male power. Time of violent terror, distrust and loneliness in the capitals. Men and women tucked in a cold war between the sexes, lost in trivialized betrayals and unequal disputes, roamed the battlefields with chronic deviations of personality, avoiding exposing themselves naked in the public. Hetero, homo and multi sexual actors played the most diverse roles in an infected daily life, swarming with mental and sexually transmitted diseases, using animals, networked computers, and chemical substances as clothing in the intervals of the staging. The public life was thus interconnected and the private life was hidden under cover, especially in a piece of this world, the country of the future, where I was born, a future that year after year never came, and of the hope, that day after day never died. Champion country of consumption of rations, chips and psychotropic drugs, where kennels and catteries proliferated. It was in a cattery of the southern capital of that country, in a shed full of cats chosen for aesthetic symmetry, that I was calved. It appears in the annals of this cattery, that I belong to an ex-noble lineage, a lush aesthetic branch of a reproductive family tree of good long-haired fruits with short fur. All the shoots of this branch became elegant guardians of temples in the heyday of the Eastern theocracy. Called by the people as prince felines, the shoots are spread through the ages, until arrive the day I was born. I became aware of myself in one of the many pet shops in the center of the southern capital, without knowing what they raised me for. I still did not exercise my thinking with prowess, I lived the moment, I went on guided by the instinct that came from the blood flow. I woke up in an aluminum cage, free in natural reflections, captivated with my specular reflection in the form of a monozygotic twin sister. I had no memories before that time. Forgotten about what came before, I don't remember my mother, much less my father. What moved me was the animal motor, the pain or pleasure, there was no good or evil. An old and collective form determined the shape of my current slim figure with a long tail. Without the shape imposed by this shape that I set myself, I would not be a Siamese cat, I would be something unfinished amorphous, a tasteless primordial soup, the nothingness of an inanimate breakdown. I was what I was, I am what I am, and I imagine that I will always be that way. An essence, a dream alive changing, sister of lights and fine particles, the result of all that gave me the formwork, which gave me the female feline form. Due to the structural complexity of the formwork in which I placed myself, perhaps because I deserved it, I differentiated myself on an animal level, I became subtle crystallized energy. The arches in a genital genetic arrangement expressed the chemistry of tissue meat, the ephemerides defined part of the animal character. Finally, the environment shaped a momentary ending of my moving being, through rewards and punishments proportional to the actions taken. All my innate fears and desires came surging from the archetypal memories of the collective unconscious of cats, down, to the indivisible upholstery of the universe. My twin sister and I were born together, with similar ephemeris, we drank the same breast milk, and we learned the same rules of the game. Therefore, we would be, at that moment, the same cat, identical by uterine origin and by the same final destination that is the dust of the powder, and there is no use meowing. But, despite so much momentary identity, open our eyes, we saw the world in a diametrically opposite way. My sister looked out of herself and into the cage, I looked out of the cage and into myself. Therefore, in the course of our lives, emotions and reasons that I feel and thinks without hesitations showed that my essence is much more than a mixture of genetic, horoscope and environment. I sensed that the sentimental reality was the result of my mental imagination. I learned that is not possible unveil the part without penetrate in the indivisible whole that contains it, and vice versa. That everything is mobile, bipolar and passenger. That the facts return to the same place in accordance with the attitudes, in fact. And that the poles are complementary, despite sexual disputes. As I looked out of the cage and into myself, I entered the whole through osmosis, I became communicative without being tongue-tied. I intuit the past, the present and the future by revealed images. I found mankind in my feline nature. My way of madam's cat kept away the poor people who wandered through the old center of the capital. A girl liked my color, and her father stopped to please her. I was charismatic enough to get the attention of the duo, who came to see me not as a cat, but as a needy baby. Then they took me from there in a cardboard box, together with my monozygotic sister, to keep each other company. The four of us went from the center to the periphery, moved by the centrifugal force of a crowded bus that made its path in spiral. After an hour, they finally opened the cardboard box. My bristly sister and I jumped out. We were inside a hot, stuffy apartment with little furniture, covered with thin, faded gray carpet. The place was a poor dump for cats of noble blood. The heat was hellish. A hot summer sun hit the top and sides of that den. We were on the top floor of an old building collapsing, right in the center of a tenement.

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