Three’s Company

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KoKo is the woman of every man’s dreams, but Omari Is the only man deserving of her love. KoKo and Omari share many sultry nights together, still KoKo wants to spice it up by inviting another lover in the mix.

Erotica / Romance
Mariah J.
Age Rating:

It was only a matter of time before I gave Omar just what he’d been begging for. Now that he received a well-deserved promotion at the law firm where he worked, it was time for us to celebrate. After all, he works hard, day in and day out to support us.

“Come here, Daddy. I got something special planned for you tonight.” I licked my full lips seductively.

Omar was infatuated with my lips; I know his dick was already standing at attention. Not to mention, my body alone was his trophy. My skin is equivalent to a Hershey’s bar, pure brown, smooth, and don’t forget rich in taste. After all, that’s how I got my nickname. Well, not exactly, my mother started calling me KoKo due to my complexion, but the men called me KoKo because I’m an aphrodisiac. Research shows that chocolate sexual properties are barely detectable, but they were studying the wrong beans. I have all the tryptophan and phenylethylamine any man needed to stimulate his dick and enamor his heart. Imagine a poster child for a phenomenal woman, yes! That’s Koko. And anyone who got the pleasure to see my body bare could spectate the ‘phenomenal woman’ inscription that followed my right lateral, emphasizing the curve in my back.

Now, just because I had it going on, doesn’t mean that I was giving it up like that. The Koko effect was a giving, but I was only willing to give to those who deserved it. All another reason why I was irresistible and then there was Daddy. He stands at about 6’3, a solid 250 pounds of chiseled perfection. Omar’s shiny bald head is smooth enough to caress but perfect enough to grip. Along with his gorgeous assets, Omar came with plenty of positive attributes. He was both passionate and intense. His morals and views were intact. He was into politics; his vocabulary was extensive and most of all he was street smart.

“Daddy!” I whined before sashaying towards the staircase.

I looked back at Omar and dropped my canary yellow kimono robe to my feet, exposing my bare plump ass. Omar rubbed his hands together and smiled. As I climbed the rest of the stairs, gracefully, the chandelier’s light glistened off my skin, accenting my glow. I disappeared into our bedroom, waiting for Omar to reach our room. Soon enough, the door slowly opened. Omar stood in the doorway smiling, from ear to ear as his specialty for the night was revealed.

“Hey, Papi. I’m Sofia.”

Sofia Hernandez was one fine ass Dominicana that I met one night out with the girls. Sofia’s slim waist, wide hips, and thick thighs were inviting. I watched her dance around and work the room all night long. I was scared to approach her, and I couldn’t look to my girls for encouragement. They would be sure to judge my decision to take Omar up on this offer to have a threesome. So, I kept them out of it. After a few more drinks, I finally got the courage to follow her into the bathroom. This could go either way, but she agreed, and plans were put into motion. Sofia was the missing piece to our puzzle.

“All this for me?” Omar asked, staring into my eyes. Although his visual sense was on me, his touch sense was already caressing Sofia.

“Si Papi. All this for you.” Sofia answered instead, pulling him closer to her. Omari grabbed Sofia’s wrist, stopping her dominance. Sophia’s breathing picked up, as her juices began leaking down her inner thigh.

I watched as Omar pushed Sofia down on our California King bed, like the king he is. Sofia submitted. Sofia’s sass didn’t stand a chance to Omar’s control. Omar wasn’t forceful, he didn’t need to be, his energy exerted itself.

Omar parted Sofia’s legs with his left hand before diving into her pussy with his tongue. Immediately, Sofia’s soul was snatched from her body. Even though Omar was active with Sofia, I could feel the vibrations too. My pussy was just as moist as Sofia’s. I walked over to Omar and begin rubbing his back. Omar loved getting his back rubbed during sex. It allowed him to still be in control, but also ease his mind.

“Ohh, Papi. Damelo!” Sofia called out in her native tongue. Omar was giving it to her, alright. Sofia’s firm legs began to shake uncontrollably, trying to keep up with her cream pie explosion. Omar sobbed up her milky sweetness as is it was country-style gravy. Sofia continued to convulse as Omar raised up from the bed. He turned to look at me and I smiled. I then proceeded to kiss him, licking any evidence of Sofia’s liquid gold off Omar’s lips.

“All this for me?” Omar asked again between kisses.

“For us, Daddy.” I corrected him.

I dropped to my knees and helped Omar take of his slacks. Before his last foot was out, I took him into my warm mouth without a tad bit of hesitation. I am the headmaster. My skills are A1, and Omar soaked it up. I glanced up at him, and his head dropped back. He damn near lost his balance as he felt the back of my throat, tightening around his tip.

“Damn, baby!” He moaned. Omar’s body jumped at the sensation of two hands on his back. He must’ve forgotten that Sophia was there, but at least she was there to hold him up. I already went over how Omar liked his backrub and Sofia caught on rather quickly.

“Te gusta ese, Papi?” Sofia whispered in Omari’s ear.

“I love this shit!” Omar grunted, gripping a hand full on my hair, using his hand to guide my head.

I noticed Sofia’s head appear from between Omar’s leg. She took his balls into her mouth, juggling between the two. I picked up my rhythm. I could feel Omar’s dick pulsating, an indicator that he was about to bust. He pulled himself from me and released inside of Sofia’s mouth. Sophia swallowed without thinking twice.

“Delicioso.” Sofia teased, standing up, facing Omari and me.

I couldn’t help but let out a laugh. I smacked Sofia’s ass, and Omari grinned an inebriated smirk. He was intoxicated off us two beauties, who stood before him.

“Relax, Daddy,” I ordered Omari, slightly pushing him towards the bed. Omari did just that. He sat down on the edge of the bed, without taking his eye off my nude masterpiece.

I pulled Sofia closer to stand with her back towards me. Sophia moaned with each kiss I planted on her neck. I did not take my eyes off Omar. I stared into his soul as I palmed Sofia’s perky breast from behind. I used my thumbs and index fingers to roll her nipples in unison.

“Oh, Mami.” Sofia encouraged me. I rolled faster, sucked her shoulder blades harder, and pierced Omar’s soul with my eyes. Omar held his dick in his hand. It was growing hard again, and he was ready to dig deep into us. Yet, I wasn’t done putting on the show.

Sofia mumbled more obscene words as I covered her entire body in kisses. It wasn’t until I stood up to face Sofia that I took my eyes off Omari. I guided my tongue into Sofia’s mouth, slovenly. My kisses were just as sloppy as my blow job, but Sofia didn’t seem to care at all. She was in such a trance; I could blow on her and she’d climax. She begged me for more. Just as she called, I answered. I was preparing myself for her feast. I positioned myself eye-level to Sofia’s pussy. I lifted her right leg and draped it over my left shoulder before gracing Sofia’s clit with my tongue. Sofia’s leg tightened around my back as she struggled to stay standing.

I continued to please Sofia. Omar could no longer sit back and watch. He dropped Sofia’s leg from my shoulder to arch my back. His gesture almost made Sofia fall, but I help lower Sophia to the ground, all without taking my mouth off her. My face was buried in between Sofia’s legs and my ass was tooted in the air. I moved my hips slowly, for good measure, preparing myself for Omar’s grand entrance. I let out a muffled yell as Omar’s dick filled my tight walls. I clenched my pelvic muscles together. Omar loved that shit!

“Aaaahhh!” Omar yelled out like a beast in the wild. That was all he needed to go beast mode on me. His pace was fast and firm, sending me into a long exhilarating climax. I was no longer pleasing Sofia. How could I, when this man had me dickmatized?

I slowly lowered my ass to lie into the plush carpet. Sofia took that as her clue to get a piece of Omar. She lifted her legs behind her head and motioned for Omar to come closer. Omar maneuvered himself around my limp body and introduced his dick to Sofia’s pussy. Omar slid in and out with ease. Sophia was dripping, and if Omar hadn’t gripped onto her thighs, he might’ve slipped right out of it.

I finally found the energy to pull myself off the floor. I looked on at Omar tearing Sofia’s walls down. Omar locked eyes with me and slowed down his pace.

“I’m fine.” I mouthed, reassuring him that everything was Gucci. I must admit a sense of jealousy came over me, but this was his dream. He was fucking the love of his life and a freaky Hispanic chick, at the same time. It wasn’t until I smiled at him, did he pick up the pace again.

Omar wrapped his hand around Sofia’s throat as he pumped his final pump before pulling out and releasing all over Sofia’s core. Sofia gasped for air when Omar finally let her loose. I walked off into the bathroom. I could hear Omar fumbling to stand-up, leaving Sofia in a daze on the floor.

“Baby, you okay?” Omar asked, creeping up behind me while I was wetting a few rags.

I laughed, “I’m fine, Daddy. I promise.” I continued to wet the rags, making sure they were nice and warm. I used one of them to wash off Omari’s dick.

“Ight, I’m just making sure you were still…” Omar started.

“Shh, Daddy. Don’t kill the mood.” I giggled. I knew this was going to mess with Omar’s head, but I didn’t think he’d be so concerned right now. We just had the time of our lives, just as he always wanted, but he was fixated on if I was okay or not. I always valued his want and never wanted to make him feel ashamed for having any. So, since he wanted it, he got it. Simple.

I grabbed the rags from the sink and walked out of the bathroom. Sofia was knocked out on the floor.

“Damn, Daddy, you put it down.” I teased him.

“You know how I do,” Omar answered. He was feeling himself now, but I can’t even blame him. I rolled my eyes and he smiled back at me.

I kneeled beside Sofia to wash Omar’s DNA off. She was out cold, not even the warmth from the rag could wake her up. Omar laughed at the sight. Once she was cleaned, Omar picked her up and laid her in bed. I returned the rag to the bathroom and climbed in bed next to Sophia, hugging her from the back. Omar followed suit. He pulled himself close to me.

“Congratulations on your promotion, Daddy,” I whispered.

“Ahh,” Omar laughed, “that’s what this was all about, eh?”

“Well…” I begin to stutter, I was caught, red-handed.

Omar hugged me tighter, “you’re an amazing woman, you know that?”

“You deserve it.”

“I think you enjoyed her too.”

Omar’s response caught me off guard, but he was, in fact, correct. I’ve experimented with women in college, but nothing like this before. I know for a fact that Omar’s presence played a huge role in this escapade. Here I was trying to gift him, another woman and ended up gifting myself.

“Hey, Daddy.”

“Yes, baby.” Omar’s voice was low, he was a moment away from falling asleep.

“Can we keep her?” I asked, as a joke, but with all seriousness.

“Of course, we can.”

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