The Doorbell Rang

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When the guy you've been admiring comes over to study, it won't be the fire of knowledge that gets ignited.

Erotica / Romance
Victoria Rose
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The doorbell rang, and I walked to the door.

“Who is it?” I called, trying to see through the window.

“It’s Alex,” yells my study partner for the night.

Recently I got the balls to talk to this guy. Since the first day of class I wanted to talk to him, and now finally we are going to be studying together. I opened the front door of my apartment, and smiled. He smiled back, he is so cute! I move aside to let him in.

“I can take your coat,” I say, closing the door.

He turns towards me, drops his backpack and takes off his coat. He walks forward really close and hands it to me.

“Thank you, where is your bathroom?” he asks, just a bit close but I have no problems.

Every single fantasy I have ever had about this guy runs through my mind, with absolutely no filter. I make sure not to look him in the eyes, lest I blush like a tomato.

“Upstairs and to the breast. LEFT! I meant left,” fucking shit, man. I start making my way to the closet, open it and put his jacket inside. I close the closet, take a deep breath to relax my nerves and turn around. Alex is right there, right in front of me. If I had walked forward at all I would have knocked him down.

“Sorry,” I whisper airily. My eyes were right on his lips, and he steps a bit forward forcing me backwards. He keeps moving until my back is to the closet door, and he is no more than half a foot away from me. He reaches his arms above my head and cages me in. I shrink back, with my heart beating quickly, palms sweating along with the loss of coherent speech; I just stare into his eyes.

I couldn’t stop. The warm brown hypnotized me until the urge to look at his lips overwhelmed me. So full with a slight pout, larger top lip perfect to be nibbled between my own. Licking my lips at the thought, I hear Alex growl from the back of his throat and look to his eyes quickly, but his eyes are staring at my lips. So, I continue my perusal of his.

He leans forward slowly, and I move my head farther against the wall. He’s coming in, eyes trained on my lips and all I can think about is how pleasant it will be when his lips touch mine.

I can feel the heat of his breath, my arms are tempted to wrap around his neck and pull him the last few inches. My heart is beating erratically, and it feels like an hour has passed but I can do nothing but wait until he finishes this moment. I am sure my heart is going to beat out of my chest, and he’s still moving forward. I have never been kissed, so I close my eyes and pucker my lips to what I assume might be appealing, but the kiss never happens. He never finishes, and all that I’m greeted with is his soft breath on my ear lobe sending a shiver down my spine, his throaty voice husks, “We should probably start studying.” I nod, unable to form words at the moment. He moves his body away from mine, and shakily I stumble towards my room. I can hear him shuffling behind me, and I can’t help but think about how close I was to kissing him.

My mind is running through fantasies of what the kiss would have been, and I blindly lead Alex to my room.

I open the door and allow Alex in first, it’s a good thing I cleaned. But it didn’t do much good anyway, especially since my room is filled with knick knacks and plants. He’s surveying my room, nodding and seeming to approve of the art I have hanging and the quotes that are framed.

“This is exactly how I imagined your room to be,” he says still circling and seeming to catalogue every minute detail.

What did he just say? Does this mean he has been thinking about me as well? I can’t help but smile, and turn away with a huge grin on my face. I look around my room, soaking in all that defines me. I see posters of 80s bands, records and a record player, some trinkets here and there, and nothing much else. I wonder, if he has thought about me in a positive light, or even, maybe, sexual.

Looking back in his direction, I see that he is staring at me. His eyes, a darker brown than before, search my soul. He moves closer to me, and I begin walking backwards towards my door. I can feel that the situation is going to repeat itself as before. I make it to the door, with my hands flat against it, he moves in to cage me once again and this time I’m feeling bold. This time, I don’t want to be left with the empty feeling of not having been kissed.

“You had better finish what you start this time,” I say as I pull him closer by his shoulders.

Keeping one hand on the door, and putting the other one on my hip, he pulls me closer to him, “I intend to.”

With that having been said, he leans in and puts his lips on mine, and my knees go weak from the intensity. He uses his body to hold me up against the door. My arms fully wrap around his neck, as he adds more fervor to the kiss. Alex softly nibbles my lower lip, and I whimper. He takes the opportunity, and licks my lips.

Alex pushes me even more into the door with his hips. I can feel him, slightly hard through his jeans and it makes my stomach quiver. I break away from the kiss to gasp, and he growls so low that I can feel it resonating in my body. I move my hands under his arms, across his chest and down then around his waist into the back of his shirt. I smooth my hands from his waist to the top of his back. While I was occupied with his back, he became introduced to my neck. His lips nibbled and ran their way across my jaw and down my neck. He stopped at one spot in particular that had me digging my nails in to his back. He didn’t stop though, continuing earnestly.

His hips pushed harder once again, and soon they were fused with mine. His hand reached down from my waist to grab my thigh to wrap it around his waist.

“Alex,” I gasp out, my head back against the door, eyes shut. His body is so close to mine, I don’t know what to do now. My body is burning up, I’m breathing heavily and all I want to do is get closer to him. I feel so good, my teeth are tingling. I open my eyes, move my head towards his and capture his lips with mine. He begins the action of grinding his hips into my own. Slowly and deliberately, trying to find the one area that will drive me-

I moan loudly, as he rubs roughly against my clit. My hand not satisfied with clenching his shoulders, moves to tug on his hair to relieve some of the stress on my body. He begins rocking small circles into that one area. I try to get away as my body trembles with each pass. The hand not in his hair moves to push his shoulder away, and after the first half-assed push, he grabs my wrist in the hand that isn’t holding my thigh. He brings my palm to his lips to kiss it, then holds it tightly against the door, and moves his lips back to my neck. All the while still making those small grinding motions on my center.

As my body gets warmer, and my back starts to arch, I wrap my other leg around his waist and pull him closer still. Now able to let go of my thigh, he held my hips with that hand and brought me closer to his body.

I moan and twitch, attempt to pull at my wrist, and I let out an even stronger moan. Opening my eyes, I look at him through a haze. He smirks at me, moving his head towards my ear,

“How close are you?”

Confusion must have shown on my face, because he chuckled, and asked another question.

“Have you never had an orgasm?”

I shake my head furiously, and his hips stop moving. He looks me deep in my eyes, and I blush.

I breathe, trying to clear my head enough to speak. I lick my lips, and he moves his hips just a bit. I groan, glaring at him letting him know I’m trying to gain my composure. “Before this, I had never even kissed a guy.”

“Good, then this will be fun.”


He puts my legs to the floor, and then grabs my hand and pulls me with him towards it. He sits on the edge, then turns my body around. He pulls me to sit down, but I hesitate.

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

“Nothing, I have just never done anything like this before.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of you,” he mumbles out.

His eyes held so much intent, and at the moment my stomach lurched I knew I was going to be in a world of pleasure. I sit down in his lap, but at his knees. He takes my hips, and moves my bottom to his crotch and kisses the back of my neck. He squeezes my hips and moves his hands up my sides. I don’t know what to do with my hands so I put them on his knees. He rubs my sides and plays with my stomach slowly, and slides his fingertips up towards my breasts. I moan, and bring my hands to cover my mouth.

Alex turns my head to the side, and kisses my lips. Still kissing me he moves my hips backwards into him. He groans on my lips, and with his strong arms forcefully pulls me deeper into his body. I turn my head away from his lips, as he rotates my ass onto the bulge forming underneath his joggers. He spreads his legs wider and leans forward groaning, louder and moving faster.

“Move into me,” he rasps out.

I move a bit, and he squeezes my hips tightly. With me moving back on him, and him moving forward creating so much friction. I think back to grinding in a dark party. I pull forward and turn around. I grab Alex by his shirt collar pulling him with me. His eyes are clouded over as he stares at me. He licks his lips, and I see a hunger that only my body would be able to satiate. A shiver runs through me. But I pull away quickly, not able to find a good rhythm. I turn towards him, pulling him by his hand and leading him to a wall near my iPod speaker. Remembering a sexy song, I quickly find the song and let it resonate in my room.

I come back to him slowly, pushing him into the wall. Feeling a bit bold, I take his chin and force him to look away. Slowly leaving kisses on his exposed neck, I run my hands up and down his well-defined chest. He groans, and starts to lift his hands to grab me, but I shake my head and hold them away. Continuing to hold his hands, my body turns so that my ass is pressing firmly on his cock. I can feel his fingers tighten around my own as he pushes his own hips forward away from the wall, all the while trying to gain some sense of control. I take a deep breath, and begin to move my hips in sensual circles.

“Touch me,” I say, letting his hands go.

Alex’s hands wander from from my breasts all the way to my inner thighs. Rubbing over the most intimate parts of my jeans, I breathe slowly to remain in control. All these new sensations, all this newfound pleasure is so much to handle. He moves his head into the crook of my neck, pulls my hips into one specific nook and really grinds into me. My heart is beating quickly, I lick my lips and keep moving into him. Suddenly he begins shaking, I’m a bit confused, because he keeps going. I try to pull away to make sure he’s okay but then he growls, “Don’t stop.”

Pulling my hips and moving them the way he needs, he suddenly stops, stays still, and lets out an airy pleasured groan. I wish I could see his face. All I can feel is his chest against my back, heaving as he holds onto my thighs a little bit tighter. His soft groans, are made even more quiet by the fact that his lips are buried between the juncture of my neck and collarbone. He nibbles and groans, as he continues to grind into me softly.

My heart beats heavily in my chest, as I feel his body surround me. I can’t focus on anything for too long. His hands on my inner thighs massage close to my center, causing pulses in my core. I can barely breath as the erotic nature of this position, and just the fact of what we are doing dawns on me. I lean my head back, and look up at my ceiling, closing my eyes and gasp as the pulses get more intense. I just wish he would move his hand a little bit closer to my-.

“Ashley,” he rasps out as though out of breath as he bucks a couple of times, and then… he’s kissing my neck slowly and languidly. Even after that he still can’t get enough of me.

I try to pull away, embarrassed by the realization that I made Alex cum in his pants.

I can’t look at him,

“We should start our homework,” I say scrambling to find my stuff, only to realize that it’s not even in the room.

“Ashley,” he says teasingly.

I don’t look at him, I can’t. It’s too much. I shouldn’t have done that. What was I thinking?

“I’m going to go grab our books, I’ll be right…” and he cuts me off with a kiss.

I melt into his body. It’s not a rough kiss though, it’s slow and wet just like the music. That’s when I hear what’s playing. It’s so slow, the beat is easy to follow. I kiss back for the first time that night, and he pulls me closer holding me. I can’t get enough of the kiss, I want him so much closer. As he kisses me he squeezes my neck, and my hips only to switch and grab my bum and bring it closer to himself. He leans over me, making me bend my knees a little like a love struck princess. His kiss becomes deep and passionate, I can feel his energy come back and each press feels like a lightning bolt straight to my toes. His hand comes to my face to angle me a bit better, and that’s when I can feel the slight shake in his hand and the rasp of his breath. He rubs his thumb across my cheek before ending with a close mouthed peck. He instantaneously shut out all of my doubts.

He pecks my lips after pulling away, pecks them again. Each time, a little shockwave travels throughout my body. We are still holding on to each other, and I try to pull away. Alex keeps me there, staring into my eyes. I get lost and look away, but he tuts grabbing my chin and pulling my gaze back to stare at him. He smirks, and I blush, and smile shyly.

“I would like to do something for you now,” he says.


“My original plan was to come over here and seduce you, but seeing as you are so willing, all I have to do is pleasure you fully.”

“Why are you speaking like a romance novel?” I say chuckling.

He squeezes me, making me squeak.

We start moving towards the bed again, just like before but this time he seems to have the intention of laying down. He climbs towards the headboard, while I stand staring at him. He crosses his legs, and looks me in the eye challenging me. I don’t know what to do, I mean I just made this guy cum in his pants and now he’s beckoning to do the same to me. I should be running out of the room, but all I can think about are his hands, his lips, and his body on my body. A shiver runs down my spine, as I remember the way his brown eyes smolder with such intense fire. It’s almost too much for me to handle. I feel light headed.

I sit on the bed, putting my hand to my chest as I take a deep breath to calm myself. I wonder if Alex has any idea what he is doing to my nerves. I don’t hear him sneak up on me, all I feel are his hands working the stress out of my shoulders, his lips on my neck, and his groan of satisfaction as my body relaxes into his own. His legs are spread around my own, my legs are closed and my hands are resting on my thighs as I allow him to continue to work on my shoulders.

His hands move from my shoulders to the sides of my breasts, staying on my back and teasing the sides randomly. It makes me jump every single time, and his chuckles send shivers down my spine. Alex works his way from my sides to the flare of my hips, squeezing a bit and at the same time pulling me into him more. I feel the rise and fall of his chest as he breathes, and the pounding of his heart on my back. I’m relaxing and starting to lean more into his body, my legs fall apart slightly leaning on his inner thighs.

Alex’s hips move a little bit against my backside, letting me know that I have excited him once more. I shiver, putting my hands on his thighs moving to grind into his cock a bit more. I hear him groan and rest his head on my shoulder, allowing me to do so for a bit, until his arm reaches around my waist ceasing all movements.

He whispers in my ears, “No Ashley, I’m going to make you cum now.”

My breathing comes out harshly, as I try to keep myself from fainting due to my arousal. His free hand lifts my shirt from underneath his arm, and travels up to the lining of my bra. He teases the skin underneath the fabric and suddenly his hand is underneath the cup, grabbing my breast. Pleasure shoots right to my core, making me desire some sort of friction but his arm is holding me still. His hand tweaks and plays with my nipple, causing soft moans and whimpers to pour from my lips. I can’t think, all I worry about is making sure that I breathe properly. The last thing I need is to faint.

He moves his other hand from my waist, and slides it up my stomach, underneath the shirt to the other breast. He squeezes this one the same as before but pauses. His fingers search and feel my nipples causing me to shiver with each passing.

“Y-you have your nipple pierced?” he asks in disbelief.

“mhmm,” I moan as he continues to tweak the piercing. I am now completely relaxed in my high state of arousal, leaning back onto his chest. Moving my body slightly into his, just to feel him against me. I’m becoming a wanton, desiring the next hot touch.

“That is so sexy,” he grumbles in my ear, biting the lobe and tweaking my nipples. I can feel something building in my pelvis area. It’s like a pressure waiting to pop. There is a beckoning for it to be touched, but I don’t know how to get him to touch it. Every time, I grind my hips into his he pulls away.

“Alex,” I moan out as he continues to tease my body.

“Hm,” he grumbles, seeming too incoherent to make a sentence.

“Touch me,” I say, whining out. Hoping he understands, so that I won’t have to say it.

“I am touching you sweetheart.”

Dammit, he’s going to make me say it, “Not there.” I say blushing, wishing I could hide my face.

“Where do you want me to touch you?” He whispers sensually in my ear.

The fact that he takes my earlobe in between his lips does nothing to help me to get him to touch me where I need him to. I lean my head back on his shoulder, as his lips make a trail from my lobe to my neck. Kissing and nipping, making me squirm in his lap. My heart is beating so fast, my core is aching, and he has intoxicated my body in a way I didn’t know possible.

I lick my lips, ready to tell him where I want him to touch me when he begins to play with my breasts again. He is circling over the nipple, grazing his fingers while continuing to tease my neck.

“Ashley,” he says, his voice rumbling, “I’m still waiting.” My nipples tighten from his voice, he chuckles and starts to pluck them softly. I moan out, ready to turn around and kiss him, but his arm is still wrapped around my waist. All my weight is now on his body, and he’s just playing with me.

“Make me cum,” I say, quietly.

He doesn’t even reply, he moves his hands from my breasts and begins making his journey downwards. His slightly rough fingers begin playing with the clasp of my jeans, while kissing my neck. He bites at a point while undoing the clasp. Then he moves his mouth from my neck, to my earlobe while also pulling down the zipper.

“I need you to open your legs for me sweetheart,” he whispers airily into my ear while running his fingers over the band of my underwear. I nod, and open them a bit so as not to seem too lewd. “Just a bit wider,” he says, softer this time.

My legs are now spread wide on top of his own, his hand is barely in my pants and I’m supposed to be studying for a final. Yet, I cannot seem to give a shit. Maybe I can change my mind, maybe I don’t want to do this anymore.

As I’m thinking this, Alex’s hand find its way into my underwear causing me to jump a bit. His hand is deep inside my panty, going down to the lips of my pussy. His fingers run over the lips a couple of times causing me to shiver violently. Then the lips are parted, touching my opening causing me to whimper loudly. I try to move back, away from the hand but that only traps me in his body more.

He’s just running his fingers up and down, causing me to tremble constantly. At this point my head is thrown back on his shoulder, my chest is heaving as my back arches and my pelvis bucks a little for a bit more pressure. He doesn’t oblige though, just stroking me over and over. My body is in a new state of arousal, my legs quiver against my control. My lips dry as though I haven’t had water in days, and all I can think about is release.

“Are you ready to cum? Are you going to be a good girl and cum hard for me?” My core spasms, as he growls this into my ear. An arm wraps around my waist finally moving away from tweaking my nipples. I nod my head, and I finally let go. He parts my lips, finds my clitoris and rubs in the perfect spot. I groan from deep within my chest, and try to move away but his arm keeps me in place not allowing for any chance of escape.

Every moan is pulled from my body by his perfectly calculated swipes. My hands are searching for anything to keep me grounded, while my body wants nothing more than to just let go. But Alex is taking his time, swiping harshly but slowly. Keeping me in a perpetual state of heavy arousal.

I gasp for breath, my body not used to this sort of abuse.

Two fingers rather than one now surround my clit, and he rubs faster, making me arch even harder into him. I can’t deal, it’s too much. I feel like I’m going to explode, my body is getting tighter and tighter. An inexplicable warmth spreads from where his fingers are playing with my pussy, all the way to my chest and toes. I know at this moment, words would not form in my mouth, and I’m sort of happy.

My thighs are quivering, and noises are pulled from my throat as I try to remain calm and keep some semblance of sanity. My vagina is quivering, and aching and I can’t seem to sit still. It’s powerful, and harsh and Alex seems to be pulling the sensations from my very center. It’s too much.

“Ashley, you’re so wet,” he delves down towards my lips bringing some liquid from down there to lubricate his fingers. “Is this all for me?” I whimper in response, realizing that I never even thought that it could be this good. He rubs faster, a groan is pulled from another dimension and my legs open wider to allow him to have his way with me. He keeps his pace, never slowing, and never missing that spot.

My body is starting to convulse, over and over again, my pelvis his humping Alex’s hand, hoping to get him to just throw me over. “Can you answer the question now, Ashley?” I lick my lips, no desire to speak though. My eyes are closed in concentration as I try to find the way to allow myself to experience the orgasm it has been searching for. “Are you going to cum like a good girl?” He rubs especially hard, and I realize it’s almost over.

My toes are curling, I get this feeling in the back of my tongue, my teeth tingle, and my chest is reaching towards the sky. I’m squirming all over Alex, it’s a wonder he is able to keep his hand doing exactly what is necessary. But he continues, and I feel heavy pulsing, a couple more bucks, and I’m gone. My thighs clench around Alex’s hand, my neck strains as I let out yet another deep rooted groan, my fingers are pulling on the sheets as I try to keep myself grounded. I’m panting, trying to catch my breath as another pang of an orgasm is pulled from Alex’s insistent rubbing. He pulls my legs open, holding one of the thighs down, and slips one finger inside and I’m gone again. This time with a yell, and this orgasm feels even better as it clenches harshly on his long finger. It curves slightly, and I’m not sure how he does it, but he’s building me up again.

“No, Alex!, No, n-no, more. I cant’t, fuck. Alex. Please!,” he just keeps going. The hand wrapped around my waist, moves to rub my clit as he leaves his finger curved in that one spot. After this one, I arch out of his hands and shake. His hands move from inside of my pants, and grasp my hands as the orgasm passes through me. I lean back into his body, breathing harshly, and trying to understand what the hell just happened.

I’m laying on my side catching my breath. The back of my hand is being soothed by Alex’s fingers, then I feel his lips kissing the tips of my fingers, sucking lightly on some. It seems that I have only awakened the beast rather than sated it.

As I’m catching my breath, Alex begins to pull off my jeans.

“I hope your ready to come again Ashley,” he says while concentrating on pulling down my pants. His eyes are trained on my black lacey underwear as he licks his lips.

The air around me is electric.

I can barely move, my legs like jelly from the strain of my explosive orgasm. I gasp, wanting to say something to Alex. What would I say? Thank you, can I have another?

Because as he removes my pants, I can feel my body preparing for something more. My arousal increases tenfold, and my underwear somehow gets even wetter.

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