Dangerous Addiction

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Katerina was stunned with what she heard. Her eyes were basically about to fall off her face and her jaw was wide open. “W-w-what did you just say.” She asked while stuttering. “You heard me. Let me fuck you and I’ll spare your parents lives.” He said while a smirk was forming on his face. Xavier knew he got where he wanted her to be and all he had to do is hear her answer. “What’s your answer? Would you let me fuck you and you can save your parents lives or you can say no and i will come into your house and kill them while making you watch. You will live with their deaths for the rest of your life.” A huge smirk was forming on his face again after seeing her face go pale. Xavier the strongest and most dangerous mafia. He is ruthless and manipulative. He loves killing people and making them suffer. He also loves fucking different girls everyday. His ruthless demeanour is just a facade to cover up the ugly dark past that he’s been trying to hide. Katerina, a gorgeous young girl who was raised by her religious uncle and auntie ever since her parents died. Guys lust over her while girls envies her. Her innocence is the most beautiful thing about her. What would happen when she catches the attention of the big bad mafia? What if the big bad mafia suddenly have a dangerous addiction towards the innocent girl? How can everything change in just one day?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Ohhh fuck xavier....ahhhh shit" she moaned as he pounded inside of her mercilessly

It was another one of xavier's whores. It wasn't anything new. The house would always be filled with sounds of girls moaning or screaming as xavier took them roughly and mercilessly. Tonight it’s not different one of his whores wanted to be pounded by him roughly so he did. Which leads them to where they are now. The girl screaming begging for more. This was her third time cumming and it doesn't look like it was going to stop until the girl passes out. Xavier on the other hasn't reached his orgasm even how much he tries to, he just couldn't.

"Ahhh fuck fuck fuck... grab my ass... go harder, faster" she begged.

Xavier eyes darkened at the thought of him being ordered by some random girl. Without having a second thought he grabbed her neck roughly and said "you don't order me around. I do what i want with you. Understand bitch?" The girl was turning blue and coughing real bad. Tears were streaming down her face as xavier pounded into her rougher than before. Xavier didn't feel any kind of sympathy for her instead it made him want to fuck her even rougher. The sight of her being helpless and her tear stricken face brought him to his first orgasm.

"Ohh im cumming... im gonna cum" he groaned loudly and released his load inside of her making sure that all of his cum would stay inside her. He wasn't scared of getting her pregnant after all, he made sure that every single one of his whores would take an after pill right after he fucks them.

Finally, after 4 more rounds the girl was completely passed out from exhaustion. She cummed all 7 rounds which was a reason that she passed out. Xavier on the other hand only reached his orgasm once which pisses him off. He can easily reach his orgasms when he jerks off. He's getting sick and tired of the same types of girls. Girls that always throw themselves at him, flashing their plastic boobs, seducing him and he makes sure to fuck each and everyone of those girls but it gets boring for him. He wants something new, something different, someone who's innocent and would let him take control over her body.


Xavier was in his office reading one of his business contract because it needed it to be signed by tomorrow. He is the number 1 most eligible bachelor, at the age 20, he managed to be on top and stay on top for 11 years in a row. He owns lots of businesses such as restaurants, airports, resorts, and lots more. In the outside world he is a hot successful businessman but what they don't know is that he is also the strongest and most dangerous mafia in the underground world where he runs illegal businesses. He was practically the King of the World.

He was almost finished reading the contract when he got a call from his right hand man also his best friend slash brother Stephano.

"What do you need?" Xavier asked

"There's a fucker who owes us a lot of money and is trying to run away. What should we do?" Stephano answered

"Like we always do. Make sure you get me all his information." Xavier replied back

He heard Stephano letting out a evil chuckle before hanging up. Xavier knew that Stephano would not disappoint him after all they've known each other ever since they were five. Stephano was basically raised by Xavier's parents after his parents died from a surprise attack from one of their rivals. Xavier's dad and stephano's dad were best friend they were the one who started everything that they own now. So when stephano's parents died his dad made sure that the people who were responsible for their death would be killed in the most painful way as possible. Ever since the day that his parents adopted stephano they became inseparable. They were similar although xavier is far more ruthless than Stephano but other than that they get along especially when it comes to sex.

A few moments later xavier got a message from Stephano stating all the information from the fucker that owed a huge sum of money. He smirked as he read his profile and saw the house address. “It looke like Im going to be making a little trip.” He thought. He called a few of his men and told them

"We're going to go to Eric Anderson house tonight. That fucker is going to regret borrowing money from me and trying to run away." He told his men. He smirked at the thought of another person suffering and it's going to be because of him.

Hey guys, this is my first ever book that I've ever wrote so please bear with my grammar since english is not my first language. This is a dark romance which would mean that the characters your suppose to hate but you can love them i guess. Pls if you have any hate comments that you want to say about this book message me on private because I don't want to be dealing with any hate comments here. If you don't like the story then pls kindly leave quietly.

Anyways what do you think of Xavier's character so far?

How is the first chapter so far?

What do you guys think of michele morrone as xavier?

Pls support me and correct me with my grammar thank youuuu❤️❤️

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