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That is where you are wrong Pia. I know every move you make. It’s what I do, and I do it well. Do not insult me.

Erotica / Thriller
Luci Fer
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Chapter One - Pia’s POV

London Fashion Week! No freaking way had I finally been invited to partake in London Fashion Week! This was only second to Paris in my industry and at my age I felt like I had died and gone to heaven right now

I'm sat here in the middle of a mountain of clothes with only 4 hours left before we fly out and I'm no closer to knowing what to take with me

Ok get your shit together Pia. This is real, and this is happening. I take a few deep breaths and get to it.

A few hours later I'm finally sorted so I run a bath and start sorting myself to get dressed before I get picked up

Our Manager Marc had arranged for security to pick each of us girls up and escort us to London. The media and journos are well aware Fashion Week kicks off in 10 days so people will start heading over and I'm thankful for the added security that will escort us

I'm finally bathed and sorted and dressed with 10 minutes to spare. Go me! That's got to be a first

I'd no sooner sat on my couch when my door bell went and I jumped up to get it. Opening it before looking up, I finally saw the last person I wanted to see on this trip - Mr "Babysitter" or more commonly known as Alex

Alex - Pia, it's good to see you

Pia - I really want to say the same

Alex - So you want to play this game again?

I just roll my eyes

Pia - Whatever Alex. I still question how you just conveniently end up being on my detail every time

Alex - You're just a lucky girl then aren't you button. You get the best

Pia - Stop calling me button Alex!

He just smirks at me

You see Alex and I have known each other long before I started here

Alex and I went to the same school and he graduated the same year as my sister Kate. Kate is also married to one of Alex friend's from school Joel and they have two kids together

Subsequently, Alex feels like he has a responsibility to be completely overbearing and protective and being head of security seems to always end up on my detail. As a result, I'm wrapped in cotton wool and not allowed to do half the things I want to

As for button - stupid ass nickname they all gave me when I was younger. When I get pissed off they reckon I was still cute as a button they couldn't take me serious. Dumbasses

Alex - So you ready to go?

Pia - You're the boss mate

Alex - Please don't call me mate

I did that on purpose of course. See I know what annoys him too. His biggest pet peeve is women who refer to every man around as mate

Who knows why, but I know it's enough to get under his skin when he's doing the same thing to me

Pia - Oops my bad! I forgot about that

Alex - I'm sure you didn't

Pia - I'm sure I don't know what you're implying

He smirks at me and I smirk back.

Alex - Shall we?

Pia - Do I have a choice?

Alex - Do you want one?

Pia - Yeah, can you swap with Robbie, he's not so much of a dad to deal with

I see Alex jaw twitch when I say dad which I find slightly amusing

Alex - Then no, you have no choice let's go

I turn and pick up my bags and go to step back when I feel strong masculine hands on my hips steady me

Alex - Sorry, I came to take the heavier bags for you

Pia - T.. thanks

Damn! He needs to step back now. That rock hard body is ... just no! No! I step back moving away from him and pull the heaviest bag around between us

Pia - Here

Alex - Let's go then

I follow him out so I can lock up and set the alarm and we head out to the town car waiting for us. Alex opens the door letting me in before getting in himself and I see another car pull in behind us

Pia - Really? A second car? Overkill much?

Alex - Fashion Week. You know it brings all the types out - the protesters, the fashionistas, the crazy stalkers - I have to have all bases covered. Don't worry they are only with us until we get on that plane

Pia - Fine

Alex - I see you still like to spit that dummy

Pia - Alex, I'm a lady. I definitely don't spit

He coughs loudly and I look over at him amused. Yeah stick that in your pipe and smoke it Alex

Alex - So agh

Pia - Hahaha did you just stutter? Oh that's great

Alex - Look just behave please, you know my stress levels in situations like these

Pia - Yeah alright I'll play the game. Don't want you having a heart attack on me old man

He looks over at me and looks me up and down

Alex - I might be a little older than you Pia, but I know I would definitely have the advantage over you in stamina and muscle power

Fuck! Stop stop it,why do I keep playing into these innuendos with him

Pia - I see you also have the advantage on me when it comes to self loving too then

Alex - What's not to love right?

He winks at me

Pia - Hahahahaha for fuck sake

We arrived at the airport and after Alex and I got checked in we head into the lounge in the airport waiting for our flight to depart. I'm scrolling my phone when I look up and see Alex staring across at me

Pia - What?

Alex - Nothing

Pia - Then why are you staring?

Alex - It's my job to watch and observe

Pia - Do you hide every question you are asked behind the guise of work?

Alex - Where I can, sure

I just roll my eyes and go back to my phone

Alex - I was just thinking it's hard to believe the woman sitting in front of me right now is the same kid who threw a hissy fit at us for not letting her go in the limo with us all to prom

Pia - You're exaggerating

Alex - Now it's like second nature to you

Pia - What? Limo's?

Alex - No, hissy fits

My head shoots up at him glaring

Alex - Hahaha of course limo's Pia

I sit quietly for a few minutes and decide I have to ask him, it's bugging the shit out of me

Pia - Alex can I ask you something

Alex - Sure Pia

Pia - Why do you always end up on my detail for the bigger shows

I watch as he runs his hand through his hair pondering whether to answer me or not

Alex - I guess it's because I already know you ok. If something happened, and I was there, and not in a position to help, I would never forgive myself ok, and I'm pretty sure Kate would never forgive me either. So it's just easier to assign myself to you

Pia - Thanks for answering

Alex - You're welcome

It's nice that he answered. But I already knew he was deliberately assigning himself.

Pia - If something happened though, you know that's not on you right, that's on me

Alex - Let's not talk about that ok. Nothing is going to happen. Not when I'm watching anyway

We didn't have to wait much longer when our flight was called and we got to board quickly, the perks of the show booking first class flights

We got on quickly and settled and instantly felt relief for this 10 hours of quiet I was about to get on the plane. I wanted to catch up on some rest because the next two weeks were going to be flat out

I was in my seat looking out the window when Alex leaned over closer from his seat

Alex - Ready to do this?

Pia - Ready when you are Alex

Alex - I'm always ready babe

We had such a long flight ahead of us so it didn't take me long to settle and nod off for a bit of sleep. I don't know how long I slept for but when I woke up I saw Alex staring at me

Pia - That's not freaky at all. Waking to find someone watching you sleep

Alex - It's my job, I get paid to watch

Pia - You know that sounds even more creepy right?

Alex - I realised as soon as I said it

Pia - Hahaha

Alex - Sorry

Pia - It's ok. But I think it's ok, I'm pretty sure I'm safe closing my eyes for a little while

Alex - I know. Sorry, it's just you were making the funniest little sounds and facial movements when you were sleeping I was curious to know what you were dreaming about

Pia - You know I'm not really sure. I honestly don't remember

We smile at each other for a moment and settle back, he goes back to listen to music while I put mine on and stare out the window

After a very long flight we finally arrived feeling exhausted and ready for a long hot shower and a decent bed. Thankfully it was late afternoon so we didn't have to wait too long for either

We stood up to get our luggage out of the overhead compartments and as I reached up to grab mine I felt Alex close to me, every inch of his hard masculine body pressed to mine. The moment I breathed in I instantly regretted it as I smelt the intoxicating scent of him. A mixture of his body scent and his cologne. His hand was now wrapped around mine and neither of us had attempted to move

Finally he stepped back and whispered very huskily to me

Alex - Sorry, I was going to get that for you

My head was still reeling from the unexpected feeling that just rose on me so I merely managed a nod

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