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The new girl.

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When Katie is a virgin and she doesn't want to be bug she doesn't want to give it up to just anyone !

Erotica / Poetry
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New girl.

Katie was 19, when she met Harvey she won be 20 in a few weeks and she was still a virgin.

She had always been excited about having sex, she wanted it, she hadn't intentionally waited.

It was just that every guy she had ever met only wanted one thing. She didnt need to be married or even want to be by but she did want someone to actually care about her and want it to feel good, rather than just want to fuck her without any real feeling.

She had gone home with one guy she knew through a friend, his name was Jay, Katie really liked him, they had been out together a few times, shared some kisses but it never went very far. He had a great body and was such a sweet guy, ome night they stayed in and had shared a bottle of wine and then shared a bed, things were hotting up. He knew she was a virgin and was being so sweet and gentle but then couldnt quite, shall we say rise to the occasion, she had zero experience and had no idea what to do, he was too kind and nice to say give her any sort of instruction, she suspected that maybe first timers weren't his thing.

In the end they just fell asleep, when she woke in the morning she just slipped out the door and hadn't seen him since.

She was so embarrassed and was convinced it was her fault or her virginity that put him off. She was sure he wouldn't have a problem getting a throbbing hard on with someone else. She never heard from him again.

It had been a knock to her self esteem, she was always shy as a child and had really struggled to overcome it.

The episode with Jay brought all of her childhood anxiety back to the surface. Shyness is a crippling condition, it's hard to get a job when you can't talk in interviews, difficult to get a boyfriend, it's even hard to tell the hairdresser "I don't want the same fringe I've had since I was eight!"

Katie lived in a trendy little flat just outside of town, with Layla, she was the polar opposite she was so outgoing and always seemed to be having such a good time. Katie wanted to be more like Layla.

Layla, recently got a boyfriend and now Katie hardly saw her, she heard her though, through her wall. Their bedrooms were next to each other and the apartment might as we have paper walls, you could hear every moan and grown.

Katie tried not to listen at first but she soon found herself pressed up, ear to the wall, straining to hear more, her pussy becoming wet and a familiar longing inside her, she started touching herself, flicking her clit and rubbing it in circles listening, wishing it was her screaming out a release like that.

She had to be content with self pleasure, she watched porn and fingered herself, every night. She was getting very good at it. She usually left her cotton white panties on, gently rubbing over the fabric enjoying the friction on her clit, when her clit started to swell and her pussy started to soak through the material then she would slide her hand into the underwear and gently probe just one finger just inside her soaked slit, finger fucking herself and continuing to palm her clit, she could make herself cum in minutes.

She was so desperate to be fucked though, she had ordered online a dildo, it was supposed to be a realistic 7inches but it was too wide, if hard cocks were like that maybe she wasnt so keen. She tried once or twice but it was too big for her virgin snatch, she couldnt get it in and gave up.

Katie was due to start a summer job just days before she turned 20, she was going to start working at a bar for some extra cash. Since Layla and her boyfriend were at home all the time now, she really needed to get out of the house. It was Layla who suggested the pub, "maybe it will boost your confidence, you never know you might meet someone?"

"Anyway" Layla continued "I know the owner, Joanna she is lovely, she will give you a job, she is friends with my Mum and its just round the corner"

Layla had virtual pleaded with her to take the job, Katie knew that Layla needed some more privacy.

"I guess" Katie agreed, no sooner had Layla seen a hint of a nod, she was on the phone to first her Mum and swiftly followed by a second call to Joanna.

"Great news, you start tonight!" She beamed.

Turns out Layla was right, Joanna was lovely, The bar was huge and there were loads of staff. It was a lovely pub right by the marina, it was only a mile from the apartment, not quite as close as Layla had made out.

She was introduced to the bar staff and shown around a bit, just the table lay out, the cellar, stock room and the bar. That was that, she just had to get on with it, She had really enjoyed the first couple of hours. It was easy to speak to customers, same mantra again and again, take the order, make the drinks, take the money, give the change.

Around 9:30, one guy came to the bar and ordered a round, "I'll have these for the kitchen boys, on the house" Katie looked to one of her bar colleagues, who nodded and told her to print the receipt and leave it for Joanna to sort out the tab. He smiled at her, he had a nice smile but his eyes were deep and seemed to trying to penetrate her soul, she couldnt take her eyes off him.

He sat at the end of the bar with the drinks she had poured, he was with some group of guys who turned out to be the rest of the chefs and kitchen staff. The kitchen closed around 9PM, she was due to be behind the bar until midnight at least. Apparently after every shift they hit the bar, Joanna gave them thir first pint afyer a shift free and they got a staff discount on every drink they bought. They seemed like a nice bunch of lads, clearly worked hard and played hard.

He introduced himself as Harvey, it turned out he was the second chef and had only just started the job himself three months before. He had returned from travelling around Spain with his now ex girlfriend. He had needed a job and place to crash and the head chef Chris hooked him up, they worked together a few years ago.

The pub itself was enormous, it had a restaurant and a separate bar, and on Friday nights after the kitchen had closed there was live music.

Someone years ago had changed the ground floor into a couple of flats, Harvey had one next to the beer garden over looking the river. It was a pretty nice spot, it was big too so he often had a ton of the staff hit his flat after the bar closed. His lounge and kitchen were joined but the kitchen was a smaller room off of the lounge, his bedroom was a room off of the lounge, he kept the door shut and none of the staff were allowed in there.

They guys in the kitchen had all been told about Katie, they always knew when there was new staff but word travelled fast when they were hot as fuck. Not that she thought that, she had been a bit of a nerd at school and she didn't developed until she was in her last year at school. She never really had a boyfriend, no one had ever made her feel good about herself and her parents were the only people who ever told her she was pretty, so she had a good idea that she wasnt.

She was obviously a bit self conscious, she tried hiding her cleavage everytime she bent over to get drinks out of the fridge. And she folded her arms over to try and cover herself a bit when she was waiting around.

Harvey was hooked, everytime she covered herself he couldnt help but look. All she was doing was draw attention to herself and all his attention was on her.

She was not particularly tall maybe 5'5" but she had long blonde hair tied into a loose pony, blue eyes, a tan and glasses.

Annie knew how to keep the punters happy and all the girls wore tight fitting black tank tops behind the bar, with the bar logo on the back. The girls were allowed to choose their own trousers or whatever, most of them had small shorts or skirts, it was bloody hot outside and they all liked their cash tips. Katie wore black ripped jean's they framed her peachy round ass perfectly. This girl had curves. She clearly had idea how gorgeous she was.

It was all Harvey could do to stop himself smacking her ass everytime she bent down.

"Oi Harv', see something you like?" Chris heckled at him. He was literally the only person on the planet who called him Harv'. Chris was a bit of a dickhead but he was a good chef and all the kitchen guys liked him. Conversely all the waitresses hated him but he was a good mate.

"Fuck me mate, what's not to like?"

Katie heard the exchange and her cheeks bloomed red. That sent a twitch straight to his cock.

He wanted her in his bed, like right now but he could tell she wasn't going to jump in, she was going to take some work. He had already decided to try and if they worked together, it seemed he was going to have time.

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