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The new girl.

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Getting there

Over the next few weeks Katie became a better version of herself, she was enjoying being behind the bar and had started to make friends. Annie, in her first week had pulled herself aside and told her that if she couldnt smile at the customers, then bar work was not for her and she would have to find work else where. Katie really liked the job and needed the money so she started to make a bit more of an effort.

She realised pretty soon after if you smile at people they tend to smile back. This was a bit of a revelation to her, she was so shy she has basically spent the last 15 years looking at the floor. It was miserable being shy, she hated it, people thought she was miserable or moody but she really wasnt, she just had zero confidence and no self esteem. Being at the pub was definitely helping, she had started to make some friends and even started to get used to the kitchen guys sitting at the bar night after night. She had a drink with all the staff most nights at the end of the shift.

Ally was an Aussie girl who was over on the uk meant to be travelling but she had spent all her money pretty soon after she arrived and needed a job. Annie had offered a job and place to stay, nearly 6 months ago, she was saving for a plane ticket home and apparently was nearly there. She lived in the flat next door to Harvey's, they had become pretty good friends and Katie was pretty sure that they were sleeping together. Ally always moaned that Harvey's flat was three times the size of hers but it was playful banter.

Ally was great, everyone liked her, she was good looking, funny and was always messing around, making customers and the staff laugh, she loved an audience. She didn't seem to actually get much work done but if ever there looked like an alcohol fueled fight might breakout she was quick to diffuse it, Katie was so grateful for that.

Tonight was a Saturday night, the bar had been crazy busy, it was buzzing, the music was on point and everyone had a good time. She was grateful when the bell rang calling out time st the bar, Ally started hustling people put of the bar, dancing and singing with them as they drunkenly staggered put the door.

When the only people left in the bar were staff, drinks were poured and the music was cracked up again. Katie stated to get ready to leave, grabbing her bag and coat.

"Hey don't you dare gorgeous girl!" It was Ally, "where do you think you are going?"

"Ally, I'm shattered I'm going home"

"No way" she protested, "you haven't had a drink yet and on Saturdays we are allowed to stay in the bar for an extra hour or two"

Annie had left Ally lock up.

Reluctant, Katie held on to her coat and bag and took up a seat at the bar, she could stay for one she thought.

Ally had climbed onto a table to make an announcement. "Right guys, tonight's tips have exceeded a new record we have made an additional £72.43 each tonight. If anyone wants there money come see me, else get it in the beer fund and LETS... GET... WRECKED!!!"

Katie was driving so she had no intention of getting wrecked but everyone was cheering and whooping, drinks were being poured and everyone was having a good time. She could sneak a few soft drinks in a and slope off home a bit later. Her flat mate would already be asleep so there was no one waiting for her. She started to get comfortable on her seat, slowly sipping her rum and coke, trying to make it last.

After a while Ally came and sat with her, "hey, what's the deal with you and Harvey?" Ally asked.

She nearly choked on her drink "umm nothing, he's your boyfriend I havent even spoken to him?"

Ally laughed, "he's not my boyfriend and the fact that you haven't spoken to him is why I'm asking, I think you like him!" Ally gave her a playful elbow nudge and a wink.

"He stares at me and I don't think he likes me, he looks angry when I see him staring, so I don't talk to him, I stay away?"

At this Ally was laughing so loud, everyone looked over,including Harvey and the kitchen boys who had set up residence on a nearby table. She lowered her voice she knew Katie would not want everyone to hear this conversation. "You must be joking, for one Harvey is the softest cutest man ever and for two, you are delusional that isnt anger its lust, he likes you. He really wants to fuck you" Ally tickled her and laughed again. "I saw him adjusting his cock when you bent over!" She was teasing, katie was certain "So d'you want me to introduce you?" Ally continued

Ally was right, charlie was hot, he had a shaved head, huge strong shoulders, tattooed arms and those dark, dark chocolate brown eyes that turned her insides to jelly. She couldnt look at him without her face flushing deep crimson and feeling butterflies in her stomach.

Ally didn't wait for a reply "oi, Harv!" She shouted and laughed "he hates it when I call him Harv" she giggled. "Get your fine ass over here"

"Ally, whats my name?!! "He fumed playfully. He excused himself from the guys and came over.

She just laughed at him.

"hey" he nodded to them both, Katie felt hot under his gaze.

Ally laughed again "Katie thinks you are angry, are you angry?"she winked, stood up and left.

Katie's faced instantly lit up red and her face went to the floor, her default position. She thumbed her coat in her hand, her palms felt sweaty, one wasnt angry before he would be now she thought.

She could kill Ally right now.

Harvey put his pint down next to her and took Allys seat. He waited until she looked up before saying anything. He just sat waiting and sipping his pint.

Without looking at him she finally managed to whisper "I'm sorry, I don't know you and I shouldn't have said that"

"Well" Harvey smiled " you have hit the nail on the head there havent you? You don't know me. I don't know you either, but I can't help but watch you, you are beautiful, I'd love to get to know you better."

Katie was shocked, her heart was pounding in her chest, she could hear it in her ears and she felt the butterflies feeling in belly.

He didn't wait for her to speak, he knew he was going to have to take the lead in this one, she was so god damn shy. "Let me buy another drink" he asked.

She looked at him finally and smiled, he was so gorgeous, she had seen him in the kitchen lifting 20kilos of potatoes like they lighter than air, she could see his muscles ripple under his shirt, now he was sat here she could smell his aftershave and feel the heat radiating from his body. She wanted to have the drink but she knew she had to drive. "I can't sorry, I brought the car so I need to be able to drive home."

"No worries Captain Sensible, maybe next time?"

Katie smiled at him, he looked delighted "definitely, I'd like that"

"I have to get going, I'll see you around" she said gathered up her things and headed out into the night.

He watched her every move until she was out of sight.

"No worries, next time?"

She checked the time it was nearly 1am in the morning.

Katie was grinning from ear to ear when she got to her car.

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