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Madison Franklin is a 19 yr old girl with a complicated life. After being seriously injured in a car accident Madison returns home to become entangled in a romance with the one person she shouldn't be involved with. Meanwhile someone else has his eye on her and his intentions might just place Madison in serious danger. Grayson Barrett is a 22 yr old UFC star who is used to getting exactly what he wants when he wants it. When he isn't fighting Grayson parties hard, having a girl every night alongside his fighter twin brother Hunter. He makes it very clear shouting from the rooftops that he doesn't do relationships. But does he protest alittle too much and is the one person he truly wants , the exact person he should stay well away from??! Will Madison risk the wrath of her over protective family in persuade of her happiness? Will Grayson risk his career and his family for his one true love? Or will someone else come along hell bent on destroying things all before it really starts? Whatever happens it's clear that they will have to fight for love. ⚠️ This is the first book of a three book series. I hope you really enjoy the rollercoaster story and it would make me so happy if you could go on to read book two. Book three is going to be written in spring 2021. 💛

Erotica / Romance
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Madison PoV

I couldn't help but smile as I looked in the mirror of my vanity. Firstly I was having a pretty decent makeup and hair day and didn't cringe with disgust at my own reflection but more importantly I was looking at the sight of my best friend Dylan laid across my bed casually spinning one of my bras around on his finger grinning to himself like a Cheshire Cat.

He caught me watching him and quickly placed the Lacey black bra back on the bed where I'd put it looking slightly embarrassed by his actions.

"Dylan Barrett What are you doing with my bra you pervert?!" I giggle unable to stay straight faced as the blush of embarrassment creeps up his neck to his face

"Sorry shit, I'm so bored, you've been ages and you don't need all that makeup to look gorgeous" Dylan said sincerely as I got off of the stool and went to stand in front of him.

" You have to say that, you are my best friend" I retort rolling my eyes at his flattery before gathering my outfit and turning toward the bathroom.

"So who's going to be at this party?" I call from the bathroom as I sort myself out.

"I don't tell lies Maddie. It's just the usual crowd that go to my brothers parties. I know you just got back, are you sure you are still ok to go to this party?" He sighed clearly having flashbacks of the last party we attended.

My stomach flipped at the thought making bile swell around and threaten to raise into my throat. I gulp deeply and push down the discomfort and take a deep breathe.

"Truthfully? I'm terrified but I can't hide for ever and it's about time I had some fun and got my life back on track" I smile softly feeling a little bit excited at the thought of having a life again.

"Plus we need to put our plan into action to make Emily jealous and send her back into your arms, my beautiful boy" I giggle at our crazy plan before heading into the bathroom go change.

Who was I kidding though I was terrified. 3 months ago I attended a party just like this one and I nearly died at the hands of my ex boyfriend.

His stupid drunken jealousy nearly killed me and he was still carrying on his life like nothing had ever happened. Whilst I was finally back home but carrying major scars both physically and mentally that had changed me forever.

But it was true, I couldn't hide forever. I couldn't live my life like that no matter how hard it was going to be.

This was the first time people would be seeing me and I knew full well that gossip would be rife until something else happened that distracted them.

I hoped that my efforts to look my best would make me appear strong and unfazed by the shit that had gone on and just maybe I could be happy again.

I took a final look in the full length mirror in my bedroom and barely recognise the person looking back at me.

Loose curls fall in my mid back length blonde hair. My blue eyes are framed with a sharp black winged eyeliner and brown and gold shimmery eyeshadows that brings out the colour in my eyes.

A sweep of rosey pink blusher and a gold toned highlighter compliments my naturally tanned skin and a soft red lipstick finishes my look.

I chose a black pencil skirt that finishes just above my knee that has a thigh high split on one side and a black lace crop top and classic black open toe heels and a black clutch to finish.

It's my first time out socially since I got back and although I wanted to look good a small part of me wanted to hide hence the all black outfit. I nervously tug at the hem of my top questioning myself internally if it's showing too much flesh when in reality it only shows a tiny bit.

Two hands suddenly remove my hands from behind me and a warm body envelopes my body into a reassuring hug.

"You look stunning" Dylan assures me kissing the back of my head softly. His light stubble tickles my neck as he rests his head on me. "Let's go"

As soon as Dylan turns the car onto the street where our destination sits the loud pumping music can be heard and the bass rocks the car sending vibrations through the seats.

Expensive looking cars are littered everywhere. Luckily for Dylan, and my feet ( that are not on the best terms with high heeled shoes) he pulls straight into the driveway into his designated space and we quickly jump out, slamming the car doors shut.

We then preside to push our way through the crowd of smokers, drunks and couples making out in front of the house and go inside.

A hand reaches out of the crowd and pulls me into a hug screaming my name at the top of her lungs.

"Maddie I'm so glad you are home! I've missed you so much" my friend from high school Sammy squeals with joy at the mere sight of me. I embrace her and grab her red cup of alcohol and take a huge swig for bravery.

"Jesus Sammy what's in that? It's like gasoline!" I question coughing as the liquid's aftertaste burns my throat like fuel on a fire.

Sammy throws her head back and laughs until she snorts as her long black locks whip her butt

"oh Maddie you've been out of action way too long. Dylan you need to get our girl a drink stat" Sammy orders pointing into the house.

"Yeh I couldn't agree more. I need some Dutch courage ASAP" I sigh looking at the crowds surrounding the house.

"Looking like that? I don't think you need anything babes- you look so hot!!" Sweetly Sammie gives me the once over and gives a thumbs up in approval.

"I think you win the hotness stakes as usual Sam" I chuckle smacking her playfully on her pert little butt. She shakes it teasingly and her red bondage dress barely contains her butt cheeks but she rocks it.

"Save me a dance" Sammy winks as we give each other a quick peck on the cheek before I let Dylan lead me towards the house.

People are everywhere and the music is deafening. The smell of alcohol overwhelms the place and my eyes sweep across the makeshift dance floor in the front room to see people grinding across one another in a drunken haze forming the start of their regrets for tomorrow morning.

I can't help but notice the stares and comments that are being made in my direction which Dylan notices too because he squeezes my hand alittle tighten and pulls me into his side wrapping his arm around my waist to make me feel better.

The familiar warmth of his body offers me instant protection and relaxes my tense body.

"Don't let it get to you Maddie. They are just surprised to see you back home" Dylan assures me

"I know I know" I nod gently agreeing with his words trying not to let it affect me.

"Drink?" He smirks playfully as we head toward the kitchen. After silently studying the copious amount of alcohol and mixers on offer I smile and put in my order.

"Vodka and lemonade please waiter" simple but still delicious. God I'd missed alcohol these last few months, I mean granted it was a huge factor in getting me in trouble in the first place but that wasn't my doing. I liked a few drinks but knew when to stop, well most of the time. Occasionally it was fun to get shit faced and just let go and have fun!

"Good choice madam. Ice?" He puts on a random french accent and acts like a waiter bowing slightly making me laugh loudly .

"Definitely" I giggle then wince as he places the glass with the ice cold contents on the bare flesh of my leg that peeks out from the slit on my skirt.

"Arsehole" I hiss scowling at him as he chuckles that boyish laugh and throws his head back making his dark brown wavy hair fall backwards revealing the twinkle in his bright green eyes.

Not much later I'm on my fourth drink yet I'm still feeling awkward, I knock my drink back downing it in one as the bitter liquid coats my throat with a layer of courage.

"Easy Maddie your dad will kill me if I take you home drunk out off your face" Dylan's smile turned to fear at the thought of my dad peering down at him full of anger.

I go to reply but as I open my mouth someone speaks from behind me.

"That won't be a problem cos she's staying here tonight. I've already cleared it with Elijah" a deep strong voice comments calmly as I turn my head to find the body it belongs to.

Not that I need to see him to know exactly who it is.

"Hunter" I utter lowly feeling the courage from the alcohol dissipate into a pool of nothingness.

"So you're back for good then?" He asks changing the subject as his eyes rake over my body making me shift uncomfortably on the spot.

God he is handsome. Ground please swallow me up right now. Thanks!

"Umm ... Yes .... I'm back for good..... umm well hi- hey Dylan lets go dance" I avoid eye content knowing full well I was making myself look like a total idiot that can't even string a simple sentence together.

Dying inside I quickly try to pull Dylan toward the dance floor in a bid to escape. Somehow we both seem unable to move, Welded to the spot in which we stand.

"You're staying here tonight" Hunter repeats more like an order than a question.

Dylan's older brother can be a royal pain in my ass. He is good friends with my brothers and they like him to keep an eye on me when they aren't around.

What that really means is act like an overbearing, annoying bodyguard who doesn't let anyone near me.

"Oh I think I'll pass thanks. As much as I adore your overprotective ass I would rather not spend the night trying to sleep whilst you fuck your latest bimbo as she screams at the top of her lungs how amazing you are making her feel" I say sarcastically turning my nose up at the thought of having to listen to a live porn show going on in the next room.

I think I'll pass thank you very much.

"You sure it's not because you wish it was you screaming how good I make you feel ??" Hunter smirks and crosses his arms over his muscly chest so super confident in his sexual prowess.

"Oh yes Absolutely, yep you got me there Hunter I spend every night dreaming about you screwing my brains out. But then my brothers and my dad appear and torture you slowly until you die a terrible, bloody death!" I laugh the last bit watching as Hunters intrigued face falls into a look of disappointment and acknowledgement of the truth in my words.

"Catch you later!" I wink playfully and head off with Dylan.

"That was awkward!" Dylan plasters on a fake smile that doesn't match the tense look in his eyes.

"It's your brother Dylan-it's always awkward! Let's go get your girl back, now are you sure you wanna do this?" I change the subject and double check before we put our plan into action.

"I need her, I miss her. I'll do anything" Dylan pleads and the sadness of his words flashes through his eyes.

"Now get your sexy ass here and let's put on a show" Dylan laughs as he places his hands on my hips and pulls me flush against his body and we begin dancing grinding against each other provocatively as I whisper things in his ear as the glare of eyes burns into us.

I know Hunter is watching us I can just feel the intensity of his gaze burning into my skin I'm just not sure why.

For a while we carry on lost in the music and the moment knowing it's getting the desired affect as Emily suddenly appears and yanks me from Dylan's arms and stares us down on the dancefloor, her hands on her hips in an angry, jealous stance.

Looks like our plan worked!

"What the hell is going on?" Emily huffs out as her eyes dart between us clearly riled up by alcohol and the green eyed monster.

Biting my lower lip to hold in a smirk toward Dylan as he winks at me and begins whispering to Emily.

"I will leave you two to talk" Feeling like a third wheel I slip away out of the house to retreat in the back garden catching a glance of him leading her upstairs before I turn away.

I can't help but smile to myself, Mission successful. My job here is done!

I'm lost in thought about being back home again and all the baggage that's attacked to it when a voice jerks me back into reality.

"That was quite a performance" a gentle yet strong male voice chuckles as he sits beside me on the wooden swing at the end of the garden.

I notice several sets of eyes upon us as the fan club take up seats on the garden seating in front of the back doors, watching our every move like hawks guarding their prey.

"Hey Gray, I see you brought the fan club" I point out rolling my eyes at the pathetic behaviour of these desperate girls.

"I didn't bring them. They just followed me" he corrects me with a playful yet proud tone in his voice clearly enjoying the benefits of his status and good looks.

As he smiles his brown wavy hair falls over one eye giving him a much softer childlike appearance than the truth of his strength and manliness. His bright blue eyes glisten against the moonlight and the little lights that hang from the trees in the garden. His eyes are beautiful but mischief and mayhem are never far from his gaze.

"Urgh so desperate, have you decided which one it will be tonight? Or are you and Hunter going to choose together?" I ask sarcastically making sure the disapproval of their behaviour stood grin every word.

At every party and after a fight Dylan's twin brothers Hunter and Grayson choose a girl to spend the night with. Just one night of sex, no repeat sessions, no feelings just sex. Sometimes it's one girl each and apparently other times they choose one girl and share her or do her at the sane time, fuck knows but the rumours are ugly thats all I do know for sure.

Yet girls follow them around like hormonal teenagers drooling over their first crush in the hope that maybe one of the twins or even both of them will choose them for the night.

It's gross and disgusting on the twins side and the girls are just ridiculous and pathetic to lower themselves to be involved in such emotionless behaviour all because of the twins status as hardcore MMA fighters and fast becoming UFC royalty. These girls didn't know the first thing about the twins, they just saw the god like body and high profiles and lusted after it like dogs on heat.

"How have you been?" He changes the subject sounding serious, almost caring for a moment.

"I'm ok. I missed my parents like crazy and I was slowly losing my mind but finally I'm free and here I am" I explain trying to avoid the more serious nature behind his question.

"Have you seen him yet....Tommy?" Grayson asks softly, treading carefully as he speaks that person's name.

"Nope but no doubt on of his cronies will tell him I'm here so I'm expecting an appearance soon. In fact I should probably go home before he shows up" I realise as I speak that getting involved in drama tonight is far from my idea of a good evening. I start to get up to leave before a strong hand wraps around my wrist and pulls me backwards on to the swing again.

"Grayson" I gasp in surprise at his actions.

"We won't let him hurt you Mads, not again. I promise" he assures me letting go of my wrist and tracing patterns on my bare thigh with his fingers.

This action creates tingles up my legs and to my core causing me to blush. It also sets the fan club into uproar and they make no effort to disguise their distaste for our closeness quietly whilst belittling me. Grayson shoots them a death glare which hushes them instantly as the power and influence he holds oozes off of him.

"You look so fucking hot tonight, as usual. That little show you put on earlier was quite something. Your lucky it was with my little brother because otherwise I would have ripped his head off" Grayson smirks clearly noticing the effect he is having as goosebumps appear across my legs. I can't help but roll my eyes at yet another overprotective member of my brothers gang of bodyguards.

"We were just making Emily jealous so she realised what she was missing. Dylan adores her" I laugh lightly recalling the jealousy that was seething though her veins.

"Well it wasn't just her you made jealous" Hunter points out seemingly appearing from nowhere as the fan club grows and has moved to a few metres in front of us in order for them to get a better sense of the situation and to make themselves more known.

"We've missed you so much Mads" Hunter sighs sitting on the other side of me forcing me to be wedged between them. The fan club start giving me the most evil looks which could kill me in the most painful fashion if looks alone could kill!

"I'm sure you've had the fan club to comfort you both" I shake my head as the girls continue to stalk the boys like crazed hormone fuelled banshees.

We sit like this for a few minutes in a comfortable silence until suddenly Dylan runs into the garden wearing a look of anxiety and panic which changes the atmosphere instantly.

"He is here. Tommy is here" Dylan gasps between deep breathes clearly his panicked state has made his breathing heavy. He is the most amazing best friend and I don't know what I'd do without him. I suddenly blush hard looking down at Grayson's hand that is now planted flat out on my thigh whilst Hunters head is rested on my shoulder.

Immediately we all jump up and my heart starts to race in fear and worry at the idea of seeing Tommy Matthews again. The 3 boys all switch to a defensive mode encircling me in a cover of safety and security as we hear the voice of the devil heading toward us. Funny how one minute I moan how overprotective they are and now I'm so glad they are willing to defend me and keep me safe. I feel guilty that I get so annoyed by them when they just care about me and are doing it on my brothers behalves.

Then there he is stood in the middle of the garden frozen in his spot. His eyes drift between the three brothers that are surrounding me and he laughs darkly and smiles a cold, calculating smile as if he is acknowledging the threat that he is seen as and loving it. The music has stopped and the entire party forms a circle around us as if we are the Is height of the entertainment for the evening.

I guess I won't be blending into the crowd tonight then. Damn it.

Anxious, anger and fury fill the air and I fight the tears that want to fall at the very sight of him but I refuse to shed anymore tears for that monster. Never again will I cry over Tommy Matthews. He can't hurt me anymore.

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