Naughty Sensations

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Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Vina's POV

I rushed into my apartment building, gracing the floor with a puddle of water in each step, New York weather is utterly unforgiving. Today had been extremely exhausting and this was my first break from the 8 hour shift I just had, the only activity I had planned out for the weekend is sleep. As I approached the elevator another couple hurriedly walked into the building and came to wait by my side. The lady was had a striking kind of beauty, around my age with long blond hair and olive skin. She was clothed in a tight bodycon dress that clung other curves even tighter due to the rain. The guy was a whole head taller than her, probably around 6 ft tall and before I could even start checking him out my gaze passed his eyes which were looking directly at me, causing me to snap my head towards the floor. From the little I saw of him I could tell he’s major hot.

Like GQ model hot.

Blood rushed into my cheeks and I suddenly felt extremely cautious of my appearance. My curls were absolutely drenched clinging onto me and so was my waitress uniform. As I gained the courage to look up at him again, planning to save an image of him in my mind to use for later with my appointment with my vibrator, all the lights went out.

The only light we had was from the neon sign above the staircase. The world started to close in on me and my throat felt completely dry. Moisture run along my cheeks as my lips gasped for air.

″Are you okay mam?″ a rich masculine voice asked. ″Yeah, I’m good. Just a lil scared of the dark″ I said, my voice coming out a bit croaky.

″Well let’s get you to your apartment honey, we can take the staircase,″ the lady let out as the man turned on his flash and lead the way to the them. I felt a warm hand guide me through the doorway and my knees quivered. ″Do you need anything, what floor do you live on?″ he inquired, ″No, I’ll be good in no time, I live on the 16th floor″ I said as I crawled up the staircase. We walked in silence for the first four flights but by the fourth one I needed a break. I turned and plopped myself onto one of the stairs, taking my boots off. A light assaulted my eyes as the man held his flash on me. ″Are you sure you’re okay?″ he asked once again. I nodded my head, a bit too drained to speak. His hands moved towards me and I started to back up.

″What are you doing″ I asked as he grabbed arms and pulled me off the ground, his touch made me shiver, or maybe it was my wet clothes but either way it felt nice. ″We are just tryna help you out, you have a long way to go.″ the lady said as she reached down to grab my shoes. The mysterious man wrapped his arm right under my ass with his other around my shoulders holding me close to his chest. ″Please put me down, I said I’m good″ my voice coming out a little shaky than I wanted it to. I tried to wiggle my way out of his hold but instead he held me tighter around my bare thighs and a moan escaped my lips.

″Look what we got here Wayne″ the lady said as ‘Wayne’ started rubbing circles on my thighs using his thumb. My mind was a mess, I know it’s been a while since I’ve had any but learning to shut my mouth would come very handy in situations just like this. I felt his rock hard abs move as he chuckled and put me down then he squeezed my thighs once again as I got seated. I let out a gasp, my eyes closing shut even though the was nothing to see because of the blanket of darkness. I felt another pair of hands move onto my breast as soft lips kissed my cheeks.

″Ummm, p-please let me g-″ I tried to plead but was abruptly stopped by Wayne moving one hand right along my panty line while the other pushed my legs apart. Warmth pooled into my panty as I let out another moan, as the lady started to unbutton my dress. ″Don’t worry sweetheart, you’re in good hands″ she whispered into my ears. I could tell she was seating on the steps above me as she took my and out of my sleeves and unclasped my bra. She took my C cup breast into her hands, pinching my nipples. Another moan filled the air as Wayne slid my panties off and drove his middle finger right into my pussy.

″She tight Lily″ he said in a groan to her, ″and all wet″ letting his breath tickle my opening. He slowly slid his finger out of my as his tongue licked my clit. My breath became shallow as Lily continued to massage my breasts while also kissing my neck. I groaned as she found my sweet spot and started to suck. Wayne kept flicking my clit with his tongue as he slowly slid his finger into me once again. My hands slipped into his head when he started sucking on my clit, throwing my head back which gave Lily better access to my neck.

″Please go faster″ I begged as Wayne continued to slowly slid his finger in and out of pussy. In response he grazed his teeth along clit and removed his from my cunt. I started to whine but he quickly slid his tongue into it and used his fingers to massage my clit. Lilly pinched my nipples had causing me to arch my back. I started to feel my neither regions contract as Wayne moved his tongue in and out of my pussy at a faster pace while his fingers put more pressure on my clit.

He suddenly stopped and blow air onto my sensitive mound, I started to beg for his touch again, winding my hips and pulling his closer to my cunt. His fingers slid down my clit and removed the hood of it, slowly drawing circles on the sensitive bud. I let out a loud moan as he slid two fingers into my pussy, the sounds of my heavy breathing and wet pussy meeting his fingers filling the surroundings. I let a scream out when Lily started sucking my nipple while rolling the other one in her fingers, the sensations were too much and I could feel my climax building. Wayne pumped his fingers in and out of my pussy even faster while using his other hand to continue messaging my bud faster and faster.

″You’re not allowed to cum until we tell you to″ Wayne growled as he felt my legs start to shake. He continued picking up his pace on both of his hand, his fingers curling inside me to hit my g spot. I started to shake even more vigorously and let out screams as Lily tried to hold my body down while biting my other nipple.

″I can’t″ I screamed, knowing that I couldn’t handle it anymore, Wayne continued to thrust his fingers into me even faster three more time. His fourth attempt was stopped by the liquid that shot out of me like pee coating his hands and face in my hot juices. I breath started to slow down as I tried to gain control over my body again.

″I told you to cum when I said so″ he snared, roughly scooping me from the flow and walking up another flight of stairs while Lily’s footsteps flowed close behind. We stopped and got out of the staircase.

″This isn’t my floor″ I whispered

″I told you not to do that, you’re coming with us for punishment″ he calmly stated which nerved me even more than if he shouted. My knees quivered once again in anticipation for the rest of the night


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