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Mature content! This story will have past and present mentions form what had happened in Carries life along with DaShawn being in most of them. They found out that they were mates at an young and had been together every since however DaShawn takes advantage of Carries trust and starts flirting with an omega. Carrie isn’t happy, DaShawn will do his very best to gain Carries trust and forgiveness back but Carrie won’t be doing that at all

Erotica / Drama
R y u k a l e
Age Rating:

Warnings! Pls read

This book was first published March 20th 2019 and it was completed this year on April 16th. It's till completed but it will be edited. The following content will have some trigger warnings that will make you guys uncomfortable/sensitive. If you want go containers this book skip the sensitive content if you don't like.

This book contains sexual content and explicit language such and such....


• racism (not extreme)

• mpreg

•daddy kink



This book changed a lot Carrie and DaShawn won’t be an interracial couple anymore just black love instead

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