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"harder...ah fast....ohh godd!" I moaned as mason pounded into me from the back, keeping a tight hold on my neck. He spanked me hard on my ass "say my name"he growled. "Masonnn... yess ahh"he grunted while still fucking me on his office desk which overlooked the busy New York streets. Bent on the desk ass high staring at the full size glass windows i couldn't help but wonder how this sexy stranger unleashed the sex deviant in me. I was quickly pulled out of my thoughts when knocks where heard on his door, instead of stopping mason slammed his cock harder into me if that was even possible. Twenty one year old Riley Grey was desperate for a job for the same she was willing to cross any limits, break any law and pass any boundaries. Ruthless billionaire and the hottest bachelor of New York was cold hearted, unforgiving, Mason Wells was searching for his new personal secretary and also a new fuck toy. What happens when fate brings them together?Will the sexy billionaire take advantage of the feisty girl or will this meeting change their lives forever.... MATURE CONTENT 18+. EXPLICIT SCENES AND STRONG WORDS. MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERING SCENES.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

a/n: Hey guys so i won't rant for long just wanted to say that this is my first book so don't judge...mind you i'm not a professional writer. I do hope you guys enjoy it!!

Riley's pov
"Bitchhh...get your lame ass up!". I groaned into the pillow as I heard my ohh not so sweet best friend scream her guts out from down the hallway. I reluctantly got up stretching my hands as my best friend lauren came into view. "Why the fuck are waking me up at such ungodly hour ren?"I mumbled as I tried to grab the duvet again to go back to continue my wet dreams of jamie dornan.
But before i could even grab the covers ren snatched them only to to throw them in a far corner. I glared at her..."can you give me one fucking reason as to why have you ruined my sunday morning by waking me up at 8"I said glancing towards the clock in my bedroom."oh so u missy are trying to tell me that you don't remember your interview which is in 2 hours with the cities most hottest billionaire?". I just blinked at her dumbfounded before screeching and hitting my toes with the bed.
"Larennn...oh shit oh shit fuck fuckk..."I said limping towards the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth while running the bath. I shimmied out of my silk shorts and top and bathed. It had totally slipped out of my mind that I had an interview today. After getting trashed yesterday with my friends I was too wasted to think about a certain interview. Quickly getting out of the bath I wrapped a towel around and got out only to see that my room was completely tidied. If you haven't guessed till now ren is a total clean freak as of me, i'm just the opposite a total mess.
"Riles you done yet?" ren shouted from what i'm guessing is the kitchen as i could smell fresh eggs and bacon. "I'm coming" I shouted back as I quickly opened by closet to find something appropriate to wear for the interview. I quickly decide on a black pencil skirt which reached till above my knee, with red silk blouse tucked in paired with black heels. For the age of 21 I was quite good looking with hazel eyes, waist length brunette hair, d-cup breasts and quite slim waist.

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