The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 11


“I need my things!” I stated as I stood in front of the Alpha. If they were going to keep me here, I needed my things from my apartment and my Jeep that was probably abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

“I don’t care. No one is going to get them for you,” he rolled his eyes at me. The lunch was amazing and delicious in every way but I needed a lot more than food.

“Fine. I won’t find your mate then,”

The Alpha lined his lips together, and after a moment, he asked, “What things do you want?”

“Everything from my apartment. Briefs are not going to replace panties and clearly you don’t have menstrual products here so I will bleed on this Egyptian rug of yours,” I said while looking down at the soft rug that stretched all the way to the entire room.

“Fine, fine, Jesus, shut up! Cedric!” The Alpha yelled.

Mr. Hyde came forward and said, “Yes?”

“You know her apartment, right? Get her things from there—everything.” He ordered.

“And my Jeep,”

“You’re not going anywhere. You don’t need a car,” The Alpha snapped at me.

“I want my Jeep or I’m not going tell you who that scent belongs too,” I stated.

“Where is it parked?” He questioned while giving in to each of my demands.

“Ten minutes from Rostro Cafe, there is a straight road into the woods, my Jeep is parked there and the keys are hidden inside a bush,” I explained to the men standing in front of me.

“Is that all or are you missing some luxury?” The Alpha taunted.

“That will be all,”

“Did you note it, Cedric?” He asked Mr. Hyde.


“Take someone with you and get everything she asked. Bring it in quick so we can leave for Bleakburn tomorrow morning.” He added.

“Yes, Alpha,” After that Mr. Hyde walked away with another man, leaving me along with the Alpha himself.

“Now, enough of games, Myra, tell me about the scent. What does it remind you of?” He sat down on his chair and asked.

“I—smelled it somewhere—around the north while I was on a run on Friday morning,”

“Are you sure?”


“Up north there is Bleakburn, I am sure my mate belongs to that town,” The Alpha said. He was a complete fool to believe a single word coming out of me.

There was a slight hesitation in my tone when I asked, “What if she is a rogue?”


“So, would you still accept her?”

A deep scowl appeared on his face, “She is my mate—whatever or whichever pack she comes from—she will still be my mate,”

“So, you’d accept a rogue as your mate?”

“I’d accept anyone apart from you,” Good luck with that Mr. Alpha.


My heart winced a little with his words, I immediately looked away from the Alpha and walked around the room. The walls were large, painted beige and a few couches were settled on each edge. There was a long wooden table with papers scattered on it. I needed to divert my attention from the Alpha but I couldn’t—no matter how hard I tried.

“What would you do if you’d find your mate?” I asked while leaning on the table.

“Fuck the daylights out of her,” Now I was more anxious than ever. That wasn’t the response I was expecting. This man was filled with heat and it was way more than me.

“I mean—would she be your Luna?”

“We don’t have titles here, Myra.” He glanced up at me and said.

“Well, people still call your Alpha, isn’t that a title?”

“That’s the only title here. I don’t find anyone worthy of a title so you won’t find any Beta’s or Omega’s here.” He explained slowly.

I scoffed and shook my head, “Yet, you still call me a rogue.”

“Because that’s what you are,”

“That’s a title—not what I am,”

“I’m not here for an argument. You’re a rogue and that’s the end of the story.”

“And, that’s why your mate will reject you,” I mumbled under my breath before picking up a paper and going through it.

“What did you say?” The Alpha got up and asked.


A phone began to ring and I glanced at his direction. He picked up the call and walked out of the room. I was quite disappointed with how my mate was. Alpha Bane was one of those nightmares I had seen when I was young and after that, I stopped caring about mates and hoping that I’d never had one.

The paper displayed in front of me was an entire map of the city. Red dots were placed on certain places—buildings. What was in front of me was a scheme. These wolves were doing something. My eyes squinted as my fingers ran through the dots. The Alpha was finding someone and that wasn’t me or his mate—which was also me.

Before I knew, the paper was ripped away from me. “I never allowed you to go through my things,” The Alpha said as he hovered over me.

“Sorry,” I uttered.

“How did you become a rogue?” So now he was interested?

“What?” I flinched as he placed his hand beside my head.

“How did you become a rogue?”

“Like how most wolves become,”

“Were you banished or did you leave your pack?” This was becoming serious now. These questions should’ve been asked earlier.

“Why do you care?”

“I want to know who the fuck I’m dealing with,”

“You’re dealing with a lone wolf, not a rogue, I’m not here for harming anyone,” I stated.

“Do you have a mate?” My insides wanted to scream a yes so badly but I couldn’t let the truth out—not right now.

“Yeah—he died,” I admitted while narrowing my eyes down.

The Alpha let out a peal of laughter at my response, “Poor you,” He stepped forward and touched my face. His fingers swept down to my lips as he continued, “A female rogue with no mate to protect her—” A chill went through my spine as his finger met my flesh. “—how vulnerable.”

The softness of his lips finally met mines as he kissed me. It happened all of sudden. I was fighting against the mate bond and he—I had no idea what he was fighting against but suddenly, it felt so perfect when he dominated my mouth with his demonic kisses.

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