The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 12


When the Alpha kissed me, the raw emotion came spilling out of me in a silent moan for more. He entwined his fingers through my raven locks and my back met with the stoned wall behind me. My insides tightened as he pressed his warm body against my heated core. Fuck. His kisses were gentle but at the same time rough and dominating. It happened so quickly that I didn’t even get time to think. It wasn’t supposed to go like this—I wasn’t supposed to kiss him—not again. I couldn’t let him touch me again.

The Alpha pulled away and I took in a deep breath. His brown eyes locked with mine as he stared deep into my soul. He didn’t seem to be satisfied so he moved back immediately.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen,” I heard him mumble. I wasn’t a bad kisser and my mouth clearly smelt good. My fingers reached up to my lips and I smiled, the knot in my stomach finally loosened and my wolf felt satisfied. A kiss was far more than enough.

“What do you mean?” I questioned the Alpha.

“I’m saving myself for my mate so let’s forget this ever happened—it was a mistake." He explained.

I choked on my breath and then chuckled, “Oh, like you’re a virgin,” Clearly he wasn’t. A man—a wolf like him couldn’t be a virgin. Werewolves were horny creatures with extreme feelings and desires.

“Shut up! Like you’re anyway,” He blurted out.

The smile on my face settled back down and then disappeared. There were a few words that weakened me and one of them was virgin—virginity. The Alpha looked at me and waited for an answer whilst I had no idea what to say.

“Well—” I took in a deep breath, “yes,”

His features softened with my response and his lips parted with surprise but before he could say anything, the door swung open and Mr. Hyde walked in. I was saved. The Alpha’s kiss still lingered on my lips even after he moved far away from me.

“I have gotten Myra’s things, where would you like me to keep them, Alpha?” Mr. Hyde questioned. He shot him a look and then me. We both were in quite unusual positions and Mr. Hyde probably understood that. I was still backed up to the wall and I didn’t move until his glare burned into me.

"Ugh—just keep it in a room,” The Alpha said.

“The basement?” Mr. Hyde asked.

“Not the basement,” I stated, stepping in the conversation, “I’m not going to stay in the basement for another second,”

“No one asked your opinion, Myra, go sit the fuck down.” The Alpha said. I pressed my lips shut and walked to my chair and sat down.

Guess someone forgot their agreement.

“And, Cedric, put them in a guest room,” He said. “Preferably a guest room that’s nearby my room,”

Mr. Hyde nodded his head and walked out of the room. I got up and looked outside the window where the house’s entrance appeared. A smile formed on my lips as I found my Jeep just outside the house. It was a little dirtier than usual since it had rained last night but nothing too ugly.

“You have your things now and you also have food. There are guards on every edge of this house so don’t try to run away and while you’re here, don’t try to contact anyone. I will decide your fate once you find my mate, until then, under my command, you will be staying in this house as a prisoner.” The Alpha explained as he wore his jacket. It was dumb for me to decide my own fate as his mate. What was this mess I had gotten myself into? “Do you understand that, Myra?”


“You’ll call me Alpha,” He added.

“You’re not my Alpha, and since you call me by my first name, I will call you by yours as well,” I said with a stern attitude. ”Bane,”

“You’re stepping a line here,” His jaw clenched with rage. Someone didn’t like being called by his name. “If I hear my name come out of your vicious mouth one more time, there will be consequences,” He warned.

“This vicious mouth was on yours just a few minutes ago,” I reminded him of what happened.

“That was a mistake. Are we clear?”


“Goodnight, Myra.”

“Goodnight, Bane.”

The Alpha stopped for a moment, sighed and then walked away. Oh. I had fun teasing and tormenting him—it felt so good all day long. I stepped out of the room on my own and walked into the bright hallways. I was left alone for the first time. It had been a whole day now and I began liking this place—there was so much to do here.

“Myra?” Mr. Hyde walked out from one of the rooms and said, “The Alpha let you go?”


“Are you okay?” He asked with concern.


“And your arm?”

“It’s fine, Mr. Hyde,” I replied.

“Please, call me Cedric, we are not in my office anymore.” He reminded me.

“Alright, Cedric.”

Cedric took me inside a bedroom where I found all my things. They were inside boxes and suitcases.

“Did you get everything?” I asked as I opened one of them.

“Everything you require,”

“Thank you, Cedric, really, you have been such a good person to me all along,” I said as I got up. Someone deserved to be appreciated and that was Cedric.

“Well, you’re welcome.” He smiled at me. “Oh, yeah, ugh, tomorrow morning, you will leave for Bleakburn along with the Alpha and a few of us. It will be a two-hour drive but we should be there in no time so be awake early.”

“What time?”


“I will be,” I replied. “Could I ask you something?” I stopped him before he could leave.


“Where are the female wolves of your pack?” It was the question I had been yearning to ask all along. There were countless rumors about the Iron Banes and I desperately wanted to know what was the truth.

He stepped back inside the room and explained, “Most of our females are used for breeding purposes or pleasure—we take care of them and fulfill their needs but we do not involve them in our pack matters as that could seriously injure them. Female wolves cannot be warriors as they do not have that much strength compared to us.”

“So, they don’t live in the packhouse?” I raised my eyebrow with confusion. This couldn’t be the truth.

“None. When one of us finds a mate, he moves out somewhere nearby and starts his own family. This packhouse is only for unmated wolves,” He continued.

Holy fuck!

I was in heat and in a house filled with unmated male wolves—this wasn’t going to end well and I could sense that.

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