The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 13


Sunlight peeked through the clouds as I stood outside the house. Aconitum was still running in my veins as I was injected with it again. Clearly, Bane and his peasants didn’t want me to shift. I was stronger as a wolf but even as a human, I could take them all down but now, who wanted to be injured?

“Cedric, you will be leaving with Roger and Marcus whilst I will take Myra.” The Alpha said to Mr. Hyde. I shoved my hands inside my pockets and rocked back and forth. “And, you will follow us.”

A car stopped in front of us and inside I found Roger with another male who I hadn’t seen earlier. Handsome. Cedric got inside the car and it drove out of the driveway constructed inside the house.

“My keys?” I lengthened my hand towards the Alpha.

“What?” His brows furrowed.

“I’m going to drive,” I replied.

“And who told you that?” Still stern and solid on his evil behavior. Breaking this man was going to be difficult.

“Because I’m following the scent and I know where I had smelled that female before. I will be driving my Jeep.” It wasn’t a request at all.


“Yes, Jesus, stop being stubborn, give me my car keys and I will find your mate,” I said while looking down at his pants—he must have it somewhere.

I was going to make a fool of the Alpha.

“And how am I sure that you won’t run away?” He questioned.

“I can’t shift, and I can barely walk a mile in this state. You will be just beside me while I drive to Bleakburn.” I explained. They had weakened me far more than enough. I had no intention of running away.

It seemed like it took hours and hours to convince the Alpha to give me my car keys back. He handed me over my keys and I immediately jolted towards my car. The Alpha grabbed my elbow and pulled me back before I could run any further.

“What? I’m not running,” I rolled my eyes.

“Before anything, you’re going to track where I found this locket from and only then, we will move ahead. If I find that you’re lying to me, there will be consequences.” He warned with a stern tone.

I nodded my head, “Alright,”

The Alpha wanted a trial test and that was exactly what I was going to give him. I knew the exact location where I had dropped this locket—after all, it was mine. I got inside my Jeep and shoved my car keys in before the engine roared and switched on.

“Wear your seatbelt,” I said to the Alpha as he sat beside me on the passenger seat.

“You don’t tell me what to do,” Fuck.

This man had no intention of giving in into anything at all. He thought of himself as the king of the world when he was far less than that. Just because he was an alpha it didn’t mean that he could be aggressive with anyone he wanted to.

I hovered over to his side and pulled down his seatbelt before strapping it in.

“You’re not paying my fines,” I thrust out a fake smile before crawling back to my seat. After putting on my seat belt, I pulled the gear down and then drove away from the packhouse. This was going to be a fun ride.

The Alpha stayed silent the entire time, he wasn’t much of a talkative person and it showed. I pressed on the car radio and switched it on as the brittle silence was killing me. I was seated just beside my mate and I could feel a dozen emotions running through me, grasping my core, my heart, and my soul. I never wanted a mate and here I was, mated to one of the strongest Alphas in the states, Bane.

“Give me the locket,” I said as I lent out my hand in his direction. A car followed us the entire time, it was the car filled with other male wolves.

The Alpha growled and handed over the locket to me. It was still amusing how he had kept the locket with him the entire week. He definitely needed a mate. I faked sniffing the locket and then I drove into the same woods where I had met the Alpha earlier—on the night of blood moon.

Air whipped into my Jeep as I went off-road, the tires bumped through the rocky woods and I came to an abrupt stop at the same location where I was captured and where I had also found my mate.


“How do you know?” The Alpha set his fierce gaze on me.

I shrugged, “I told you, I am good a tracker,” It was true. I had the ability to smell a wolf from a distance. I could even smell a werewolf when he or she was in its human form. I could track almost everything as I was blessed with this ability long ago.

“Alright, no need to brag.” The Alpha said in a tone full of jealousy. “Get back on the road, we are going to Bleakburn and you’re going to find where my mate is.” He ordered.

The wind whipped my hair on my face as I drove towards the road nearby. Bleakburn wasn’t that far but we had to stop somewhere at a petrol station as I was hungry and my gas tank was nearly empty.

The snowy mountains appeared in my view as I kept driving. I had an idea of where Bleakburn was but I needed a map. As soon as a gas station appeared, I stopped.

“I didn’t say that we were going to stop,” The Alpha said.

I frowned and unbuckled my belt, “I’m hungry and I need gas.” I pushed my ruffled hair into a ponytail as the wind was getting stronger. The Alpha got off the car along with me and so did the male wolves that were following me.

“Why did we stop?” Cedric asked the Alpha.

The Alpha glanced at me, “She’s hungry,”


We walked inside a small Chinese restaurant that was just beside the gas station and the motels. There were no buildings surrounding us as we were in the middle of nowhere. Ahead of us, there was a highway that would lead to Bleakburn and behind us was Ampleforth.

The male wolves sat around me and waited for me to satisfy my stomach. They didn’t eat as they weren’t hungry but I was and who was going to deny Chinese food—it was delicious.

By the time I was done, the three men stood outside and waited for me. They kept a very close eye on my every action whilst the Alpha was occupied with talking to someone on the phone. It made me suspicious. Did he have a girlfriend? A female friend? A snake of jealousy hissed in my heart and gnawed my thoughts. There was a hunger inside me to possess and claim the Alpha but at the same time, I didn’t want to lose my value and be with the wrong person for the rest of my life.

Something flickered in the back of his eyes as we returned on the road and continued with the journey. He used his phone until the very moment we crossed the sign of Bleakburn. It was another town of wolves but small compared to the city.

Now, where? I thought to my self. I didn’t know how to fool him anymore. We were here.

A thick scent of wolves circling around the forest in Bleakburn reached up to my nostrils. I slowed down and looked around the area. A werewolf jolted and jumped through the air and stopped in front of my Jeep—followed him was a pack of wolves that gathered around us in their wild forms.

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