The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 14


The wolves circling around were panting, stepping closer and getting ready to attack us. We stepped into their territory without permission—this was already coming in our way.

“Don’t get out,” The Alpha said to me before stepping out from my Jeep. I swallowed hard as they went closer to him. The wolves definitely belonged to a pack as they smelled nice.

My heart winced at the thought of them attacking my mate—I didn’t want him to be harmed.

“We come in peace,” The Alpha said and the wolves let down their hold before stepping back. “Take me to your Alpha,” He added. The big brown wolf nodded his head and led the pack towards the side of the road. He seemed to be the Beta of this pack as he was larger and stronger compared to the other wolves.

Alpha Bane got back inside the car and ordered me, “Follow the wolves,” I obeyed him for the first time and followed the wolves as we didn’t have any other option available.

We passed the forest and several old warehouses. The wolves stopped outside a white mansion that was brimming with gold and diamonds. I never knew that the pack here was that rich. I stopped my car at the backyard of the house and another familiar car pulled beside me where I found Cedric and Bane’s other men.

As soon as we got off the car, the door swung open and a man walked out. Before I could walk any further, Bane pulled my arm and whispered into my ear.

“Don’t talk, don’t say anything and don’t create a mess.” He warned before letting me go. Rude.

The Alpha walked ahead of me and greeted the other one while I stayed behind.

“You have gotten a rogue into our territory,” The other alpha raised his head and glanced at my direction. He was young but not that young compared to Bane.

“She’s a prisoner—my prisoner." Bane said before clearing his throat.

“I don’t see her shackled,” The Alpha of Red Walkers said. There was something unusual about him that ticked me off. I could smell uncertainty from a distance and the way he looked at me made my soul shiver with fear.

“She will be. She’s just here for tracking someone,” Bane said.

The Alpha invited us into his packhouse and offered us drinks. It was still morning so I avoided drinking alcohol. Drinking always let a wild side out of me and this was no place to go wild.

“May I know who you’re tracking?” The Alpha questioned Bane.

“A woman, young and presumably my mate. She belongs to this pack but I’m unsure of who she is.” Bane explained. A small giggle came out of me and I looked at him. He sounded dumb but it was fun so I played along.

“Mmm-mm,” The Alpha sat down with a drink in his hand. He continued to shoot glances in my direction. I was seated beside Bane as I was still his prisoner and he needed to keep an eye on me. “Most of our females are mated,” He added.

“And the ones who aren’t?” Bane asked. He was really hoping to find his mate. “Has anyone left your territory on the blood moon? I found her wolf around my land on that night.”

“There was a female who had recently ran out from our pack, we aren’t sure of what reasons but we are trying to a hold of her.” The Alpha explained.

Sadness appeared on Bane’s bold features, “What? Who is it?”

“Anaya, she’s unmated and quite young. It was just a few days ago she left her family and ran away. Her parents came up to me and requested me to find her. We tried our best but we couldn’t find anything.”

“Do you know why she ran?” Bane asked. Now, I was concerned as I didn’t want Bane to believe that his mate ran away while I was sitting right here.

“Most probably because of the blood moon—maybe she found her mate or something and didn’t want to be with him.” The Alpha replied.

“What’s the color of her wolf? Is it black?”



I heard Bane release a sigh of defeat. He placed down the glass and his fingers raked through his hair. He seemed disappointed and even though I wanted to do something, I couldn’t, he couldn’t know the truth—not yet.

Bane stood up and said, “Thank you for the information. We should head back now.”

Not so quickly. My back was sore from driving for hours and now, we were going to get back on road once again.

“No, no—” the Alpha stood up and lengthened a hand, “Please stay, for the night at least. We are honored to have you here, Bane.”

“Thank you for the offer, Landon but I have a rogue with me and I need to take care of her.” Bane said while looking at my side. He was going to doom me and I knew that. I was no longer useful to him as he had learned that his mate had ran away after meeting with him at the night of the blood moon.

The Alpha shook his head and said, “It’s fine, one night won’t hurt. We will make sure your prisoner doesn’t run away.”

There was a moment of silence between the two Alpha’s before a decision could be made. Bane nodded his head and finally agreed to staying one night in Bleakburn, with the Alpha of the Red Walkers, Alpha Landon.

“It’s pleasure have you here. My men will show you around the place so you all can freshen up,” Landon said with a grin before shaking his hands with Bane.

After freshening up and stretching away the stress, I stepped out of the washroom and found Bane standing in front of me. His brown eyes burned into my soul as he locked the door to the bedroom I had been assigned to. Without uttering a single word, he backed me to the wall and pressed his hand on each side of my head. There were grief and anger blooming in his eyes and I could sense that he was going to remove it all on me.

“I found the woman who was supposed to be my mate and guess what, she’s gone. You’re no use to me now but I’m not letting you free anytime soon,” He said, stepping closer.

I gulped, “I did whatever you asked me to do,”

“Yes but I’m not satisfied with the result so don’t try to escape from here. It’s just one night. As soon as we are in Ampleforth, you’re going inside my custom made prison for rogues and you’re going to stay there until I decide what to do with you.” He explained.

“But you said you’ll let me go,”

His body was almost touching mine, I could feel the heat and the anger radiating off his body. I couldn’t focus on anything when there was barely any distance between us.

“I never said that. You’re aren’t going anywhere. And, I have yet to decide whether I will kill you or make you my whore.” All my hopes crashed down in a snap of second when he mentioned the word whore.

As soon as I heard that, my hand moved towards his chest and I pushed him away. “Fuck off! I will die than be your whore, ape.”

Before I knew it, he pounced at me, grabbed my throat and pushed me against the wall, “I have been very, very gentle with you all this time but not anymore. You better learn to respect me or I will cover you in your blood.” He threatened.

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