The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 15


I blinked—confused and shattered as Bane walked out of the room after silencing me down. I dared not to speak another word, I was too afraid of what might just happen if I argued or fought back. I understood the sudden change in his behaviour, males tend to be more hurt and in fury when their mates reject them and Bane believed that his mate had rejected him.

I loosened my fists and released myself from the vexation that was settling at the back of my head. Clearly, Bane didn’t deserve a mate but I wasn’t going loose myself for him. It took me a moment before I calmed down and sat on the bed I had been given. It was small, the room seemed like a maid’s quarter but either way, it could work out for the night.

I switched off the lights and dozed into my thoughts that kept me awake during the rest of the night. From a distance, I could hear the chatter of the men, the agonizing laughters that clawed my soul, I despised male wolves for a reason—especially Alpha’s. I twisted and turned around on the small bed. The slight opening of the curtain showed the grounds I was in, blanketed with snow that was melting away. It was dark outside, the moon was shining, and there was barely anything outside except for the night guards.

When the chatters lowered down, I closed my eyes and pushed my cold hands underneath my ear. Sleep would come to me—one way or another.

Just as I was about to sleep, I heard the door creak open, very slowly, as if this someone didn’t want anyone to know that he was here. I didn’t move or flinch, my eyes snapped open but I stayed on my spot. The voice of boots stomping on the ground got closer and I jolted.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned the man standing in front of me who was no other than Alpha Landon.

“I thought you’d be sleeping...” He trailed off. With his right hand, he pushed the door close behind him and approached me as if an animal was preying on it’s meal.

“Well, I’m not. Can you leave?” I pushed aside the blanket and stood up while watching him from the corner of my eyes.

His radiant eyes glistened as he got closer, “No. I need to make sure that you’re not running away,”

“I’m not your prisoner! You don’t have to be worried about me,” I spat out.

I saw something flash through his evil eyes as he studied my surroundings, “Well, you’re still in my residence, my territory, so that makes you my prisoner as well.”

“Fuck off,”

“You have a dirty mouth for such a pretty face,” His hands reached out to touch my face, before he could, I slapped it away. Anger boiled through my veins as I backed away from him.

Great, I had two Alphas to deal with now.

“Come on, rogue.”

“Don’t touch me,” I warned him. “I will scream and let everyone know about you,”

“And, do you think anyone would be concerned?” An evil chuckle slipped out of his throat as he grabbed my shoulder and slammed me against the wall.

The color drained off my face. I came into realization that no one would actually care whether someone was going to harm me or not. It wasn’t like I was with my pack—I didn’t have one. And, Bane—he’d die than give a shit about me.

“So beautiful,” The old man trailed his finger down my cheek, “And, all alone,” He pouted before shaking his head with disappointment.

“Get your hands off me,” I blinked at him but he didn’t move.

“If I don’t? What are you going to do?” His both hands were wrapped around my shoulder and with a thrust, he pushed me towards the bed. “Scream and beg but no one is going to come to your rescue,” I struggled and squirmed underneath his hold but it was too strong. It wasn’t too long before I let out an ear-splitting scream.

“Hel—” Alpha Landon pushed his rough hand over my mouth and silenced my pleas.

“No one is going to come, baby so stay silent and let me do what I have too.” He whispered as his lips touched my earlobe. Horror struck me with all sides as I realized what his intentions were. This man had no shame.

As his body rubbed against mine, I shuddered with fright and threw a couple fists on his chest but nothing was working. I paused to assess the area when he began undoing his pants. The leather belt dropped on the floor and he pushed my legs open with his strength. I continued to thrash underneath his weight but it was of no use. This man wasn’t getting off.

Without wasting another second, I grabbed the object closest to me and smacked it over his head. He grunted and slapped me across my face. My cheeks stung as he backed away to rub his head to soothe down the pain.

“Bitch,” He said, “I’ll make sure to destroy your pretty little face once I’m done with you,” He threw his hands over my body and wrapped one of them around my throat.

My nails dug deep in his flesh and tears stung out of my eyes. As he parted my legs again, I threw a kick in his groin and he fell down on the floor with a scream.

“Fuck,” Alpha Landon groaned while holding onto his erectness. I took my chance and quickly ran away from the bed.

I stopped on my steps when I reached for the door handle. I wasn’t going to leave this perverted man like this regardless of his position.

“Come back, bitch, I’m not done with you.” I heard him scream.

My hands dug in the wooden drawers on the opposite side of the bed, a metal piece scraped through my flesh and I picked it up. I headed back towards the Alpha who was standing up straight with anger and pain in his eyes. I had already weakened him enough.

The knife slashed through the air and landed on his chest before he could reach for it. It happened so quickly that I didn’t even have a chance to think. The Alpha struggled with me when he fell on the ground just beside the bed. I leaned down on him and brought the sharp edge of the knife to his chest.

“That’s for trying to touch me,” I thrust the knife into his chest and his warm blood splattered before oozing out. I forced myself to concentrate as I stabbed him again.

It went on for hours, the Alpha was long dead but the anger inside me was stretching with every second passing by. My body was covered in his blood by the time I was done with killing him. My eyes poured water like long streams of a waterfall. A dark, sickening regret filled my heart and I finally backed away from the deceased body. My heart swelled in my chest as I gathered myself.

I had lost my balance after four long years. This time, I killed an Alpha rather than just blinding him.

But there was more, the house was filled with his men, and also Bane’s men. Survival wasn’t possible anymore—death was coming in my way and the only person who could keep me alive was my own mate—Bane.

That’s if he wanted too.

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