The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 16


The rotting smell of Alpha Landon spread in the air quicker than I had expected. I groaned and pushed my hand over my mouth. He definitely smelled disgusting and dead. I spent the rest of the night in worry and in the room where I had killed the Alpha. What was I going to do with all this? Bane wanted to punish me and now, he was just going to kill me and not even be bothered by it.

I stole a glance at the body and fell on the floor. This was going to doom me. Escaping wasn’t an option, the grounds were covered by Alpha Landon’s men and Bane. They weren’t going to let me go even if I begged for it.

The only option I had left was to wait for the morning to arrive. Hopefully, someone or the other will help me out of here.

The faint chirping and cars honking at each other reached to me and my eyes fluttered open. I had taken a nap on the ground, beside the window and the dead body. I frowned at the scent and stood up, walking towards the door and opening it slightly so I could see who was in the hallway.

To my surprise, I found Mr. Hyde—Cedric speaking to someone.

“Cedric!” I whispered, slowly so the other man wouldn’t hear me. He turned around confused and tried to find the source of the voice. When I repeated his name again, his gaze met mine and he came towards me.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, whispering. The other man walked away.

I clutched on the handle tightly, not wanting to let it go. If I opened the door anymore, the scent would enter the hallways and everyone would be curious.

“I need help,” I whispered.


“Come in,”

I glanced at each direction of the hallway and once I was confirmed that no one was there, I let Cedric come inside the room. His face scrunched with disgust and then, he gasped, eyes widening with what I had just done.

“I can explain,” I raised my hands in front of me in case he tried to something, “He came to my room last night and tried to force himself upon me. I swear, it was self-defense,”

Cedric reeled backward and his features tensed, “Oh, god, Myra, what have you done?”

“It was self-defense,” I repeated, even though it was a lie. The first formal swing of the sharp object was self-defense but after that, it was simple anger. “Please, I need to get out of here. No one can know what had happened here. Everyone will kill me,” I begged with tears streaming down my cheeks.

“Myra, you killed an Alpha!” he exclaimed, directing his hands towards the body. “And, we are on his territory, you won’t get out of here alive.”

“Please, please, Cedric, do something. I know I messed up but I couldn’t help myself, he was forcing me to have sex with him. It happened so quickly,”

“All right, all right,” he sighed, moved back and rubbed his palms over his sweaty forehead. I stood by the window and kept quiet until he didn’t continue, “I will do something, just wait here and don’t let anyone in the room.”

“Thank you,”

Cedric hurried out of the room with panic crowding in his eyes. I closed the door as he left and then went waited. What could he possibly do? I needed to clean my own mess but I needed a little bit of help. This was Alpha Landon’s territory and the punishment of killing an Alpha was simple—death.

My heart skipped a beat when a knock appeared on the door. “Who’s there?” I asked, holding my fingers against the lock just in case it wasn’t Cedric.

“It’s me,” Cedric replied.

That was quick.

A let out a sigh before opening the door for him, however, it wasn’t just Cedric. My senses peeked and my inner wolf growled as Bane came in my view. Fuck. He stepped inside the room without an invitation and looked at the body.

“Wonderful job, Myra,” said Bane, clapping his hands together and applauding me for what I had done. He couldn’t be serious.

“It was a mistake,” I mumbled, my lips barely moving with the terror. When I thought that Cedric was going to help me, I didn’t know that he was going to inform Bane about it. He was the last person I wanted to know that I had killed an Alpha.

“Oh, right, seems like it.” The amusing tone fainted and it was replaced with anger. In a snap, I was against the wall with his hands around my throat, purging the life out of me. “What the fuck is this?” He growled, tightening his grip and coming closer.

“I’m sorry,”

“Great! I don’t have to kill you now. His pack members will do it for me,” He tormented me with his words.

“No, please, no, don’t tell them.” I never knew that I had to beg something from Bane.

“And, why shouldn’t I do that? You killed a fucking Alpha! I’m not going to take part in this mess.” He released me from his grip and I fell down, holding my neck and coughing at the same time. “This is your mess, and you know what I’m going to do.” He headed towards the door and continued, “I’m going to let everyone know what you have done. They’ll take care of you,”

There was not even an inch of remorse in his voice. I gathered myself from the ground and chased him before he could step outside.

“No, no, you can’t do that,” I begged, shielding the door with my own body. “Please, it was a mistake. I did it in self-defense,”

“I don’t care, Myra, move the fuck away.” He took another puff before warning me. I was well aware that Bane didn’t feel anything against me except for anger but I needed him to help me.



“Please, don’t tell anyone. I will do anything you say. I will not run away, I will follow all your rules and I won’t show any attitude,” I said, tears streaming down my cheeks and beads of anxiety collecting around my forehead.

Inhaling, his nostrils flared from the rage directing towards me. The silence between us extended and he continued to glare at me for quite a while, his stare was dark and cold. At last, he turned around to Cedric and said, “Take her through the window and I’ll draw up the rest of us. We will leave immediately and no one should be aware of what happened in this room until we are long gone.” He pointed towards the large, stretched window where beams of sunlight escaped through the glass.

Cedric nodded his head and turned around, opening the window and letting the fresh, cold air dive inside the room. Bane gave me another glare before pushing me away from the door and walking out.

“Come on,” Cedric lengthened his hand and said.

I placed my hand over his and let him walk out first and then, I followed him. Finally, I was able to breathe in fresh air after sleeping beside a deceased body of Alpha Landon. I felt relieved knowing that Bane had helped me regardless of what his true nature was.

Cedric and I leaned against the large outside wall and slowly made our way towards the backyard where the cars were. His head was turning in every direction and making sure that no one from Alpha Landon’s pack was here. A few voices crawled to my ears and my senses peeked immediately.

“There is someone here,” Cedric whispered, looking back. “We will have to shift and run,”


I couldn’t shift.

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