The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 17


“Why can’t you shift?” Cedric turned away from the noises and looked at me with concern. There was possibly no explanation for why I couldn’t shift except for that I didn’t want Bane to notice that I was his mate.

“I just feel weak, I don’t think so I can shift,” I responded, nervously.

“Oh,” his expression softened at my response and he nodded his head, “All right, we will take a car then.”

“But what about Alpha Landon, he’s dead?” I pursed my lips together in confusion. What was he going to do about it? Someone or the other would question Bane if he left without saying anything.

Cedric wrapped his fingers around my hand and peeked at the backyard again, “Alpha Bane will take care of it, you don’t need to be worried about it, we should leave immediately. Do you have your car keys?” When the coast was clear, we headed there and I quickly pulled out my keys and showed them to Cedric.

The two cars were still parked where I had left them. I turned on my engine as Cedric sat beside me. Chatters could be heard within the house. I didn’t want to danger Bane but again, he was an Alpha—stronger than anyone else. He could handle it.

There was Alpha Landon’s blood smeared on my clothes and it smelled. I wanted to rip them apart and discard them but now wasn’t the right time. The only thing going on in my head was escaping the territory—the area where I had killed Alpha Landon. I’d be safe in the city, that’s if Bane wanted to keep me alive after what all I did.

The tires rolled against the thick pavement and I drove away from the packhouse. My fingers trembled and I gripped onto the steering wheel tightly. Losing control wasn’t an option. Occasionally, I took a glance at the rear mirrors to see whether the other’s picked up on the car but the roads behind me were empty which meant that Bane hadn’t left yet.

“What about the others?” I asked Cedric.

“They will come, don’t worry.”

“What if they find out about Alpha Landon before they can leave? What will happen then?” There were so many questions I wanted to ask so I could calm down.

“Then, Alpha Bane will have no choice but to take the entire pack down,” Cedric replied, without any emotion.

I gasped and my heart skipped a beat at his response. What the fuck?

“Wait! He can’t do that, can he?” My heart pounded against my tiny chest. I felt my muscles tense with fear. There was no possibility that Bane was so merciless that he’d take an entire pack down for a mistake I made.

“He has taken a lot of packs down, Myra. Red Walkers is a small pack, he will take it down if he has too.” Cedric reminded me of the things Bane had done in his past.

“But they haven’t done anything,” I argued. I didn’t want innocent people to die.

“I know, nothing will happen unless anyone from their pack does something—which I doubt they’d do. They know who Alpha Bane is and what he has done, he’s stained and evil with power and strength, he killed his entire family, he won’t show mercy on anyone that crosses his path—”

“He hasn’t killed me, yet.” I interrupted Cedric.

His shoulder slumped and he shrugged, “I’m quite curious myself. It might be because he hoped that you’d find his mate. His desire for a mate defeats his desire for dominance.”

I rocketed through the curvy roads ahead of me and in just a few minutes, we were out of the town. As we entered the slender road narrowing towards the forest, I jerked my head around and made sure there were no werewolves waiting to attack us like last time. When the air was cleared, I slowed down and found Cedric to be impressed with my driving skills.

“You’re quite skilled,”

“Thank you, I have been driving for quite a while now,” I replied with a smile lingering on my face.

“Off-road as well?”

“All the time,”

I dared another glance at the rear mirrors to see whether Bane was catching up with us but there was nothing—no sign of him or the others. It worried me but I stayed silent and continued to drive. We passed the forest and entered a big, four-lane highway that would take us to the city where I could run away and keep running for as long I’d be alive.

“Do you think Bane will kill me after this all?”

Cedric had no clue on what he’d do, “He will definitely kill you if you keep calling him by his first name. No one mentions his name—ever.” he warned.

I scoffed and nibbled on my lips. “Why?”

“Don’t know, there is a past to his family, his name was given by his parents and from what I have learned throughout the years, he despised his family and hated them to the point where killed them,” he explained, sounding concerned.

Well, there was something we had in common.

We both hated our families for different reasons.

When we arrived in the city, the sun was at its peak and there was a lot of traffic. My stomach grumbled with hunger but I bit it back down. I wasn’t going to get special treatment anymore. Not by Bane at least. The radio was blasting through the speakers while Cedric was speaking to someone on the phone. I yawned again, for the hundredth time in the past hour, I hadn’t slept the whole night and now, I was driving.

“Noted!” I heard Cedric say. I lowered down the volume of the radio and focused on who he was talking to. Was it Bane?

Just shortly after, Cedric closed the call and turned to me, “That was Alpha Bane if you’re wondering. He will be a little late but everything has been handled. He wants me to keep an eye on you till he arrives,”

“Mhm,” I nodded my head and turned my attention back on the road. I felt like slipping away but I couldn’t put Cedric in danger for the third time. Bane would kill him without a thought and Cedric, he had been too good to me. Running away would be betraying his trust.

Cedric showed me the directions to the large mansion where the other male wolves lived. Just a few more turns and I stopped in the driveway of the house. My nerves frazzled at the thought of being kept a prisoner here. What was Bane going to do with me now? I doubted he’d show any mercy after I killed another Alpha, in his presence.

“The Alpha has asked me to lock you up in his office till he returns,” Cedric said, pushing the keys inside and unlocking the office I had been to several times now. I stepped inside while he stayed out, “If you need anything, let me know and try not to go through his things—he doesn’t like that.”

“Thank you and I will try,”

Cedric closed the door and locked it from outside. I puffed out a breath when I heard his footsteps disappearing from the hallway.

The soaring electricity inside me kept me anxious and scared at the same time. Bane hurt me and saved me at the same time. I was frightened.

Not because of Bane.

But because of the connection between us.

Where would it lead too?

I was a raging female wolf that would harm anyone and Bane was no less. Destruction and havoc would stem our path if we ever got together.

I couldn’t let that happen.

Not now, not ever.

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