The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 18

To alleviate the boredom and silence, I decided to go through the papers on Bane’s desk even though Cedric had warned me. I was a snoopy woman and everyone should’ve known that by now. The map I had seen earlier was rolled and kept aside, there was another large paper spread out on the desk and my eyes wandered there without a warning. It was a map of a city—not Ampleforth but another city nearby. I found it boring so I decided to look away and pick up the old, leatherbound book that seemed to be tearing apart from the inside.

As I opened it, I realized, it was a journal—Bane’s journal. I froze and then kept it aside, I couldn’t read his journal or anyone’s, that was a private. I wouldn’t want someone to read mine if I ever wrote anything.

A loud, thundering sound echoed through the house and I yelped in fear. Following the thud, there were a few yellings belonging to Bane. He inched closer and continued to shout, splitting the peaceful silence I was enjoying.

A key shackled on the lock and the door swung open with full force. Bane walked inside, anger storming in his beautiful features. When he glanced at me, I felt myself shrink.

“You messed up a lot, Myra,” His hand swung and the door closed with a thud.

The sound of his boots thumping against the solid floor echoed and grew, I backed up to the wall while holding onto my chest and my breathing scattered. I was frightened by the idea of what he’d do with me. He lowered his head, seized my neck with his rough hands and pulled me on my toes.

“I’m sorry,” I sobbed, clutching onto his hand as his grip became firm with each second ticking by.

“You will be a lot more than sorry once I’m done punishing you,” His words were a clear threat. His lips inched closer to mine and an ache ran through me. “I’m going to enjoy breaking you and bending you to my rules after what you did today,”

“It was a mista—”

“Shush,” He placed his fingers over my lips and silenced me down. “Nothing a hard whipping can’t fix,”

My very core was trembling and shaking with his words. He seriously couldn’t punish me—even though what I did was worth a punishment. He yanked me away from the wall, pushed me over the table and planted my hands behind my back.


The weight of his hand kept me down as I heard Bane unbuckling his belt. Not here. Not anywhere. I struggled against his hold but it only grew firmer.

“No, no, you can’t do this!” I shouted, my voice shaking and breaking through me. The last time I received a punishment was years ago before I ran away and it was from my Alpha and now, another Alpha was punishing me. Fucking great!

There was a slight difference now—I was getting punished by my own mate.

I felt his hand grasping onto my bottom as he leaned over me, “Oh, I can do a lot worse things if I want too so shut your mouth and enjoy whatever I’m giving you.” He growled, pulling my pants down until I was bare from waist beneath.

I bit back a cry and wriggled in discomfort as his belt lashed through my bottom, a new ache gushed down my legs causing me to jerk and wither all over the table. I held my breath and closed my eyes tightly as he bruised my ass over and over again. I kicked my legs and fought with all the energy I had inside me but somehow, Bane was stronger than me and it showed.

Aconitum had long left my body yet I was so weak against my mate. Over that, I felt furious for feeling excited as he whipped and turned my bare bottom red. At the back of my head, I counted each and every lash until he stopped. When he did, he threw the belt on the table and rubbed his fingers between my legs.

“No, no, no.” I squirmed as his fingers skimmed down my slick, warm wetness. I wasn’t going to be excited for a man who had just whipped me—I wasn’t. “Stop, stop!”

“It doesn’t seem like you want me to stop,” He mumbled, playing with my pussy.

“No, no, I don’t want it.” My body said different but I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t let Bane control me like this, like he could have everything he wanted.

I heard Bane growl under his breath before he smacked my bottom and lifted his hands off my body, letting me free. I grabbed on my pants and wore them immediately as I didn’t want him to see anything. When I faced him, I managed not to cry or feel weak.

I wasn’t going to break.

Not by him.

“Let’s make a few things clear now,” Bane said, taking a breath and controlling himself. “You killed an Alpha and I covered it up for you, so you know what that means?”

“I owe you,” I said, narrowing my head down in shame. My bottom burned with what he had just done to me but I needed to push it aside. It was a simple punishment.

At least, he didn’t do it in public or in front of other men.

“Yes, you do.” he chuckled and sat down on his seat, “You’re still my prisoner and you will be for as long as I want you to be. It has been quite unfortunate that I couldn’t find my mate or else I would have set you free.” he explained and I scoffed.

“Are you going to kill me?” I blurted out. Holding the question back was not useful anymore. I needed to know whether Bane was going to kill me or not.

“No, I don’t kill female wolves so surprisingly, I won’t be able to kill you but that doesn’t mean you’re free. You’re going to live by my rules, under my roof, and within these walls—as a prisoner.”

“So, I can’t go anywhere?” I placed my hand over my hip and asked. It was better if I ran away and started somewhere else.

“You can, but you’re not allowed to leave the city and wherever you will go, you will go with my permission. As of now, I don’t want anything from you—” he paused for a second and studied me. “You’re not my type,” I felt my heart breaking with his words. My own mate didn’t like me. Ouch.

“Fuck you,”

“Don’t force me you wash your mouth with acid. Speak with respect or I will bend you over and whip you a hundred more times without any mercy,” He threatened. When I silenced down, he continued, “When you’re useful to me, I will let you know but, still, you can’t leave from here. You will be under me,”

“Why? What’s the point?”

“I am not going to chase you again, Myra.” He growled. “I don’t like rogues and I certainly don’t like when there is a threat in my city.”

“I will leave,”

“Where is the fun in there, now? I need to enjoy my prize,” he smiled with amusement.

Wretched, I killed a sob. I was only a prize for him—nothing more.

“If you do not respect my pack or my men, there will be consequences, worse than what happened right now. Don’t ever try to disobey me because I will break you, Myra and I mean it. I don’t like a game and I don’t like being challenged.” He said, in a low, humble tone.

I gathered my emotions and asked, “Is that all?”

“Yes, you can leave,” he replied, moving his attention towards the papers.

Game on, Mr. Alpha.

Time will decide who will break who.

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