The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 22

“No,” I tried to yank my phone away from Bane but pushed me back and accepted the call. I almost forgot that I was his prisoner and all my phone calls were recorded. This was blunt kidnapping now. He couldn’t keep me like this or have control over everything I did.

“Oh, hello there, Cindy.” Bane said, clenching his jaw. He was up to no good and I could detect that through his playful tone. Whatever he was up to wasn’t going to lead to any good.

“Oh, me? I’m Bane, and Myra here is our little friend. Don’t worry, she’s perfectly fine here. You should come here to see it for yourself,” he suggested, a cocky smile appearing on his lips.

I stepped forward but he slapped away my wrist and moved back, further away from me. I eyed him with cold triumph. His suggestions were horrible and I hoped—from all of my heart that Cindy wouldn’t act and come here to see me.

“Of course, I will send you the location, see you soon, Cindy!” Bane exclaimed, his tone civil and his face full of strength. He bought the phone down and finally, canceled the call.

“Give my phone back,” I said, lengthening my hand out.

“This is something you aren’t going to get,” He replied, pushing the phone inside his pockets and then looking back at me. I merely stared, tongue-tied. “And, you’re in a lot more trouble than you can think for letting someone know that you’re a werewolf—especially a human.”

“Please, she only knows a little bit,” I practically begged, “Don’t do anything. She hasn’t told anyone and I trust her,” She had known my secret for ages now and not once she told anyone.

A smile tugged on the corner of his lips, “When she comes here, I will decide whether she’ll stay alive or not,” he replied, tilting his head and leaving.

“No,” I scurried away from my spot and stood in front of him, “Please, she doesn’t know much and she can’t come here. I know you’ll harm her,” Whatever Bane did with me was fine, I didn’t mind and it didn’t hurt me in any way but if he did the same with another girl—especially Cindy, she’d break in a snap of a second.

He tugged on my cheeks and said, “I don’t care. Why don’t you go sleep with other males around here and stop thinking about what I will do with your friend?”

“Bane,” I frowned. He was jealous and was doing all this because I had slept with Cedric. It was obvious now.

“Haven’t I told you to not call me by my name?”

“Please, just give me my phone back and I will promise that I won’t do anything,” I said, my knuckles turning red as I fisted them together. If it weren’t for him being the Alpha, I would’ve punched him and left long ago but there was something else keeping me here.

The fucking mate bond.

“Go away, Myra. Stop eating my head. I am going to send your friend the location and when she comes here, I will decide what to do with her.” I stiffened as he leaned in to whisper it all in my ears before walking away into the long, stretched hallway.


Great, I had another problem to deal with another problem now apart from the fear of getting pregnant by a male wolf that wasn’t my mate because I thought I was on my birth control.

More than males, my life was fucking me.

Somehow, I managed to gulp down a few of my birth control pills, hoping that it would work and I wouldn’t be pregnant with Cedric’s child. I was too young and untamed, having a child was something I never thought about. My thoughts backfired inside my head, and I waited, wondering whether Cindy would show up or not.

I tried to take deep breaths to settle the weight of worry in my chest but nothing worked. Cedric walked inside the room a few hours later, almost when the sun dipped down.

“How are you?” He asked, sitting beside me.

“I’m fine,”

“You look worried,”

“Did Bane say something to you?” I asked, stirring my head in his direction.

“No, why?”

“He smelled a male on me earlier in the afternoon so I had to tell him that I slept with you. I thought he must’ve confronted you about it or something,” I said.

“No, he didn’t say anything and I’m sure it doesn’t concern him.” Cedric shrugged, throwing his arm over my shoulders and comforting me. God, he felt so warm and strong.

However, I was taken back by how Bane didn’t say anything to him. He seemed quite jealous and angry in the morning. Guess all of it was simply directed towards me only. Maybe I was the only female around here that he could play around and control with.


Cedric pushed a piece of my hair behind my ear. I took a glance at him and found his eyes filled with longing. “Don’t be tensed, Myra. It is all going to be fine. Give it some time. I’m sure the Alpha will be forgiving,” he whispered, drawing circles on my hair.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed his gentle touch over my body. My head fell over his shoulder and he held onto me. From the corner of my eye, I watched him looking at me.

“Don’t you have to be somewhere? Like working or something else?” I asked him. He was quite busy when I met him for the first time. Always in his office, doing work and arranging meetings with different dealers and marketing agencies.

“Uh, yes, I was actually at work until Alpha called me back,” he replied, sounding hesitant.

“Why?” I asked, moving my head away from his shoulder and focusing all my attention on his words.

“Nothing, he wanted me to attend his guest, a female.”

“What? Who?” It couldn’t be Cindy.

“A woman named Cindy,” Fuck. “She’s just arrived a few minutes ago, but I found her quite boring so I came here to you,” he continued, rubbing his thumb on my cheek. My eyes widened with fear and I jolted off the bed with my pulse racing quickly.

How didn’t I hear her coming here? And, why didn’t anyone tell me that she was here?

Bane was alone with her and he didn’t even bother telling me that she was here.

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