The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 24

The flush on my cheeks was visible and every inch of my body was embarrassed that I had given into Bane. Denying the feeling I felt wasn’t going to help. It was amazing. He left the washroom grinning and feeling proud whilst I was shaken. He wasn’t wrong when he told me that I was giving in to every male that made me feel different. Maybe it was just the male wolves—or the heat.

I wasn’t ever like this.

“What happened? Did I mess up something?” Cindy asked, standing up from the couch she had been seated on for the past couple of minutes. Bane was long gone and it was just me and Cindy for now.

“No, it’s fine.”

“Where did he go?” she peeked into the dark hallways but found nothing. “Is he gone?”

“Yes, he has some work so he won’t return,” I said, snapping my fingers in front of her. “You can’t flirt with him or even like him, Cindy.”

“Why not?” she asked, furrowing her brows together. If I were in her place, I’d do the same—captivating brown eyes, a mysterious soul and a handsome face—no woman would deny that ever.

My legs barely held me as I made my way to my bedroom with Cindy by my side. I looked at all the corners of the hallway, making sure that Cedric or Bane wasn’t around anywhere. I couldn’t let anyone know what I was going to tell Cindy.

“He’s my mate,” I whispered, slamming the door once she was inside the room. I walked to her to find her surprised and shaken. “But you can’t tell anyone—no one knows. Not even Bane.”

“What?!” she exclaimed. “Why not? Why would you hide it?” The bed creaked as she sat down, her breathing ragged with what I had announced.

“Because I don’t want to be with him, yet, he possesses my body and mind. I’m still battling with my emotions and I’m not sure that if he’s the right one,” I explained in my way.

“But aren’t mates supposed to be the perfect fit?”

“They are but—I can’t explain. He’s an Alpha and you know I despise Alpha’s,”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Myra,” she said, placing her hand over my back. “I will keep my distance. But, when are you going to return back? Or are you going to stay here?”

I shrugged, my hands rested beside my hips and I looked down. “I don’t know about anything yet but I want to leave. I don’t want to be here. The mate bond pulls me towards him and I feel weak. You know I haven’t felt weak in years now,”

“So, you’re going to reject him?”

“I don’t know but you shouldn’t be worried about it. I will keep in touch with you but you shouldn’t come here, it’s not safe. They are many male wolves here and I don’t want to endanger you,” I explained, thoroughly so she wouldn’t ever think about coming here. The jealousy was long gone after what Bane did to me inside the washroom—he was simply flirting just to get back at me for sleeping with Cedric.

Someone was a little heartbroken.

After having a small chit-chat with Cindy, she left quickly and went away from the packhouse. The male wolves were returning back and I didn’t want any of them to see her. Once she was gone, I was relieved and stress-free until Roger didn’t cross my path.

I was busy making food for myself. The packhouse was silent and it was almost nine in the evening. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter Bane again, he was gone somewhere and so was Cedric, neither of them were home. Just as I was about to walk out of the kitchen, Roger stepped inside, blocking my way and fucking with me.

“Cook for me,” he ordered in a tone as he owned me.

“Fuck off, I’m not your slave!”

“Well, technically—” He moved his hand from the doorway and rubbed his jaw, “You are,”


“And, if I don’t?”

God, I wasn’t in any mood to play games. I had enough of male wolves playing around with me and dominating me.

“I will beat the crap out of you if you don’t move,” I warned him.

Roger raised his hand back at the side of the door and completely blocked my way out, “I’m waiting,”

I took in a deep breath to calm my nerves down. “Last warning, boy, move from my way or I won’t hesitate with snapping your neck.”

He chuckled, “Ah, such a confident female wolf, I haven’t seen females like you in a while. You girls are the best to play with,” he taunted, all of his ego appearing in the grimace plastered on his face. “Bite me,”

Ugh. What a way to end a night.

I combed my fingers through my hair and looked away from his face. The more I stared, the angrier I got. I wanted to strangle him. He had been the most irritating person since the first day they captured me and I wasn’t going to take his crap anymore.

My claws emerged and sharpened out of my hands, I released my fist and whirled my hand over his face, however, before my claws could bruise him, he grabbed my hand and stopped me. Quickening my instincts, I buckled my knee to his crotch and he grumbled, grabbing himself and releasing my hand. I threw my leg at his stomach and with force, he flew off the kitchen doorway and crashed against the wall outside.

“What a bitch!” I heard him growl as he wiped the blood of his lips. When he raised his head, I saw red—nothing else.

When he stood up, holding his stomach and limping towards me, I backed away. Male wolves could heal quicker as they had the strength and power too.

In a flash, Roger stood in front of me, and before I could use my reflexes, he threw me against the mirror with full force, causing the mirror to shatter into my back. The pain was inevitable, ongoing as the sharp shards tore my skin apart. I rolled on my stomach and bit my lip to contain the scream.

“Don’t ever think females like you can be stronger than us,” he said, pushing his boot towards my head and moving it back so I could meet his gaze. “Act like a female and do what a female does,” he kneeled down and spat out at me.

Deep breaths, Myra.

The silence between us lengthened, I closed my eyes and saw his blood. The fire inside me was boiling with the way Roger had been treating me in the recent days, not only he bruised me but he humiliated me and used words he shouldn’t have.

A second later, I heard Roger scoff as I didn’t fight back until the last very moment. I dashed away from the ground and grabbed his throat, slamming his head against the tile, thrusting my claws inside him and drawing his blood out. His mouth hung open as he tried to choke out words but failed to do so.

“Let me tell you something, Roger,” My claws deepened inside his throat as I leaned beside him. “Men like you—they only know how to blabber. Don’t ever underestimate me, that’s if I let you live after this.”

“Bane will kill you…” he coughed out.

“Do you think I give a shit about him?” Well, I did. But I was going to avoid showing my weakness.

“I know he’s your mate,”

My heart stopped beating and I moved back. A bile of fear and terror rose up my throat and I found myself startled with his words.


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