The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 26

My back was aching with all the whipping Bane had done and my insides started to quiver with excitement. He walked around in circles, trying to control the temptation that was clear in his eyes while I sat on the ground, against the bed frame, afraid of what he’d do next. He stepped towards me, got down on his knee and raised my chin.

“Are we clear now?” He asked.

A smile tugged on my lips and I scoffed at what he had asked, “If you think that a little whipping is going to force me to stop killing Roger then you’re in the dark because I’m going to do what I have too.” I blurted out when the wolf inside me finally left me alone to my thoughts. “What are you going to do? Beat me again? You can’t kill me and you know that,”

“Don’t test me, Myra.” He said, licking his lips. “I have told you earlier than I don’t kill female wolves but that doesn’t mean that someone won’t do it for me.”


I liked them.

“Try your best and you’ll fail just as you failed in controlling me. I will always win against you and no matter how many times you try to hit me, I will never submit to a coward like you,” Just as I finished, he tugged on my hair, pulling my head to meet his gaze. Guess someone couldn’t control their anger for longer.

“That’s it,” he growled. “You have a pretty face for a useless, cold bitch like you so let’s make some use of it. Maybe then you’ll learn to keep your mouth shut in front of me,” For a very thin moment, I couldn’t understand what he meant until his hands returned back to his pants, this time undoing the buttons.

I squirmed and tried to free my self from his hold on my hair but he simply gripped tighter and pulled me closer towards his legs. I wasn’t going to please him. Never.

“Oh, god,” I gasped at the sight of his meaty grith. It wasn’t like I hadn’t seen it before but I was still trying to catch my breath. He wrapped a fist around his hardness and stroked it before bringing it in front of my lips.

I pursued my lips together, groaned and looked away. There was no way in the whole entire world I was going to please Bane after all the shit he had done with me.

“Come on, open up, you know you want. Don’t force me,” he threatened, yanking my hair again and bringing my face towards his growing cock, just a few inches away from my lips.

He rubbed his gleaming cock over my lips and I felt them parting, inviting his length down my throat. I bit back a moan as he pushed his cock into my warm mouth. A shaky breath came out of him and his hold on my hair tightened, never letting me go.

“That’s right,” he growled, pushing another inch of his length inside my mouth. I tasted his pre-cum and wondered what the rest would taste like. My clit pulsated and I slammed my thighs together as the clenching feeling inside my stomach grew. His cock gave a twitch of desire as my tongue ran across his throbbing veins.

I was denying the goodness for as long as I could. He gripped on either side of my head and pumped his cock inside my mouth. I felt the tip of it hit the back of my throat and that’s when I choked, out of breath, I gasped for air and he pulled out. My salvia and his pre-cum gleamed on his shaft.

After a brief second, he pushed his cock forcibly in my mouth again and I gagged. The thickness of his cum ran down my throat and with that I knew that he had released. He didn’t bother moving even after he came.

“Swallow,” Bane ordered, grabbing a fist of my hair.

There was no use of protesting anymore, I had pleased him already. He had won. After swallowing the load he shoved inside my mouth, he pulled away and allowed me to breathe. I could sense the grin curling on his lips as anger roared inside me.

“See, that wasn’t hard, was it?” He asked, fixing himself.

“Oh, fuck you,” I spat out.

“Still arrogant, tsk tsk, it’s going to take a lot more that than,” he shook his head and grabbed my face, his fingertips clawing my cheeks with aggression. There was nothing good about Bane–nothing that could convince me to change my mind about him. He was a wild monster with barely any emotions.

I thrusted his hand away from my face and stood up while grabbing my shirt or whatever was left behind of it. “You know, men like you disgust me,” A simple truth.

He backed to the window, folded his hands across his chest and gave me the most wicked smile he ever had, “That shouldn’t come off as a surprise,” he replied, confidently as if he was proud of being a disgusting man.

“No wonder why your mate runaway from you,” That would hurt him enough to get that grin off his face.

“Careful, Myra.” He warned, undoing his hands.

“I’m not surprised. Alpha’s are filthy and so are you. There is nothing that stands different from you and the other Alpha’s across the country. Y’all are disgusting and I’d be damned if your females stick by your side.” I said, letting out a ragged sigh by the time I was finished. Throughout the years, I came by many Alpha’s, heard a lot of stories about them and was certain that none of them deserved respect.

Alpha’s were the worse among the entire kind of werewolves and Bane proved that. Their titles kept them strong and evil even when they barely had any power. The pack hierarchy was supposed to maintain order but it was biased, the Alpha title only chose those who came from the Alpha bloodline. They barely faced any challenges or issues, even if they did, it would go straight down to the Beta’s and the Delta’s that would sacrifice their lives to maintain the strength of the pack.

I turned around to leave but stopped for another moment. The rage gushing inside me couldn’t calm down just like that. “One more thing, I met your mate and she said, fuck you.”

“You’re crossing a line here,” His voice elevated.

“Oh, I’m scared, what are you going to do? Fuck my mouth again?” I lashed out, completely losing control over myself. “Stick your head out of your ass. No one cares about you because you’re awful by nature and that’s never going to change.” Everything I said about Bane was the bitter truth he had to accept, he was a horrible man with barely any good qualities.

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