The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 27


“Ah, my favorite man. It has been a while now, Bane.” Cherise said, swaying her hips and approaching me. Energy hummed through her as she threw her hands on the air to hug me. I quickly leaned in for a hug and then moved back. “What does the big man wants?” She asked.

“Nothing. Just here to clear my mind,” I replied, looking around the bar that was fairly filled with humans getting drunk and enjoying themselves. It had been a while since I last drank alcohol in a bar–a very long time.

“Who dare to mess up with your mind?” She asked, welcoming me inside her bar. “Grab a seat. Whoever it is, I will make sure you’ll forget it by the time you leave this place.”

Cherise worked as a bartender in a bar that her husband owned. They both were wolves and members of my pack. The Wooden Inn was a small bar that I often visited when I was young. It was a place close to my heart and Cherise was a good old female friend. Her husband recently passed away due to chronic issues and at his funeral was the last time I met Cherise.

“No one, just like that.”

“Now, now, I know one thing for sure. A big bad Alpha doesn’t comes here for nothing. Tell me, Bane.” She repeated, placing her hand over the counter and looking at me. I sat down in front of her but stayed silent.

After the feud with Myra, I was more than hurt, it wasn’t her but it was her words, the truth in them that had hurt me. No one dared to speak to me in such a language that she spoke to me with. The numerous punishments and threats barely made a difference. She was arrogant and that was her personality. There was something I liked about her. Her confidence, her challenges and the way she handled herself.

“Ugh. It’s nothing serious, just the usual.” I replied.

“Well, what do you want to drink?”

“Dry Martini, stirred,”

“I’ll get onto that then,” she stepped away for a moment to make the drink.

In the meantime, I got a closure of the bar, it had been slightly changed since the last time I was here, that was almost a year ago. Just beside the bar there was a grill, visited usually by werewolves to pick up human females for the night. Werwolves couldn’t breed humans and that was a known fact, therefore, they preferred fucking them over female wolves.

“Do you want a girl?” Cherise asked, placing the martini on the counter ahead of me. When she raised her head, she winked at me, “I know someone and she’s a wolf,”

“No, Cherise, I’m here for relief of my mind not to take a girl who will eat my head for the rest of the night.” I replied in a jokingly manner. She giggled at my response and nodded her head.

“You do you,” While I took the first sip of the martini, she grabbed a chair and plopped beside me. “So, tell me, where have you been hiding all these months?”

“Busy with the usual,” I said, “Pack meetings and all,” Clarifying it a bit more so Cherise could understand. Female wolves of my pack were never involved in anything at all. They were kept separately, either with their parents or their mates and used only when required.

“I heard about your mate–what’s all the chaos about?” She asked, slowly and hesitantly. I warned everyone in the packhouse to not disclose details about my mate to anyone but someone defiantly did.

“It’s nothing,”

“Tell me, Bane, you know you can trust me.” She persisted and I gave in.

My fingers tightened around the glass, almost crushing it into pieces. Just thinking about my mate angered me. How dare she ran away? After meeting with Landon, and clearing everything out, I researched about the name he gave me and since then, they were people looking for her across the city. I wasn’t giving up so quickly.

I wanted her.

I needed her.

And I was going to get her.

It would take time, a lot of time before anyone could find her but I was ready to wait. Once found, she’d be restrained and trapped under me. I’d make sure that she’d never leave my sight again, let alone runaway from me. I didn’t care who it was or what she looked like, I only cared that I wanted her, my wolf wanted her.

Cherise didn’t break her eye contact with me, she waited for a response, “She ran away but it’s all right, I will find her soon.”

She gasped, “Oh, that’s horrible.”

“Yeah,” I chugged down the whole martini at the thought of my mate. I didn’t even do anything yet she wanted to run away like I was a big bad wolf–I was more than that.

“What about the rogue? The one the males recently caught? The female prisoner? Who is she?” Cherise inquired, curiosity in her tone.

My primal, animalistic instincts took over my thoughts. There was an urge within me to possess Myra but she was so stubborn that I had to turn my head the other way. There was an unusual connection among us, I didn’t know whether it was because she was unclaimed and not a part of a pack or something else.

Something about her ticked me off the moment my men bought her in the packhouse. She was someone I had seen before, someone I had met but coming close to that thought was impossible as I didn’t remember when anything like that happened.

“She…” I took in a deep breath, “She’s a rogue,”

“Yes, I know that but when was the last time you heard about a female being a rogue?”

I shrugged, “Years ago?”

“Yes. Tell me more about her. It fascinates me that a female wolf would leave her pack to endanger herself as a rogue. That’s a lot of courage right there,” Cherise said, sounding correct. Rogues were never females, they were usually old, retired male wolves or pyshoctic wolves that were kicked out of their packs under certain circumstances.

“There is nothing interesting about her,” I snapped. I didn’t want to talk about Myra especially after all she had done. She had defied me and that itself was disrespectful for an Alpha like me.

“Is she young?”

“Cherise,” I warned.

“Tell me,”

“Yes, she’s young.” Quite young.

“Is she beautiful?”

“All right, I’m out!” I exclaimed, getting on my foot. A few drinks weren’t going to make a slight difference for a wolf. I required a whole ass bottle to even get a little tipsy and with all these questions Cherise was asking, I doubted it I would get drunk at all.

She grabbed my arm and stopped me, “Okay, okay, chill, Bane. Sit.”

I sighed and sat back down. “No more questions, Cherise, I’m not here to be inquired.”

“Fine, but one last question, please?” She begged through her eyes.


“What are you planning on doing with her? As in, of course, you can’t kill her so what will you do?” She asked, something naughty appearing in her eyes. Cherise wasn’t just a bartender, she was also a female pimp that pimped girls out to male wolves.


“I was just thinking–”

“No, Cherise, she’s not a whore.”

“Oh, crap,” she pouted at my reply. “Well, maybe if you get her to me I can do something,” Cherise was great at convincing any man or woman that sex was the best thing in the world and getting money from sex was much better.

Myra was a virgin when she was first caught but that bastard Cedric took her virginity in my fucking house. It angered me and made me jealous for some reason but I couldn’t act upon my anger. It wasn’t as if she was my mate that I needed to be concerned.

Although, her lips felt great on my cock earlier.

But either way, I doubted Myra would be interested in being a whore.

“No, I can’t let that happen and that’s final. There are many other women you can attack, not my prisoner. I have something else planned for her,” I said, clearing my throat.

In reality, I had nothing planned for her, I had no idea what I would do with her. Every time I tried something, she pounced back, stronger and sharper. I couldn’t change her personality and I couldn’t kill her as it was against my morals. The only time I ever killed a female wolf was my mother–almost fifteen years ago and after that, I vowed not to kill a female.

Bane's POV finally! I hope you enjoyed it.

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