The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 33


After having dinner with the boy who hadn’t shared his name yet, I tried to shift and walk on my own. It was like that. I couldn’t be weak for long. My attempts failed, my wolf went away for the night as she was pissed at me for leaving my mate like I had any other option left and the only thing I could do was walk—or more like trip.

The injuries were healing quicker than expected but a promising scar was on my body. Great.

“You should come back inside before you fall sick,” the strange boy said as he walked out of the front door.

I was in denial at first but then I walked out of the house to see that we were actually at the cliff side, above everyone else, almost kissing the sky. The boy had a giant house with a vaulted roof, it was made to trap warmth and he was the only one living in there.

“How long have you been living here?” I asked him while walking back inside. He was right, too much walking could fuck me up and I didn’t want to harm myself anymore.

That basted Roger was probably worse with what all my wolf did to him. She never showed any mercy.

“A few months now,” he replied.


“My friend visits me every other day,”

“Is she a wolf too?”


“From the pack, huh?” I asked, holding onto the bricked wall for support while I chugged down a glass of water.


“How old are you even?” The boy seemed quite mature and I would be in denial again if he said he was anywhere around eighteen.

“Sixteen—I will be turning seventeen soon,”

“What the fuck? Really? How do you even live alone? Like, what about your parents?” I bombarded with him questions as if I had known this boy for years.

The boy smiled shyly, “I left my parents,”

“As in runaway?”

“No, no, just keeping distance from them for a while.” He clarified.


“They were being a little too much—you know werewolf parents, persistent on being this good person, wanting to obey their orders and do everything they want us to do.”

The boy’s parents reminded me of my own parents and how forceful they were, they forced me into gruesome trainings and destroyed my mental health at the sole age of sixteen and when I had no other option left, I ran away from my pack and left.


The silence between us grew as I sat on the couch to catch my breath. Waves of emotions passed through me again and again when I thought about Bane. There was a longing in me to go back and mate with him but again, he was going to let me die today.

“Do you have a cellphone?” I asked the boy who was busy in placing firewoods in the fireplace.

“Uh, yes, it’s on the table.” He looked back at me and said.

I got up and grabbed the cellphone from the table to call up Cindy so she could quickly grab my things from Bane’s packhouse, I also wanted to know how she was doing as I promised to keep in touch with her.

When I dialed her number, it rang for a few seconds and then she finally picked up, “Cindy?” I called out her name when I heard nothing.

“I was waiting for you to call her,”

That wasn’t Cindy.

That was fucking Bane.

Panic rioted inside me, “Where is Cindy? What have you done with her?” I questioned, breathing heavily. I warned Cindy to keep her distance from Bane and his men knowing that he could use her against me at any time.

“She’s with me—perfectly fine,”

“Don’t hurt her,” When I said that, the boy stood up and looked at me, confused. “Please,”

“I won’t unless of course, you come back to me.” I could imagine his face beaming with happiness and excitement. Bane always wanted his mate and I didn’t.

“I’m not going to come and mate with you if that’s what you’re expecting,” I stated, clearly, in terms he could understand.

“I’m not saying that,” he replied, “Just come here and we will talk,”

By talk, he meant fuck.

“Fine but if you harm Cindy in anyway, I will ruin you,”

“Yes, yes. I am waiting, tick tock, the earlier you’ll reach here the better or one of my wolves will eat her up.” With that, the line went dead and he closed the call.

I winced at the thought of the male wolves harming Cindy, she was my best friend and I never wanted any of this for her. I couldn’t even imagine what they’d be doing with her now.

“Who was that?” The boy asked.

“That was my fucking mate, threatening me. I have to leave, I’m sorry.” I said, giving him his phone back.

I thumped out of the house like I was going to reach Ampleforth in a second but then I realized that I was in the middle of nowhere and Ampleforth was a few hours away. There was no possible way I could reach there immediately.

“Are you sure you want to go? You are injured,” The boy said, following me.

“I need a lift. Could you drop me to the nearest gas station?” I asked him.

“Of course but—”

“Thank you,” My emotions scattered and I panicked like usual. My only intention was going to the packhouse, grabbing Cindy and leaving.

I bit my lips and rubbed my nails against my skin as the boy drove me to a gas station that was twenty minutes away from his house. I stayed silent and he glanced at me after every second or so, worry in his eyes. It reminded me of someone.

I stepped out of the car and rushed into a cab that was by the gas station and gave him the address of the packhouse. I needed to reach there as soon as possible and this was going to be a long, tortuous ride alone.

“Wait,” the boy came running to me. “Be careful, all right?”

“I will be. Thank you for everything you have done. I will do my best to payback your kindness, somehow.” I said to him as he leaned against the window of the cab.

“You don’t have too,”

“You saved my life,” I reminded him. “I didn’t catch your name though?” There were a few times I asked for his name but he never told me.

“Roman,” My heartbeat stopped, “Roman Dangelo,”

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