The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 36


Bane placed his fingers over my back, rubbing my skin in circles whilst I dressed up myself, wanting to leave and take a shower and then grab Cindy from here before running away—that was all. Across the room, there was a large mirror and I could see the marks on my body that he had given me. There was one certain mark on my neck, the imprint of his hands while he choked me the entire time he fucked me.

God. He was definitely going to kill me.

Not that I minded it.

“Let me mark you,” he growled, his wolf rubbing against me.


“Why not?” He backed and looked into my eyes.

Misery clogged in my throat, everything was great, Bane was great—in bed and nothing else. “Because, you’re selfish, you’re an Alpha, let’s not forget the hundred times you tried to kill me, and the few other times you let your wolves kill me and you have showed me no ounce of compassion until you found out that I’m your mate so, no, you’re not going to mark me unless I want you too—which is never!” I explained, moving his hands away from my body.

“Don’t act like you’re any innocent,” he argued.

“At least, I’m better than you,” I dragged my hair into a quick messy bun and stepped away from him the moment I could. I needed to find Cindy.

“Right? I don’t believe that,”

Someone knocked on the door and both our attention snapped towards the person.

“What?” Bane yelled, moving to the door, anger in his voice. He was pissed like always. Bipolar.

When the door swung open, a male wolf, belonging to Bane’s back appeared. He whispered something in his ears and then walked away. Whatever the information that male wolf bought made Bane more angrier. He turned around to me with furrowed brows and red appearing in his eyes.

“Who is Roman?”

My heart skipped a beat when I heard my brother’s name. Was he here? How did Bane know?

“Is he here?” I asked and Bane quickly grasped my arm.

“Who is Roman?”

“He’s my brother,”

“You don’t have a brother so don’t make me a fool. I know everything about you,”

I tugged my hand away from him and pushed him back. He could show all his control on bed, not here, never outside. “I have a brother—you’d know if you stalked me deeper.”

I tore myself from Bane and rushed outside, making sure that Roman wasn’t here—I didn’t want him to be here. He just couldn’t be. I moved towards the entrance of the house and found him, standing quietly.

“Hey, Myra.”

He took my name and I had never told him who I was. Before I could say anything to him, Bane’s hands were on his throat and he was up against the wall.

“Jesus!” I screamed, running behind him. “I told you he’s my brother,”

“And you think I believe you?” He hinted his fang that was emerging out, getting ready to snap my brother’s neck.

“Bane. Stop. Leave him. He’s my brother,” I tapped my feet on the ground and waited for Bane to release him. Once he did, he glanced at me like a pissed puppy and stood a distance away from me.

“I’m sorry about this. You shouldn’t have come here,” I said to Roman who was surprised with the revelation of our relationship. I looked back at Bane and eyed him to leave the room so I could talk to my brother.

“I’m not leaving,” he folded his hands across his chest.

“God. Just for a few minutes?”

“Fine. I have my eyes on you so don’t runaway,” He grunted before walking away and disappearing into the bright hallways.

“Who was that?” Roman asked. “And, Myra, isn’t it?”

I was in my own struggle—it wasn’t going to be easy at all. Someone from my family had found me and it wasn’t going to be soon before my parents and he came after me.

“Please, don’t tell my parents.” I said to Roman after a moment of long silence.

“You mean our parents?”

“Yes. I didn’t recognize you until you told your name and I know I should have said something but I didn’t know what to say,” I was blabbering again in fear and anxiety.

“Maybe that you’re my sister?”

“It’s not that easy, Roman. You barely know me!”

In a swift second, we sat on the comfortable couches, Roman keeping his distance from me. Talk about finding my brother after four years. He was a child—around twelve when I last saw him and that memory was quite blur. My parents hated it whenever I played with him but I doubted that he knew any of it.

“I know everything, Myra, about our parents, Alpha Hugh and everything else that has happened in the pack. They want me to take the position of the next Beta of the Blood Swamp Pack,” he explained, going in details slowly.

When Roman mentioned his name, his face flashed infront of me and I felt my body shudder with fear. Snapping myself back to the present, I asked, “Is that the reason why you are living in the mountains?”

“Yes, I’m not ready to take such a big duty of being a Beta.”

“Are they forcing it on you?”

“Yes but at the end it’s my choice,”

“What about Mom and Dad?” I asked, my throat drying when I mentioned them after a long time.

“They are doing well,”

“How did you find me?” The city was far away and I was sure that Roman couldn’t follow me down there without asking someone for help.

“The taxi driver—he works around so I asked him after I realized that you were my sister,” he explained, laughing and shaking his head.

I tried hard, to laugh, to smile but nothing appeared on my lips, it could never. Seeing my brother reminded me of my horrible childhood and teen life, everything was miserable and none of my past could change.

I stood up, stiffening my posture, “You shouldn’t be here, you should go,”

Concern spread all over his features, “Why?”

I wasn’t worried about Roman—Bane could be controlled. “If anyone finds that I’m here, they’ll inform your Alpha and Hugh won’t hesitate to come and take me.”

“I know everything—”

“You don’t know anything!” I exclaimed, moving towards the front door and opening for him to leave.

“Then tell me. Why are you so afraid of Alpha Hugh? You blinded him, almost killed him when he did absolutely nothing. You were a threat to our pack,”

I paused for a second, trying to get a hold of everything he had just said, “Is that what Dad told you? He did nothing? He ruined me, Roman. He turned me into a monster and for years, I have been trying to control the monster inside me, trying to cease the urge of killing ever Alpha in this world—that’s what he did to me—he turned into an killing machine.” I shouted, memories flowing back in my head.

A tear of pain flowed down my cheeks. I was just a child then, barely fourteen.


“It doesn’t ends there. When Hugh learns that I’m a rogue, he will drag me back, force me into his pack and then continue training me until I kill every single Alpha across the states. And, that isn’t easy at all.” I cut him off and said, lowering my tone, not wanting to frighten him.

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