The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 59


Bane stopped and skimmed over his owns word. That elder wasn’t wrong when he said that Bane was a direct descendant of the Sosipatros Brothers.

“I come from the same bloodline,” He finally blurted the truth out.

I leaned forward, excited. I was mated to a fucking royal. “So, really? How many of you are there?”

“Everyone’s dead,” He rumbled.


“My family were the last ones of the Sosipatros bloodline, we were directly related to one of the brothers and we didn’t have any cousins, so, it’s safe to say that everyone is dead.”

“But, you’re alive!” I exclaimed, confused.

“You should be glad,” He shot a wink at me and I sat back straight.

“No one knows that you’re from the Sosipatros bloodline,”

Bane took another gulp of his wine and continued, “Yeah, I’ve kept a secret or two. My family didn’t want anyone to know either as the Fenris Brother’s only objective is to kill us, all and my parents feared them.”

“Oh,” I breathed, realizing that this was bad.


If Bane was the only one descendant of the Sosipatros Brothers then he was in danger.

“So, you’re a royal?”

“The only one,”

“Wow,” I looked away, catching my breath. Royals were praised in books but all of them went extinct a hundred years ago. “Can I ask you something else?” I asked, hoping he’d agree.


“Why did you kill your family?” It was a hard question but I wasn’t getting answers from anywhere and Bane was the only one who could answer that.

“I had my reasons to kill my parents,”

“And, your brother?”

He shot a terrified glance at me before standing up, “I didn’t kill my brother,” Bane said, walking over to the windows. “He’s alive,”

My lips parted, “But—”

“But he’s buried, in a cave, far away from everyone.”


When Bane turned around to look at me, I felt every fiber of my body shudder in fear of the future. Something was terribly wrong with him and he wasn’t telling me. He buried his own brother. How would that make him alive? Only the dead got buried, not the living ones.

“Royals can’t die until they are killed by someone and I didn’t kill my brother. I only killed my parents and proceeded with burying my brother, it’s more painful than death.” He shook his wine glass and replied to me without any emotion on his face.

Fear stained my face but I stayed seated. I never imagined Bane to be that cruel to his own brother.

“So…he’s alive?”

“Oh, yeah, he is.”

I gulped hard and ignored the urge to runaway while reminding myself that Bane wouldn’t kill me. We had agreed on that part.

“Where is he, then?”

“Buried,” He replied, “But, he can’t get out of his grave because it’s sealed by magic and until I need him, he’ll be staying there, paying for his mistakes.”

That was too much for me to handle.

“What did he do?”

“For starters, he tried to kill me when I was sixteen, along with my parents so I flipped everything around, killing my parents as they were too old anyway and then burying Ivano. There is a lot more but you should get some sleep,” He walked over to me and caressed my cheeks with his cold fingers.

My eyes were glued on him and I couldn’t find the energy to get up and leave. Bane was insane, but again, there were a few things I had done as well. Regardless, I never had enough hatred to kill my parents even when they forced me to Hugh.

I found myself melting in Bane’s touch but it wasn’t a second before my focus returned back to reality. It was his past—he changed or not, it didn’t concern me just as my past didn’t concern him.

“Wait, there is something else.” I whispered, moving his hands away. He gestured me to continue and I did, “The darkness—is it a concern?”

“Not right now,”


“I’ve learned their pattern, they began with small Alpha’s and moved up. They don’t know that I came from the Sosipatros bloodline and they won’t find about it anytime soon.” He replied, concern filling up his words.

“And, if they do?”

His jaw clenched at my question, “It’s going to be a concern then,”

“What do they want?” Hugh wrote in his letter that they wanted a new werewolf world order, they wanted to change the laws and the rules but it seemed different.

“They want everyone dead,”

My breathing hitched, “So, not just Alpha’s?”

“No, they were created to destroy werewolves and that’s what they are going to do.” His hand reached out to my hair again and he pushed a piece of it behind my ear. “You don’t have to worry about anything. It will be controlled,”

“But they’ll kill you before they want to even talk to you!” I snapped, my brows scrunching together. Whatever Bane was thinking wasn’t going to work out. Whatever it was, the Fenris Brother or the darkness, they were dangerous and deadly.

They would ruin everything that crossed their path and Bane was to dear to me to be killed.

Yet, after everything, Bane wasn’t a slight worried. There was no sign of fear or tension over his features.

“I told you, you don’t have to worry about anything. By the time they reach here, I will have it controlled. They won’t kill anyone—not on my territory and especially, not my little Alpha.”

I frowned as he called me his little Alpha.

I stared at him for a whole minute and then nodded my head. If Bane wasn’t worried about, I shouldn’t be either.

He had something planned up for the darkness.

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