The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 81

A run with Bane. This was going to be interesting. I agreed to it but only if he’d call me and beg for forgiveness—which I waited for the whole entire morning. Ivano and I spoke about a few matters, one of them being the mass increase of rogues. I spent most of the morning clearing out stuff, checking lands, pack-wolves and then my phone.

The only way to get my mind off Bane was to do work, just like he did. It kept me occupied and I finally got time to speak with a few high-ranking pack wolves under my pack.

By afternoon, we were making out way to Ampleforth, not to speak with Bane but rather one of his old friends, a woman named Cherise who worked at a bar. She was the closest woman to Bane after me. A best-friend. He used to mention her in the earlier days.

“The Wooden Inn.” Ivano stated, stopping the car by its entrance. “We question, she answers. If she doesn’t then we will kill her.” He carried that attitude all the way till here and bearing it for another second was going to kill me.

My left eye twitched as I followed him inside the fairly empty bar. There was no one inside as it was in the middle of the day and no one was fond of drinking this early.

“How am I going to recognize her?”

“Cherise and I go a long way back, don’t worry.” Ivano pushed his hands inside the pocket and blocked my view by standing in front of me like a cocky man.

I grunted and went past him. “Where is she?” My eyes wandered across the place. There were only three people, one bartender and two old humans drinking together while coughing hard and laughing. “I don’t see a woman.”

“Wait, wait for our scent to reach Cherise.”

It was just a second after a woman walked out from the back. Her anxious eyes ran across the bar before landing on us. Her wolf released a scent of fear while she approached us.

“Is there something I can help you with?” She asked me before her eyes landed on Ivano. “Oh, you’re alive!” Her face filled with surprise before her lips turned into a smile.

“Surprise!” Ivano exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. “My little friend has a few questions for you. Do you mind answering her?”

“Of course—”

“It’s about Bane.” I cut her off. The woman was fairly old, her face was filled with wrinkles and here for a second, I was getting jealous. She was probably Bane’s mother’s age.


Suddenly, she went silent. “Come with me.” She whispered, twirling around and walking back in from where she came from.

Ivano took a step. I pressed my hand against his chest and stopped him. “I’m going alone. You’re going to sit here and have a drink.” I stated. I didn’t want to give out explicit details of Bane and our life together in front of his own Brother. It was just going to be really awkward.

“Wow. Okay.” He agreed, sitting between the two old humans.

Cherise held the door open for me. After confirming Ivano wasn’t following me, I went inside and it was a small storage room with an office table and a chair. My heart rammed in my chest. I thought about the worst. What if he was cheating on me? The Wooden Inn was the same bar he picked up a blondie from almost a year ago and slept with her.

I traced my finger across the desk while Cherise sat down. “Has Bane been here?”

“You’re his mate, aren’t you?” She asked, putting her hands underneath her chin and glaring at me. “You’re really beautiful.” She smiled after a moment of studying me.

I blushed hard, feeling a bit flattered. “Thank you and yes.” It wasn’t like I was getting compliments every day.

She took in a deep breath and said, “Well, Bane has been here, quite a few times in the past few months but all those times, he has been acting strange.”

My ears perked and I quickly grabbed a seat from the corner and sat in front of Cherise. “Strange, how?”

“It was usually in the middle of the night he’d come here, drink a lot—” She paused. The fear in her eyes grew. “He wouldn’t laugh, he wouldn’t say anything, he’d just apologize and sometimes cry. I tried to cheer him up in any way. I thought it must be because he got in a fight with his mate—you but after the third time, I realized it was something else.”

A sharp pain rose in my chest as I took a small gasp. Worried lines creased my forehead. “Why?” My voice went lower. I never thought there’d something so wrong with Bane that he’d actually cry. Tears—it wasn’t a part of him and he never showed his tears to anyone, not even to me.

“There was this one night where he came before sunrise. The bar was then close but I was awake. He had blood on his shirt, on his hands, on his face—it was splattered everywhere. This was about two months ago. When I took him in and asked what he had done, he was so confused, so shattered that he didn’t even know who’s blood was on his hands.” The woman continued talking and with every word, I grew concerned. “By morning, he was gone and when I called him, he acted as if nothing happened.”

“He does the same thing with me. One minute he’s all quiet and sad and the other minute he raging, yelling and ignoring my existence.” I said, nodding. It was the same thing.

“I think he’s hurt in some way.”

“I don’t understand—” I stopped talking when my phone started ringing. Looking at the caller ID, I found Bane calling me. “It’s him. I’ve to take this.” I mumbled, getting up and walking back out to attend his call.

“Hey,” Bane said on the other end. “How are you?”

I placed my hand on my hip and tried to act normal. “I’m fine. How are you?”


“Is there something you want, Bane?”

There was a bit of silence on the other end before he spoke. “Where are you? I want to pick you up and take you out somewhere.” The words that came out of him somehow seemed forced.

“I’m in the city, going for a run.” I lied, taking Ivano’s suggestion in account. “Do you want to run with me? Clear our minds and then we can talk.”

“Yeah, yeah, that sounds good.”

“Okay. I’m just at the start of the trail, getting ready. My Jeep is with me too.” I quickly created a big fat lie like he usually did. It wasn’t going to take me long to reach there. The woods were just a ten-minute drive away from the woods.

“I’ll see you there then.”

I pulled my phone away and sighed. If no one could figure out what was wrong, my wolf could after connecting with his, if there was a connection left between us.

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