The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 82

The trip to the Wooden Inn was cut short after I got the call from Bane. I dropped everything down, grabbed Ivano and left. This was my chance and I couldn’t let it go to waste. I pushed my self and threw all my energy into driving towards the woods as quick as I could while taking the shortest route. My mind swirled, forming questions no one had the answers too.

Before I entered the woods, I dropped Ivano nearby.

“Ouch.” He stood on the pavement, rubbing his arms. “You did me dirty, Myra.” It was sad that he couldn’t come along with us to a run with my mate.

“Stay here. I’ll see you after I’m done.” I said, dragging the passenger door and shutting it close. I had to be alone with Bane to get his secret out. He didn’t even know that his brother was back from his backpacking trip or he was with me and we were scheming against him.

Bane needed to believe I wasn’t in doubt.

I drove myself into the woods, reaching the spot where I told him to come. It was my special spot, safest to run without colliding with any other wolves. The trail started from the other end of the woods, where no one ever liked coming as it was at the borders of the city.

After releasing tremulous breaths, I stepped down, leaving the door of my Jeep still open. My gaze wandered around, I sensed nothing, not yet. It had been ten minutes since the call. I thought he’d be here by now. I quickly undid a few buttons of my shirt while waiting for him.

Leaning over the seat of my Jeep, I pulled down the glove compartment and found doses of aconitum stored inside. It was for safety purposes, not that I ever used it anyone but I needed to re-check, in case something went wrong today.

A car came in my view, driving slowly towards me. My stomach knotted and I held my breath before moving out and watching it stop. It was Bane.

Just in time.

“I was just going to start without you,” I said, folding my hands across my chest and putting out an act. “If you came any late.”

“Well, I’m here.” He smiled back.

I gazed into his eyes while recollecting my thoughts. A chill went through me and I pulled my self away. My skin itched, my eyes burned. Something was wrong.

“Let’s go then. Do you want to start?” I asked before he could read the terror on my face and learn my schemes. Bane was always smart, smarter than me in some terms. He could figure out if I was uncomfortable, but he hadn’t, not till now.

“I’ll go. Catch me,” He winked, undoing his shirt and pushing his pants down.

I watched him carefully as he shifted into his wolf. I took a jagged breath while his muscles came in my view. My mouth watered on its own. He had the same delicious body I could wrap my tongue around anytime.

Bane’s wolf came into surface, I took a large step back and he snapped his head at me. It was difficult controlling one’s wolf as they were all special and they had their own personalities that were different than us in our human forms.

True to himself, the black Alpha wolf ran into the woods, flying with the wind. I felt the connection, even without shifting. It was there, tingling deep in my bones—the mate bond. A faint smile lightened my face and I turned around to remove my clothes. My wolf howled from within, yearning to jump out and chase my mate down.

It made me think…

Maybe I should’ve ran with him a couple of times, maybe I should’ve done something to find the spark again, maybe it was my fault for not being intimate.

After undressing, I got down on my knee while placing my hand against the rocky ground. I closed my eyes, taking in deep breaths. My blood pounded in my ears, my bones ached and with a loud grunt, I shifted into my true form.

I had massive control over my wolf unless like others. She could barely do anything for herself, only put me in danger. Into the narrow trail, I went, skimming through the woods and finding my mate. His scent was in the air, bothering me in a dirty way.

When I found Bane, I chased him while he continued to run away from me. The brittle branches of broken trees poked me from underneath, bruising my paws. Leaves rustled along with the strong wind that carried me forward.

I sniffed my arousal.

My stupid arousal.

This wasn’t the best time but running behind Bane made me feel different, made my wolf alive after being dead for months, it made my core quiver, my heart tremble and my mind buzz.

When I finally caught up to him, I lunged forward and pushed him down to the ground, where he finally gave up, letting a howl of surrender.

I grinned, moving back and allowing him to get up. Our eyes connected, I looked into the eyes of his wolf and found him here, with me, all perfect. I finally could read his face, his emotions but they told me nothing.

I took a step forward and he did the same. Our heads touched, I rubbed myself against him and closed my eyes. And he spoke to me.

“It isn’t me, Myra—it isn’t us. Bane’s gone. The one in control of me is Baldassarre.”

My thoughts froze. I took a step back. The words nearly made me collapse. When I opened my eyes, my view blurred and my heart nearly stopped at the shock of finding out that someone else was in control.

“Follow,” I whispered, taking a turn and making my way out of the woods and back to the start of the trail. I didn’t know what it meant, I didn’t know what was Baldassarre or what Bane’s wolf told me but I figured out that he wasn’t in there. It just took me a second.

My eyes dashed around the road and when I found it clear, I moved over to my Jeep and shifted. The cold touched my body, the hair over my skin rose and terror slowed me down. I took a breath, stiffening myself.

His wolf was behind me, obeying me, for the first time ever which meant, it was serious. Reaching for the handle, I opened my Jeep and pulled out a coat to cover myself before grabbing the few doses of aconitum I had. I filled up a syringe while my hands continued to shake.

In the silence, I only heard my loud, quivering breaths.

When I went back out, I hid the syringe and leaned down to Bane’s wolf. “Come here,” I said.

He came to me and I brushed my fingers through his head before pushing aconitum inside him. It happened in a flash of a moment, once the syringe was empty, the wolf fell on the ground, losing its senses.

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