The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 90


Her hand on my cock felt good. I could tell from her face that seeing me restrained was the only twisted fantasy she ever had and it was turning into a reality. If it wasn’t for that fuck melding with my body after I killed him, I wouldn’t be chained to this wall and things would’ve been a lot more different. A war had been raging inside my head for months and I couldn’t figure what was the problem until today night.

My memories had been weak. There were only a few things I remembered and the rest all was a blur. It seemed to me that I slept a lot or was dreaming half of the day when the reality was entirely different.

There were nights where I woke up with blood in my hands, in my lounge, with the TV on and a fucking animal documentary going on. Who the fuck even saw documentaries? Not me. I hated watching anything, let alone animals being rescued and all that good shit that itched the wild part of me.

The days got blurry and the nights got confusing. There wasn’t a single soul in this motherfucking house who could tell me what was wrong. Whenever I questioned any of my men they acted like they had stitches on their mouths than their ass—which they were going to have soon.

It got more ugly from there. I couldn’t tell what I was doing, let alone who I was. I believed there was something wrong with me, something wrong with my personality so I went ahead and paid a couple visits to Cherise who couldn’t tell me anything.

Seeing blood in my hands every time I woke up made me assume that I killed someone when I wasn’t in my senses and that alone terrified the shit out of me, not because I was afraid of killing someone but because I feared killing Myra.

This could have been a lot worse.

But it was getting better now, especially with my strained cock in Myra’s hand, turning my world around. She leaned in front of me, looking at me with her wide green eyes as if she just came out of her mother’s womb without any sins on her name.

Her eyes shifted to the restraints and she smiled, “I could just tease you.”

“I could just kill you,” I grinned, my voice matching with hers, girly and icky. “And it would take less than a second for me to get out of these chains, punish you and ram you to hell and back. So, unless you want that, don’t even test me.” The chains were strong but they weren’t enough to keep me down. I had the strength of a thousand wolves together. The chains just had to be twisted on the right way, using the right muscles and they would come off in a snap of a second.

But of course, Baldassarre was a dumb, old man who was going to return to his grave soon and his 15th-century mind couldn’t understand shit.

Myra blinked once before wiping the smile off her face. She kneeled down and a blush appeared on her cheeks. “Well, okay…” She ran her hand all the way down to my balls and back to the tip that turned stiff.

I remembered her words when she called me boring in bed. The revenge for that was kept for another day where was going to limp for the rest of her life.

What did she even think? It wasn’t hard to figure out it wasn’t me. If the roles were reversed and Myra acted like a dead fish in bed, I would’ve figured it out in a second.


She moved her mouth closer to my cock and looked up for a second. “Don’t keep me waiting,” I said, sighing while all my frustration pumped to my dick.

It just got harder when she slipped out her tongue and licked me slowly around the tip of my cock whilst her hand softened around my balls, giving them some life after she put them through pain. I closed my eyes and groaned softly at the warmth of her hot tongue racing through my shaft. The pressure of her hand was just right as well.

She snaked her tongue over my precum and I rolled my hands into my fists. Only if I could grab her and pound her life away from her body.

As she wrapped her lips around my cock, she lowered, taking it all in at once. Her mouth was like a tight glove, holding me inside it, passionately.

“Take it deeper.” I said, clenching my jaw.

“You certainly have some guts to order me around when you’re the one restrained,” She replied, pulling away while fastening her hand on my cock.

“My guts are intact but yours won’t be once I’m done with this melodrama.” I snapped.

“Chill.” She flashed a scared smile before returning her attention back to my cock.

Satisfied grunts poured out of me as she did the job right. She sucked and licked it greedily, filling up my desires. My spurting juices filled up her mouth only a moment later. The pleasure spread through my entire body and I groaned once more while she swallowed every last bit of it like a good girl.

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