The Alpha's Desire

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Chapter 91


After satisfying Bane, I cleaned him and buckled him up before knocking him out, literally. I didn’t want to hurt him and I wanted to have a chit-chat with Baldassarre before I bought an end to his life, for good. It was the middle of the night and there wasn’t much time left before Rhea would appear here and get Bane back. Now that I knew the truth, I was relieved and could easily spot the difference between him and Baldassarre.

I had to put Bane to sleep or the worst of me was going to come out and then, it would only take a second to remove his restraints and let him fuck me. My pussy was aching like never and unless I wanted to further that need I had to put him to sleep.

I waited a whole hour for Baldassarre to wake up but he didn’t. After my eyelids started dropping, I left the cell and headed back upstairs to my bedroom. He wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon and I was in dire need of sleep.

The second I hit the bed, I passed out like someone who had more than twenty drinks.

I woke up at the sounds of chaos ringing in my ears. As I jolted from the edge of the couch, I slid right down and hit my face on the floor, bruising my cheeks little.

“Fuck.” I hissed at myself while staring at the door. My eyes wandered to the clock and it was early in the morning. I had barely slept. Maybe five hours at most.

With a torturous headache, I got off the ground and ran outside to find a crowd of my men gathered downstairs, near the basement. They were talking to each other while the door to the basement was shut closed.

What the fuck?

I groaned while rubbing my eyes and speeding down. I knew I shouldn’t have slept or left Bane—Baldassarre alone, even for a single night. There was a chaos in the air, flipping around me. I couldn’t tell what it was until I reached downstairs and looked at the faces surrounding me. My men quieted down at my presence but the terror on their face continued to grow.

“What’s happening?” I questioned, wrapping my hand around the handle of the basement. It was open, the key was inside. Someone stole the key from my fucking bedroom and opened the door and I could only imagine one person.


As soon as I heard the growls of two anger wolves fighting with each other, I pulled out the key and went in before locking the door from the inside to keep the other’s safe. There was a chance that Ivano had freed Baldassarre just to beat him up while having no idea to how strong was Bane in terms of power and strength.


Just as I stepped downstairs, Ivano flew by my side, hitting the wall behind. He flew. I gasped, dashing my head at him and finding his face beaten up. It was swollen like the crap made its way out of him. Fuck me. My pulse quickened and I loosened my hand from the handrail.

“Don’t look at me. It wasn’t my fault. He broke through.” Ivano grunted, holding his stomach while he struggled to get back up on his feet.

I snapped my head around, finding Bane—Baldassarre, staring right through my soul. His eyes were bright red, powerful and there were only two fresh scratches I could find on his face, gifted by Ivano. Why did he ever think he could beat him down knowing he just came out of his grave a few months ago?

“Oh, god,” I huffed out of exhaustion while rolling the key around my fingers. I had no magical weapon in my hand nor aconitum to bring him down. I took a step down the stairs and found my control. “Come on, it’s time to go back to sleep.” I whispered, holding my hands out.

Baldassarre had a stern expression over his face. He was bubbling with anger. The veins in his neck were bulging and throbbing. I could hear his heavy breathing from a distance. I felt threatened by him even though it was Bane who I was seeing.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. I just slept for a few hours and I woke up to this mess. Rhea wasn’t going to be here until an hour more and I needed to Baldassarre to be asleep when she was going to come.

“Shut up, bitch.” He snapped, thrusting himself at me and attacking me.

As his fist reached for my nose, my mind screamed to do something and in that second, all of my past trainings with Hugh—my previous Alpha briefly crossed my mind and instead of standing still, I swirled around and lifted my left leg before taking a swing at Baldassarre.

In surprise, his body curled and fell backwards but it didn’t take him long to get back up on his feet. And when he did, he laughed and then attacked me back. I made a mistake by not taking him serious. He wrapped his both hands around my neck and slammed me to the wall.

My feet parted from the ground and numbest found it’s way to my buzzing head.

“Your mate is never coming back.” Baldassarre spat on my face and I squeezed my eyes shut while he choked the life out of me with his strong, rough hands. “You know how many times I wanted to kill you in your sleep—endless. I watched you rest in peace for months and that was torturous. Don’t worry, you’ll be the first and last female Alpha to ever exist.” His voice was brutal along with his words.

Stars appeared in my vision. It’s not the end, Myra. A soft voice spoke to me. Getting choked by a man ten times bigger than me was the least of the pain I had been through.

The least. I couldn’t be weakened by this.

I slapped my hand over his neck and clawed his skin until blood oozed onto my fingertips. Out of pain, Baldassarre retreated while growling. The second his hands parted from my neck, Ivano grabbed him and dragged him to the ground while a sneer appeared on his broken face.

I panted hard, my chest rising and dropping vigorously and my breaths uneven. Baldassarre didn’t give up. He rose up, groaned and threw Ivano off to another bricked wall before facing me.

“Hope you had your fun.” He smiled, inching towards me.

I didn’t wait this time, instead, I threw a punch at his face and on the second one, he grabbed my fist and it twisted it hard. I heard the crackling of my bones before my screams roared through the basement.

I wanted to give up but I didn’t want to lose Bane to some 15th century old ass bitch. I could never lose him. He wanted me to fight for him, he wanted me to fight for myself, he wanted me to fight for us and so I did.

I thought like Bane and I fought like him.

When he left the battleground five months ago, he came back without a single scratch but he did break a bone by punching other’s too much. It was somewhere in his upper left arm and that was his weakness that I needed to exploit.

Baldassarre landed his fist on my face after letting my hand free. My nose shifted a little and I sneezed. Ouch. That actually hurt for once.

I looked at his intense eyes, studying his next move. He took a second to lunge at me and when he did, I pierced my claws into his left arm and held it tight while my sharp nails split through his already bruised flesh. He let out a loud scream of pain that shattered my ears.

I took my chance and struck his leg with mine, throwing him to the ground and getting on the top of him while my nails were still buried inside his skin.

Ivano leaned in front of me after gathering his bloody self. He grabbed Baldassarre’s head and slammed it to the ground a few times and since he hadn’t eaten anything, he passed out, immediately.

“Okay, that’s enough, Ivano!” I shouted, backing up and pushing Ivano aside. “He’s asleep,” I mumbled while checking his pulse that was still there.

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