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The Scarred Beast

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Chapter 2

Cora went to sleep while I tidied up the kitchen with Ann by side. While wiping the wet rag over the counter, I paused for a moment.

“Ann?” I called her out.


“Is the story real?” I was curious.

“I would never lie but I understand that it may seem like a folklore but a lot of people around here know about the beast.” She explained, truthfully. I wanted to believe her.

“What was his name?”

She shrugged at my question, “No one knows his name. He was known as the sex beast before the war and now, he’s known as the scarred beast. A lot of female wolves in heat go to his lands—to get satisfied but from what I’ve heard, they never returned back.”

I gasped, “Oh,” That was indeed terrifying. “Why?”

“I don’t know but people say that the beast had gotten rough since he was scarred and some of the females weren’t able to bear his knot so they died.” Ann gave me a smug smile before shrugging again. “It could be true, it could be not but apart from that, everything else, it’s true.”

Just hearing about sex forced heat to boil between my cold, quivering legs. I was intrigued and curious on what lied beyond the lake house. Was it true?

After a little more chit-chat, Ann went to asleep as well and I stayed by the fireplace, checking over my phone and seeing that Evan had left me a few more calls even after I had blocked his number. He used another number.

“Can you stop calling me?” I said, picking up his latest call. It was eight at night and all I wanted to do was fall asleep.

“Lilliana, finally, you picked up!” He exclaimed, sounding tired. “Where are you? I came by your apartment and you weren’t there.”

“I’m on a trip, somewhere. What do you want? Not enjoying Jennie’s company?”

“It’s not that. I’ve ended things with her. And, I’m sorry, I really want you back. I know I made a mistake,” He apologized for the sixteenth time. I had already forgiven him for cheating on me but I could never go back to him even though I wanted too.

“I’m sorry, Evan, but I can’t be with you. You’re mated to someone—”

“I don’t want to be mated with her. I will reject her if you want me too,” He cut me off and said without a single emotion for Jennie.

I couldn’t let another wolf from my pack go through rejection—that was wicked.

“I’m going to talk to you later. I can’t do this right now,” I said, wrapping my arms around my chest.

“Lilliana, don’t cut on me, I really want you and I will make everything okay if you say so,”

I rolled my eyes, “Goodbye,” I whispered before cutting off the call.

I loved Evan—I did but he had marked another wolf and claimed her. It would bring shame upon me if I asked him to reject Jennie and get back with myself.

Frustrated, I walked back and forth. A familiar tingling sensation rose between my legs and I groaned. I hated this—the heat—it killed me each time. The heat was a wanting every female wolf had, heat lasted for days, sometimes even weeks and it came out of nowhere.

And, it didn’t go until the female wolf was claimed by a male.

I still had to find my mate. Clearly it wasn’t Evan.

After putting out the fire, I switched off the lights and went outside the enjoy the cold. I wasn’t sure how long I walked around the lake house but several minutes had already passed by and yet, the tingling sensation between my legs wasn’t gone.

Ann’s words echoed in my mind again and again. There was no end to my desperation. Not even for a fucking minute. I wanted to be satisfied and if there was a male wolf around here, then I was going to get satisfied.

I began walking away from the lake house and into the cold, dark forest that went on for miles. It wasn’t long before I shifted in my wolf and began calling. The calls of my wolf were uncontrollable as she knew there was someone here.

I ran around for a while, searching for male wolves but I couldn’t find any of them. It was rather easy back in my city to get attention of the male wolves in my pack and they were always willing to show a good time to a female in heat.

Heat never bothered me as I had Evan by my side but tonight, I didn’t.

I stopped running when I saw a clearing ahead of me and just beyond that, there was a cabin. The scent of a male wolf lingered in the air and my wolf howled again after sniffing.

I kept my distance from the cabin and shifted back into my human form. Just when I felt my wolf vanish, a hand came down my throat and I was pulled towards a chest. My heart skipped a beat and I squealed. Everything was dark and cold in front of me but the hand around my throat was warm.

A pair of lips came down my ears and I quivered in fright.

Ann wasn’t lying.

“Well, well, isn’t someone desperate?” My body twitched upon hearing the male’s rough and dangerous voice. He must’ve heard me, calling for male wolves.

“You’re real?” I asked, my voice shaking. When I opened my eyes, I saw nothing except for darkness ahead of me. There was a little flame igniting from the cabin but that was all.

“Very much,” He whispered before his fingers slid through my bare stomach and lingered over my thighs, “And, I can quench your thirst if you let me too,” I felt his masculinity rubbing against my bare bottom as my clothes were back at the lake house, where I left them when I shifted.

I gulped, remembering what Ann had told me about the beast that haunted at nights.

“But you’ll kill me,” I stuttered as his hands moved around my skin, “I heard the stories about you,”

“Oh, love, I won’t kill you.” His warm tongue ran over my neck and I got lost in the sensation. “I will just please you. If you can’t bear me, you’ll die just as the others did.” What did he mean by that?

I was too young to die and too horny to walk away.

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