The Billionaire's Countryside Wife And His Mistres

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Alessandro loves a wayward lady, Violeta. His family doesn't approve of their relationship. His grandmother then finds the beautiful daughter of her friend from the countryside him to marry. Rosetta, his grandmother believes that countryside women make good wives. Rosetta is obsessed with this countryside lady to the extent that, if Alessandra refuses to marry her, Rosetta would suffer a heart attack, which might kill her eventually. Alessandro still loves Violeta and swears never to leave her. Read to find out what happens between Alessandro, Violeta and the countryside girl, Xaviera.

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Meet The Characters

Alessandro Rodríguez
A billionaire who is persuaded to marry a beautiful lady from the countryside.

The countryside girl Alessandro is made to marry.

Violeta Emiliano
Alessandro's secret mistress.

Rafael Rodríguez
Alessandro's father. Rafael is also a billionaire. The Rodríguez family is very wealthy.

Rafaela Rodríguez
Alessandro's mother, and Rafael's wife.

Camillo Rodríguez
Alessandro's paternal grandfather, and Rafael's father. Camillo is a strong old man, but still is a billionaire.

Rosetta Rodríguez
Alessandro's paternal grandmother, Rafael's mother and Camillo's wife.

NB: Rafaela, Alessandro's mom has no parents. She lost them when she was little. They died a natural death.

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