Lost Wolf

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This is the first book I have ever written. Bare with me. I am writing this more as a release for me, but if I can get someone else out of their head space in the process, great. Aspen is a cursed witch after her alpha father raped her witch mother in hopes of a strong heir. After her fathers death from a curse placed on them both, she is sent to an orphanage at a young age for getting all of her past. Shes about to start senior year in a new school with her old pack. She has no idea who she is and will be turning 18 very soon. Will she turn into a wolf? Will she remember what happened? Will the pack find out who she is and will they accept her?

Erotica / Romance
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This will be the first story I have ever written. Writing is a release of emotions for me. My story will be different from other werewolf stories. I am mainly writing this for me. For an outlet to be free.

There will be erotic scenes, triggering scenes of violence/rape. Please refrain from reading if these things are traumatic for you.
Whoever reads this, thank you.
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