Lost Wolf

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How it all Began

I was cursed at a young age by a witches. See my father Neo was an Alpha, he was strong, but lacked self control and he ruled by fear. He always had to be the best, have the best, and take what he couldn't earn. My mother being one of his prizes.

My mother was a witch of the coven, Daughters of the Night. One of the most powerful covens in the southeast. My mother, Tayrn was a daughter of Elisk, a powerful warlock who possessed powers of all the 5 elements. See, most warlocks could only access one whether it be earth, wind, fire, water, or air. Her father wielded them all, passing these great gifts down to my mother.

Neo heard about this powerful witch residing in the mountains of Tennessee, moved his whole pack from Oregon just to find her. Neo surrounded the camp area and once everyone was asleep, one by one he either imprisoned, killed, or tortured to the brink of death before letting them runaway to tell the scary tale.

When he got to my mothers tent, she was so distraught of the loss of her fellow sisters that she didn't even put up a fight. She begged for a quick death, just to be raped and carried off to the prisons. My mother was locked up in a cage spelled by an old gypsy witch who only practiced dark magic, my father was paying her to subdue mothers powers. Neo would force himself on her every night until she finally became pregnant.

Neo had a mate, which with having a mate. They are supposed to be your life, soulmate, your everything. Every fiber of your being in interlaced with them, the intensity of the bond alone could bring any Alpha to their knees. My father never wanted anyone to have that control over him so he once he found her, Neo seduced her to his room pretending to be so enthralled by her, as he is on the verge of release, he pulls out and shifts killing his mate by ripping her to shreds and sinking his fangs straight into her throat pulling out her esophagus.

My mother was beautiful, I am told I am her spitting image. My dark chocolate hair cascades past my hip bone, piercing emerald green eyes, and tanned freckled skin. For the most part I have a dancers body for I practice ballet. I have for many years earning my very toned, slender physique. My breasts are average, nothing to boast about, but hey they are there. My ass is plump and it makes finding jeans all the harder with how small my waist is.

I was the only child my mother could produce, this infuriated my father, for he wanted an heir....a son. After I was born, my father was relentless raping her 2 to 3 times a day. He was so desperate for an heir. My mother passed out while getting pounded from my father repeatedly one evening. She was taken to the pack doctor and found her body had been undergoing too much stress, Neo was told that she needed to relax for he didn't know how much more her body could handle. For my father's fucked up mind that meant he could fuck her anytime he wanted with no fight. My mother had lost her fight though, she was eventually rushed the pack doctor one night when she had kept a butter knife off of her tray of food for the evening, she penetrated herself over and over again with such brute force, not only causing her to have no more children, she also lost her life.

Sister witches had heard of the sick abuse my father had put my mother through and cast a spell on my father and I. The curse sent father spiraling, every day he would be walking around the pack house yelling into the open fields. See the witches cursed my father to feel, I mean really feel the pain of everything he had done. It's like they gave him the conscious he never had. One night he just couldn't take it anymore and he shifted into his wolf ripping his own throat out as he had his mate.

I never understood why I had to be cursed just as well. Maybe the witches feared I would have more father than mother in me. They were scared because of the powers that I was supposed to be able to wield. I was 4 years old at the time I became an orphan. The pack was so ashamed of my father and thought me an abomination. I was sent to an orphanage where I was adopted by my parents today, Lacy and Jim Anders. My name is Aspen Anders and I am about to start my senior year in a new highschool.

Now that we have all of the background story. We shall begin. This is my first story. I will try to get better. I know I will have lots of mistakes. Thank you for even taking the time to get this far.

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