Lost Wolf

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Chapter One

I was stretching against the bar, warming up for class. I was eager to practice with Jasper. He has my ballet partner. My parents wanted me to start a hobby at an early age to get socialized and be a part of a group to help gain friends. So when I was 5, I started studying ballet. Ballet quickly became my life, I was consumed. It didn’t help I was top of my class and a very fast learner.

Something about the emotion and rawness you feel when you get on stage and bare your soul. I loved it and I had been very disciplined. Most of my friends wanted to go to Juilliard after after graduation. I knew I should want these things as well, but I didn’t really know what I would do after graduation. Sure, I loved dance and all, but did I want to make it a career? I wasn’t sure, It is like I know there is something else out there for me. Something bigger.

Practicing my penché, I saw Jasper walk in wearing just his ballet tights. My eyes landed on the huge bulge in them, leaving nothing to the imagination, but boy was my mine going wild. I have had a crush on Jasper since I could remember. His wavy blonde locks messily sweeping into his face over his honey brown eyes.

“Hey Aspen! I am pumped to see if we made it through finals for the lead dancers of Romeo and Juliet” Jasper says as he reaches in his gym bag for his white t-shirt.

I internally whine at the sudden loss of the chiseled 6 pack that was once before me.

" I am confident we will be in the top 3, no one has worked harder than you” I say admirably looking into his honey eyes, my eyes trace his cheek bones to his to thick downward-turned lips.

I see a bright smile form on his face as he sees someone behind me. I moan in dread for I hear who it is before even turning.....Ashley. I really have no reason to hate the girl besides she has been dating my childhood crush for the past 2 agonizing years. They make a sickeningly cute couple. Her blonde hair just barely hits her shoulders, she is a whole head shorter than Jasper which just adds cute factor. She is a board up and down, there is not an ounce of fat on the girls body. Which is good for ballet, for guys can easily swing her into any lift.

"Attention class, final round for Romeo and Juliet leads in 15 minutes, the dancers in the finals are posted on the bulletin outside” Mrs. Harris called and everyone scurried outside crowding around the list.

“WE MADE IT ASP!” Jasper booms over the crowd. He tosses me up and we rush to get stretched.

When it is our turn the music begins and we give it all we have. I leap into the splits and land perfectly on point. As I dance back over to Jasper I settle into a penché. Putting my leg down Jasper picks me wrapping me around his body, as we spin he lifts me up hands on my rib cage as my body is draped over his shoulder, head resting on his shoulder blade as my leg fully extends above his head in perfect alignment. He sets me down into a arabesque as everyone cheers.

"You were amazing baby” I hear Ashley squeak as she runs into his arms.

"Bulletin will be posted at 8am, everyone did great today, I can see all of the hard work each and every one of you has put into this, but there can only be two. Good luck!” Mrs. Harris said as she walks out of the studio.

"I really think we’ve got this Aspen” Jasper rushes me from behind sweeping into a hug. He sets me down as Ashley walks up to engulf me in a hug as well. Damn, I wish I could hate this girl, but she is so damn nice. Here I am fantasizing about her boyfriend balls deep in my vagina as he effortlessly lifts me as we dance and she’s congratulating me. I’m the worst.

"You two made that look so fluid, no wonder Jasper has always danced with you”. Ashley says as she loosens her tight grip releasing me of the hug.

"We have just danced together since we were kids, just know each-other’s bodies now” as soon as I say the words I realize how awful it sounds. Ashley’s smile falters a little, but quickly recovers.

"Well, Jasper baby we have to get to my parents house for dinner. Plus, you know what is for dessert” Ashley mischievously winks and I grow nauseated.

"Asp, meet you here at 8am sharp, ok? Jasper says as he tosses a giggling Ashley over his shoulder rushing out of the studio.

Gross. Why is it that I can have any guy at our school I want except the one I want! I walk to the bus stop taking it to Hargrove street. I get off the bus and head inside to find Lucy dancing and shaking her hips putting a lasagna in the oven. I walk up to the kitchen island setting down my gym bag and resting on the stool amusingly watching her sing and dance.

“Holy shit Aspen!” Lucy says as she jumps about 3 feet off the ground gasping for breath holding her chest.

"You know, Dad always says if you are easily scared you aren’t living right” I say laughing at my horrified mother. She throws a kitchen towel at me and scoffs. ”where is dad anyway, I have some exciting news about the finals today”

“Your dad will be home soon, he had a job interview today with a small tech company that is about to take off” she says not meeting my gaze. As I am about to pry her with questions the devil himself waltz in.

"Everyone, I have amazing news. I got the job with ExcelCorp. They are just starting up in Blount, Tennessee and they want me to take the lead on some projects coming up!" dad says excitedly. I instantly tear up. I feel bad because he has been wanting an opportunity like this for years. To break away from a mainstream tech company to help start one from the ground up. I feel selfish, but I am devastated.

“Honey, that is wonderful news" mom says kissing him gently. "Oh, Aspen honey, I know this is going to be difficult, but Blount county isn't that far away from Manchester" she says no doubt instantly googling the distance on her phone. She holds it up to me saying, "see just about 3 hours away".

"Do I have to go? I will be 18 this year. I can stay with a friend. I am about to start senior year in like 2 months, this isn't fair!" I shout as tears stream down my cheeks. I hate crying, I feel so vulnerable and weak, but I did not want to move AT ALL. I think to Jasper and I just start fucking sobbing. Even if he wasn't my boyfriend, he was still my best friend. Leaving him will be the worst.

I feel my dad grip my shoulders.

"Asp, you know I wouldn't do this to you if it wasn't the best for us right now. The company has been doing major lay offs and I can't risk losing my job. The business hasn't been doing well lately and this is the best opportunity we have right now since your mother can't work right now with her illness. Which is another plus, the have great doctors out there who can help with her cancer" dad says in a weak voice, I know how much it pains him to talk about moms condition. She was diagnosed last year with cervical cancer. She has lost most of her hair to radiation. A scarf always tied around her head where her blonde curls used to fall.

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