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Chapter 12

Tyler and I were seated in the cab on our way back home from our flight. We decided to share one as I wanted to visit Ellie and Adrian.

I was absentmindedly gazing out the window when a sudden thought invaded my mind. “Shit!”


I shifted my attention to Tyler. “I forgot to message Liam back.”

“Send him one now.”

I unzipped my bag that was sitting between Tyler and I and found my phone before I sent Liam a text. Hey, Liam. Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday. I’ve been away for work. I really did enjoy your company, but I’m going to have to decline. I’ve just started to see someone and I want to give it a chance with him.

It didn’t take long for the dots to move across the screen before his reply lit up. Hey, Summer. That’s cool. I hope it works out for you. He’s a lucky guy!

“What did he say”

I smiled looking down at my phone. “He said you’re a lucky guy.”

“Did he now?”

I bit my lip, lifted my head and found Tyler’s eyes gazing back at me. “I think he might be right. In fact, I was thinking of taking you out on a date?”

I raised my brows and placed my phone bag in my bag. “Really?”

“Yeah. Are you free on Friday night?”

“For you? Definitely.”

“Great. I’ll pick you up at seven.”

The cab driver pulled up at Ellie’s house. Once we removed our luggage from the bonnet, we said goodbye and went our separate ways.

“Ellie!” I yelled by the front door which had been left open.

“Come in, babe! I’m in the kitchen.”

I dumped my bag at the entrance and closed the door before I found myself wrapping my arms around Ellie.

“Damn, Summer. It’s been like two days.”

I chuckled before I stepped away from the hug. “I have so much to tell you!”

“How was the trip with Tyler?”

“Mind blowing.” We shared a smile and the moment I bit my lip she knew.

“Oh my God! You slept with him!”

“Shhh. Damn, babe. He lives next door!”

“Tell me everything!” Ellie screamed, before she took off her oven mitts and placed them on the kitchen bench.

We sat down on the couch together and I told Ellie everything, sparing the intimate details.

“So, you two are like dating?”

“Yes, but we’re taking it slow.”

“Slow?” She raised her brows. “You’ve already slept with him. How is that taking things slow?”

“Ellie, I really like him. I’ll take it as slow as he wants. He’s not been in a relationship in a really long time. I want to be understanding. This is new territory for him.”

“I’m happy for you, Summer. I thought you and Liam would have hooked up.”

“Liam is sweet, and I enjoyed our date, but there is something that attracts me to Tyler. We just get along really well…and the sex is crazy good!”

“I bet…with that body of his…those eyes…”

“Hey!” I chuckled. “Are you daydreaming about Tyler?”

“Just his body,” she winked. “Besides, I have Adrian all to myself now.”

“If you were anyone but my best friend.”

“I know, you would have kicked my ass.


I was at home after the cab dropped Summer and I off from the airport. After taking my luggage upstairs, I packed away my clothes in the closet, while the rest I left in the laundry. Suddenly, my phone started to ring.

Hey, mom!

Hey, honey. How are you?

I’m great thanks. Just got home and I’m about to put a load of washing on.

Okay, honey, well I won’t keep you too long. Did you hire some escort or actress for your date to the engagement party?

Um, what now?

I love you, mom, but why in the world would you think that?

Well, I heard from a few people that saw you with your date. They said she was beautiful and that the two of you looked like you were enjoying yourselves. Dare I say you were having fun?

That’s because I was having fun, mom.

I moved the receiver away from my ear when my mom shrieked. Oh my God. Who is she?

It’s not a big deal…but we’ve started to see each other.

I couldn’t see my mom’s expression over the phone, but I could tell she was grinning from ear to ear.

After pausing for a moment, she whispered her next words. When do I get to meet her?

Not for a while, mom. We’re taking things slow.

She must be special if she was able to get your attention. They said that they haven’t seen you like that with a girl…maybe ever. I’m so happy for you, darling.

Thanks, mom. We’re still trying to get to know each other at this stage.

Well, that’s more than you’ve ever done, my dear.

I love you, mom.

I love you too, son.


It was 3:30 in the morning. I had just got in bed after my nightly visit to the bathroom and my phone lit up with a text. I smiled, already knowing who it was from.

Whatcha doing?

I’m in bed. Can’t sleep?


You can’t see me flick any lights on, so you’d just assume I’d be awake?

I was hoping

And why can’t you sleep this time? I hope thoughts of Cassidy aren’t keeping you awake, I teased.

It was never Cassidy I was awake at night thinking about ;)

My heart fluttered and a smile pressed on my lips. Really? Who was it?

It was…

Finlay :D

I let out a loud chuckle. Joke all you want. I remember what you told me ;)

I lied.

So, you’re not lying about Finlay? :D

Ha! Definitely lying about Finlay…but I’m not lying when I say it was you on my mind the whole time ;)

You can’t see it, but you’ve made me blush again.

I know ;) Turn around. I’m outside your window.

What the fuck?

I abruptly sat up and gazed outside the window. It was dark, but the streetlights were on. I breathed a sigh of relief when I didn’t notice anyone gawking in through the glass.

Damnit, Tyler!

Made you look :D

Lol I swear. When I see you next!

It will be at work, so you will be on your best behavior.

I have my ways. You’ve messed with the wrong girl.

What are you going to do to me?

Everything you’ve ever daydreamed about ;)

After arriving at work, Finlay had called in a quick meeting.

I knew Tyler said we had to resist each other at work, but after his message, I wanted to make sure it was harder for him.

Wanting to tease Tyler, I wore a very fitted dress that accentuated all of my curves. The top of the outfit was white, and slightly off the shoulders. The bottom of the dress fell just below my knees, and was scrunched up to look pleated.

As soon as I stepped into the boardroom, I locked eyes with Tyler, whose mouth gaped open before his eyes roamed along my body. I bit my lip and gave him a flirtatious smile, which he couldn’t help but return

After noticing a few empty seats next to him, I made my way over. “Excuse me please.”

Tyler breathed out the words Woah while I shuffled across to take my seat, making sure that he had a perfect view of my ass.

“Fucking tease,” he muttered, so low that I was the only person who could hear him.

I sat down, opened my notepad and tugged the pen that was secured at the top before I brought the end of it to my mouth, drawing Tyler’s attention to my lips and tongue.

After giving him a seductive smile, Tyler placed his own notepad on top of his lap. I immediately knew it was to cover his growing erection.

Mission accomplished.

He reached behind him and took out his phone from his back pocket. Suddenly, my own vibrated with a message. Game. On.

I smirked, before my attention was shifted to Finlay.

“Summer and Tyler. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our crew interstate. Well done with the cost reports.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Finlay continued with the items on the agenda before he finalized the meeting. “That’s all for today. Get to work. Summer and Tyler, stay back please.”

I swallowed hard and for a brief second, Tyler and I had the same panicked look etched on our faces. We both stayed behind to talk to our boss.

“You both did a fantastic job. I want you to work close together on the upcoming budget reviews.”

Tyler and I let out a combined sigh of relief.

Thank, God!

“What do you say, Tyler. Are you up for the two of you working closely together?”

Oh, he’ll be up for it alright.

“Yes, I’m good with it,” Tyler agreed.

“Summer, can you please show Tyler, where the records room is?”


“Yes, sir.”

Finlay left the boardroom and I turned to Tyler and grinned. “Are you ready?”

“Where are you taking me?”

“To the records room. It’s in the basement, and very quiet. The only thing inside the room are the removable shelves, and a table you can bend me over on.”

Tyler’s cheeks turned a shade of pink before his lips curved up to a smile. “Fuck.”

We impatiently took the lift down to the basement. As soon as the bell chimed, we stepped out of the lift, and I unlocked the door to the musty room before I closed it behind the both of us.

“So, those are the files…and that’s the table.” I whispered, bit my lip and walked backwards towards the desk. I used my hands to lift myself up and allowed my feet to swing over the edge.

“You’re fucking killing me here.” Tyler walked up, grabbed onto my waist and crashed his lips onto mine.

My legs wrapped around his muscular body before I pulled him closer to me.

Tyler ravaged my mouth, and the taste of coffee was still coated on his tongue. His fingers entangled my hair while he took control of the fiery kiss.

When he finally pulled back, I gasped for hair and purred his name. “Tyler.”

“Get down.”

I jumped off the table, and he placed his hands on my hips before he eagerly spun me around. Tyler swept my hair to the side and his lips found the sensitive spot on my neck. His hard cock dug into my back, and I turned my neck so he could claim me with a kiss.

“Mmmm,” I moaned into his mouth, while his hand slipped beneath the top of my dress before his fingers played with my aching nipples. Even with my panties on, the wetness he elicited between my legs was running down my bare thigh.

Tyler broke the kiss and growled dangerously close to my lips. “Bend over.” My breath hitched, and I planted my hands face down on the desk before I bent over the table. “That ass is mine,” he vowed. I felt the luxurious material of my dress slide against my legs, just before Tyler’s fingers tugged at my g-string till they dropped to the floor.

Tyler fumbled with his belt just before his zipper hissed, allowing his pants to pool at his legs. The rustling sound of the condom packet echoed in the room, before he slipped on the protection to his shaft. Tyler then grabbed one of my cheeks before he slowly eased himself into my throbbing core.

“Oh, fuck!”

“Damn. You’re always drenched for me.” Tyler placed both hands on my waist before he pushed himself deeper. “Ahhhh.”

Tyler grunted with each thrust he made, at the same time eliciting moans from my mouth. He grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulled tightly and growled against my ear. “Fuck. You’ve got a gorgeous ass.”

“Fuck, Tyler!”

At the same time, he was pounding me from behind, Tyler’s lips crashed onto mine while his tongue slithered against my own. The harder he fucked me, the more desperate the throbbing beat between my legs.

Tyler broke the kiss and I leaned against the table, exposing my ass for him to slap.

“Oh my God! Tyler! I need to-!”

“Fuck, yeah. Come for me!”

Beads of sweat were dripping down my forehead. My stomach tightened and my walls clenched around Tyler’s pulsating cock.

“Fuck, yes!” I screamed and quivered against his body.

Tyler growled his release inside which was caught by the protection. “Fuck, Summer. Fuck. Uh. Uh!”

Tyler collapsed onto me briefly before he pulled away and cleaned himself up. I straightened my body and drew my g-string back up my legs before I tugged my dress to fall back down in place.

When I swiveled around, Tyler zipped up his pants, and grabbed onto my waist. “You can’t tease me like that, baby.”

“I told you that you’ve messed with the wrong girl.”

He shook his head and sucked his bottom lip. “No. I’ve messed with the right one.”

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