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Chapter 15

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you through the music. What was that last part?” Krystal asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Tyler’s grin reached his eyes.

“I forgot to ask you. How was your date last night?” Ellie smiled.

Tyler rubbed his hands together. “Let me tell you, it was quite a night.”

“Why’s that?” Drake brought his drink to his lips before he took a sip.

Tyler’s attention shifted to my ex. “Well, I spent most of the night watching Summer bent over and playing with big black balls.”

My arms flung over my mouth as I stifled a laugh. Drake choked and spat out his beverage.

“Tyler, what the fuck man?” My brother chuckled. “The hell did you guys do?”

“It’s true. She wasn’t too bad for her first time.”

I cleared my throat and licked my parched lips. “You were better at playing with them than I was.”

“You guys have a weird relationship,” Krystal added. “How long have you been together for?”

“We haven’t been together for long,” Tyler explained. “Fairly new.”

“Really? How long? Drake drew his brows together.

“The day of your engagement party,” I chortled. “That was our first date.”

Drake’s mouth gaped open before he set his drink down on the table. “What?!”

“She’s kidding.” Tyler rolled his eyes. “It was the day before.”

I let out another laugh before I sculled the rest of my beer. “I need another drink.”

Tyler stood and reached out his hand. “Come with me.”

“Yes, please.” We entwined our fingers and he led me to the bar. “You’ve done it again.”

“What’s that?”

“Killed me with your sense of humour.”

“I love your smile, so making you laugh benefits me too.” I sat down on the stool and Tyler took a seat next to me before we placed our orders. “I’m surprised Alex invited your ex.”

“He didn’t. Apparently, he told him he was going out with us, and Drake invited himself,” I explained and a sigh escaped my mouth.

“Oh, he’s still got it bad.”

I shook my head and placed my drink on the bar. “I’m over him.”

Tyler leaned in and lowered his voice to a mere whisper. “And you’re under me.”

His sultry voice sent shivers down my spine before I turned and winked. “Sometimes I’m on top.”

“I love it when you’re on top.” He grasped my hair and pulled me in for a kiss, only breaking our connection to breathe.

After spending some alone time together, we made our way back to the group, interrupting what was clearly an argument.

“I’m telling you that’s not how it went down,” Ellie growled.

“I clearly remember that day!” Drake stressed. “Look, she’s back. Ask her.”

“Ask me what?”

“If you remember how and I met.”

I narrowed my eyes and shook my head. “I don’t remember.”

“How could you forget?” Drake grasped. “You don’t remember the first day we met?”

“She already told you she doesn’t,” Tyler sneered, before he sat down next to me.

After a few more drinks, I started to feel light-headed, but not as drunk as I wanted to be. After Alex and Adrian went to the bar for more shots, they returned with a tray filled with tequila.

“At this rate we’ll both be wasted in no time,” Tyler winked.

“Are you trying to get my sister drunk, Tyler?”

“That’s the plan.” I raised my glass and kicked my neck back before I threw it down on the table. “Yum.”

“Lucky for you, Tyler, she gets friskier when she’s drunk,” Ellie joked.

Tyler smirked and shifted his attention to me. “Is that right?”

I swallowed hard and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “You thought I was sex crazed before; wait till I get you home.”

Tyler pulled me onto his lap and a loud shriek escaped my lips before he quietened me with a brief kiss.

“Do I have to stay here and watch my sister make out?”

“How many times have I witnessed you making out with your girls?”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever, sis.”

Tyler gently grabbed my chin and turned my face to his. “Dance with me.”

“I’d love to,” I replied.

I stood, and Tyler took my hand and led me to the dance floor before he held onto my waist and spun me around. Sam Smith’s song, Dancing with a Stranger played. “You’re so beautiful, Summer.”

My lips peeled when they caught between my teeth. Still holding onto me, our hips moved together in sync to the music, and it wasn’t long before I felt his bulge press against my body. I wrapped my arm around his neck behind me before he planted a kiss on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. “I love the way you dance.”

“You’re so hard, Tyler.”

He strengthened his grasp and spun me around before he crashed his lips with mine. I immediately secured my arms around him to bring him closer. Desperate to taste him, I parted my mouth and the unique flavour of him settled on my tongue. Even though my eyes were shut, I would have collapsed if Tyler weren’t holding on as tight as he was.

I wasn’t sure what was happening between us, but I knew it had been a long time that I felt a connection with anyone, and I never thought it would be with someone like him. When he pulled away, I sucked in as much breath as I could, and tried to calm the dizziness in my head.

I always love the way he kisses me.

“I need a trip to the ladies room.”

“Are you too drunk?”

I shook my head “Not as much as I’d like to be.” He planted a kiss on my forehead before I strolled to the bathroom. After pushing my way in, I found myself in one of the stalls, when my attention zoned in on the giggles of some clearly intoxicated girls. The echoes intensified when they pushed the bathroom door open.

“I can’t believe you’re here. When did you get back?”

“Not long ago. We came back for our engagement party.” The familiar voice said, and I realized it was Krystal.

“Decided to do that here, huh? How was it?” A second girl asked.

“It was good. Well, except for Drake’s ex showing up.”

Do not make a sound, Summer.

“Seriously? Why would she do that? Is she still into him?” One of her friends asked.

Other way around bitch.

“She was there with some other guy. Who’s totally gorgeous, and way out of her league.”

Ugh. What the fuck?

“She still doesn’t know yet, does she?”

“You mean about Drake and me fucking each other behind her back while they were still together?” she cackled. “Nah. She has no idea.”


My fists rolled into a ball, while my heart thundered in my ears. Every breath I took was a struggle, as I continued to listen to Krystal admit what she and Drake had been doing.

“How did you keep that shit from her?” One of the girls asked.

“We were good at hiding it. When he would go away for work, I’d go with him. In the end, he just didn’t want to be with her. When I left to go overseas, he asked me to come with him.”

I blinked the tears from my eyes as her declaration made sense. How could I be so fucking stupid?

With my head in my hands, a few tears escaped. So caught up in my own battle, I didn’t hear the next part of the conversation.

“What about the other thing?”

“She can never know.”

An uncertain amount of time had passed that I spent in that bathroom alone with my thoughts. When I managed to collect myself, I took a few deep breaths and decided to step out for some air.

I’ll find Tyler in a minute. And Alex. Oh, my God. Did Alex know?

Uncontrollable cries escaped my mouth. Not wanting to make it obvious, I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand before I made my way through the establishment.

“There you are,” Alex shouted. I shifted my attention to my brother who stood next to Tyler and Drake.

“Bro, I need to talk to you.”

“Are you okay?” Tyler asked.

I nodded. “I’m okay. I’ll explain everything soon.”

Tyler nodded before he turned away.

“Go on, Drake. I need to chat with Summer.”

“I’ll see you inside then.”

Alex waited for Drake to be out of earshot before he spoke. “What’s wrong?”

“Did you know?”

“Did I know what?”

“About Drake and Krystal,” I replied.

“What about them?”

My shoulders slumped and the tears that had swelled my eyes, cascaded down my face. “Tell me you didn’t know.”

“Summer, why are you crying? What’s wrong?”

My voice radiated over the loud music. “Did you know they were fucking each other behind my back, the whole time we were together?”

Alex’s mouth gaped open. “What, what?” he screamed.

“So, you didn’t know?”

“Do you think he’d be breathing if I knew that!” he growled. “Who did you hear this from?”

“Krystal was telling her girlfriends in the bathroom. I overheard her.”

“Motherfucker!” Alex barked. “I’m going to kill him!” He turned to me and I took a deep breath. My heart rate improved when I knew that my brother did not betray me. “I’m so sorry, Summer.”

I nodded. “I’m okay. I want to get Tyler and leave.”

“Okay. We can do that.” Alex pulled me in for a hug and I settled in his embrace. “It’s gonna be alright, sis.”

When he pulled away, he wiped my tears before we went back into the bar.

Tyler’s sweet smile settled any nerves I had. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Can we go?”

“You motherfucker!” Alex growled, before he slammed his fist into Drake.

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