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Chapter 21

My eyes couldn’t peel away from the screen. There in front of us, was a video of Tyler and me fucking in his office.

Finlay cleared his throat before he turned the laptop to face him. “Office relationships are not encouraged, but it does happen.”

I glanced at Tyler, whose jaw clenched, and his flushed cheeks looked as red as mine felt. My attention shifted back to Finlay. “Someone recorded us.”

“It looks that way.”

“And then sent it to you.”

“Yes,” Finlay replied.

“Who sent it?” I asked, as Tyler remained quiet.

“It came from an anonymous email.” Finlay opened his desk drawer and pulled out a piece of paper. “If the two of you wish to keep seeing each other, you need to sign a consensual relationship agreement form.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Tyler spoke.

“I’ll give you to a moment to talk.” Finlay stood, left his office, and closed the door behind him.


He looked up from the floor and turned his chair to me. “The one thing we both agreed on was work could never find out.”

“It doesn’t mean we need to stop seeing each other. You heard Finlay.”

“We were reckless. I can’t do this. I’m sorry.”

“You won’t sign the form?”

He shook his head. “I need a breather.”

“From me?”

This time he nodded. “Yes.”

“You don’t want to be with me anymore?”

“I need some time to sort this out.”

“Fine.” I stood from my chair and blinked the tears away from my eyes.

Tyler reached out to touch me. “I’m sorry.”

I pulled my hand back and stormed out of the room without saying anything else. After stepping into my office, I closed the door and allowed the tears to cascade down my face.

For the rest of the afternoon, I kept my head down and tried to focus on work. Once I finished, I made sure everyone had left the office, including Tyler, before I made my way home. Desperate for some girl time, I sent Ellie a text message.

Can you come over and talk?

Sure. Everything okay?

Tyler called it quits.

Leaving now.

“What happened?” Ellie pulled me in for a hug as soon as she walked into my home. I shut the door and we sat down next to each other.

“Someone took a video of Tyler and me going for it in his office.”

Ellie’s eyes widened. “They recorded the two of you having sex?”

“Yep. And sent it to my boss.”

“What?” she screamed. “Who the hell would do that?”

“My instincts are screaming Cassidy.”

“So, why did Tyler break it off?”

“We hoped work wouldn’t find out. He wanted some time apart to breathe and sort himself out. Work was fine though. All we have to do is sign some kind of relationship agreement form.”

“Tyler didn’t want to?”


“I’m so sorry. I know how much you care about him.”

“I guess he doesn’t feel the same way.”

It had been a few weeks since Tyler broke it off. Working with him was hard, but we’ve kept things to a minimum.

“Hey, Summer.” Finlay greeted as he stepped into my office. “I need to talk to you about something.”

“Sure. What’s up?”

“Look with everything going on, I think it’s best to send Cassidy interstate with Tyler.”

“What? Why?”

“I can see how things have been strained between the two of you.”

“I’ve been nothing but professional throughout this whole thing.”

“I know.”

“Then why make the call to shut me out?”

“I didn’t,” he whispered.


He nodded his head. “Yes.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

As soon as Finlay left, I stood from my chair and stormed to Tyler’s office. With a haste knock on the door, he looked up and swallowed hard. “Summer.”

“Can I talk to you?”

“Yes, of course.” He motioned me to sit down on the chair opposite him. “What’s up?”

“I want to ask why you’re sending Cassidy in my place to go interstate.”

His mouth gaped open as he breathed out. “Oh. I just thought...”

“That I was incapable of doing my job?”

“No, of course not.”

“Then you must hate me so much that you can’t stand to be around me.”

“God, no. Summer, I thought it would be easier.”

“For whom?”

“Both of us,” he cowered.

“Tyler, I’ve worked my ass off at this company. Do you think I wasn’t upset about that video?” I huffed. “I am fucking livid. Someone’s trying to ruin my reputation, yet again. I don’t need you to stop me from doing my job.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“Considering she’s probably behind us breaking up, I’m surprised you’d want to go with her of all people.”

“There was no one else. I’m sorry. I’ll have a talk with Finlay and sort this all out.”

“Thank you.”


“Hey, mom.”

“Hey, darling. How are you?”

“I’m okay.” I stepped aside and my mom entered my home.

Her eyes narrowed when she held our gaze for a moment. “Just okay? Why do you look so tired?”

“I haven’t been sleeping properly the past few weeks.”

“But you were doing so well the last few months.”

I closed the door and rubbed my face with my hands. “I know.”

“How’s Summer?”

Fuck. I forgot to tell her that we broke up.

“Mom, we’re not seeing each other anymore.”

My mom gasped. “What? Why?”

“It got a bit complicated. Work found out and I needed some space.”

I made my way to the kitchen while my mom followed close behind. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m sorry, mom.” I opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. “I kinda forgot.”

“Sweetheart, when did this happen?”

“A few weeks ago.”

“Honey, there’s a huge connection here that I don’t think you’re seeing.”

I removed the lid and took a sip of my cold drink. “What do you mean?”

“You break up with her and your sleeping problems return.” My mom sat down on the stool. “It’s all connected.”

“I know, mom. But the way my work found out about us...”

“What do you mean?”

“Someone recorded Summer and I being intimate and sent it to our boss.”

“Oh my Goodness. Who would do such a thing?”

“We have our suspicions.” I sat down next to her.

“Poor Summer. Being violated again like that.”

“She’s furious too. I just...needed some space, mom.”

“And how do you feel now that you’ve had that space?”

I paused for a moment and thought about how strong my feelings were towards Summer. “God, I miss her.”


“Dammit!” I cursed when my car engine ticked as I tried to start the ignition. “Come on! Come on!” After multiple attempts, I leaned over and reached for my bag before I grabbed my phone to call for help. Forty-five minutes later, the mobile mechanic pulled up next to me.

As soon as we both stepped out of the car, I smiled at the familiar face. “Liam?”

“Hey, Summer,” he beamed. “Car trouble, huh?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t want to start on me.”

“I’ll have to tow it to my shop to take a proper look at it if that’s alright with you?”

“Perfect. Thank you.”

Like the gentleman he was, Liam opened the passenger door and I sat inside before he settled into the driver’s seat. “Alright, let’s go.”

A few minute into the car ride, Liam glanced in my direction. “So, how have you been?”

I smiled. “Good, and yourself?”


After talking for ten minutes, Liam asked me a question I was dreading.

“So, are you still seeing that guy?”

I chewed the inside of my lip, and my heart sank a little when Liam brought up Tyler. “Um, no. We broke up.”


“It’s okay. Ellie mentioned you were dating someone, right?”

“Yeah, I am.”

A sudden wave of happiness coursed through me. “That’s great.”

When we arrived at the mechanics, he spent some time checking out my car and found a few things that needed to be fixed. “It’ll take a day or two for me to sort out.”

“I’m going interstate in a few days. Will it be fixed by then?”

“Yeah, of course. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Thanks, Liam.”

“Do you need a lift back home?”

I glanced at my phone. “I’m actually meeting Ellie. Can you drop me off at her place instead?”


The drive to my friend’s place was quiet, but after thoughts of Tyler invaded my mind, opening up to Liam wasn’t something I wanted to do at that point, no matter how sweet he was.

“Come on. I’ll walk you out.”

Liam parked before we both stepped out of his truck and made our way to Ellie’s front entrance. “Thanks so much for your help today.”

“Anytime. You can pick up your car in a couple of days.”

“Perfect. Thanks.” I smiled and pulled Liam in for a quick hug before we said goodbye.


A deep sigh escaped my mouth while images flashed of the girl I couldn’t stop thinking about. Things between Summer and I were intense, and even though I liked her, possibly more than I’ve liked anyone, I was hesitant to take things further.

All that went out the window the moment sweet laugh echoed outside. I sprang from the couch and made my way to the door, shutting it quick when I noticed a guy’s arms wrapped around Summer.

Oh, my God. She’s with Liam!

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