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Chapter 22


“Excuse me, miss? We are here,” the cab driver announced and pulled me from my thoughts. He had parked in the taxi zone at the airport.

“Thank you.” My trembling hand unlocked the door and I stepped out before I grabbed my luggage from the trunk. My heart raced because in only a few minutes, Tyler and I would be seated next to each other on a plane. It would be the first time I would be spending time with him outside of work since he broke up with me.

“Hi, Summer.”

“Hey. Are you ready?”

“Yep,” he snapped.

Okay. Something’s off here.

We sat in silence in the waiting area until our flight was called. An hour on the plane, the attendant came by with her trolley and offered snacks to the passengers. Tyler grabbed a couple of bags of peanuts before he handed one over. “Thanks.” He spent the next five minutes trying to open his pack. The rustling made my blood boil and out of frustration, I let out a deep sigh before I snatched the snack from his hands and tore it open. “Here you go.”

Another hour into the flight, and reading a trashy magazine, Tyler’s head thumped on my shoulders. What the fuck? I shifted my head enough and realized he had fallen asleep. Not wanting to wake him, I waited until we had arrived at our destination.

“Tyler,” I whispered. “We’re here.”

He stirred before his eyes fluttered open and he lifted his head up quick. “Fuck. Did I fall asleep on you?”


“Shit. Sorry.”


“Yeah, extremely.”

“You haven’t been sleeping?”

He shook his head and lowered his voice. “Not really.”

After departing the airport, the cab took us to the hotel, who’ve placed us in adjoining rooms. As I was about to unlock my door, Tyler turned to me. “We’re meeting everyone for dinner tonight. Be ready by 8.”


He nodded and stormed into his suite before I even had a chance to open mine.

Oh, yeah. Something is definitely wrong.

As I stepped out of my room, Tyler stepped out of his. I didn’t want the whole evening to be awkward, so I wore a smile on my lips. “Hi.”


“Want to head down?”

“Okay,” he replied with a nod.

“Did you get a chance to rest?”

He groaned. “I tried but I couldn’t.”

His answers were brief, and void of any positive emotions. A quick lift ride down, and we found ourselves in the same restaurant as before. Rick beamed at the both of us. “Hi, Summer. Hi, Tyler.”

I sat down, but this time Tyler chose not to sit next to me. I was grateful that Dot was around to entertain me, while Tyler kept talking with Rick. Needing some liquid gold, I stood and made my way for a much-needed drink.

“What can I get you?” The bartender asked.

“Vodka. Straight,” I ordered.

“Hey, beautiful.”

Uh. Fucking great.


The bartender returned with my drink. I stepped off the stool to leave, but the random guy grabbed my arm. “Leaving already?”

“I need to get back to my work dinner.”

“Stay a while. Have a drink with me.”

“No thank you. Enjoy your night.”

He smirked, and still grasped my arm. “You can let go of me now.” Squeezing tighter, I growled before my voice raised. “I said let go!” My arm snapped back, and I breathed out my next words. “Asshole.”

I stormed off and made my way to my colleagues. As soon as I took my seat, my phone vibrated with a call.

“Hey, Ellie.”

“Hey. Just quickly. When do you come home?”

“The day after tomorrow. Why?”

“Party at our place.”

“Sounds good. I’ll give you a call later. I’m at my work dinner.”

“Okay. Miss you.”

“Miss you too, babe.”

I hung up the phone and glanced at Tyler who was quick to turn his head. At the end of the dinner, we said goodbye and Tyler and I made our way back to our rooms.

“I think there might be something going on between Rick and Dot.”

“I saw that too.”

“It’s sweet. Her husband left her for another woman, so it is nice she’s found someone, too.

“Speaking of seeing someone new...” Tyler stopped and turned to me.

Oh, God. He’s already found someone else!

“How long have you and Liam been together?”

Wait. What?

I narrowed my eyes and tilted my head. “Liam? What are you talking about?”

“You know...Liam.”

“And what give you the impression that I’m with him?”

“You’re seriously going to deny it?”

My mouth gaped open and I shrugged my shoulders. “What are you talking about, Tyler?”

He shook his head. “Forget it.” Air blew out from his door as soon as he slammed it shut.

Okay, what the fuck just happened?

The key card buzzed before I stepped inside my own room. I sat on the couch for what felt like an hour, contemplating on whether I needed to talk to Tyler.

Why does he even care if I’m with him or not? He broke up with me!

Ugh. I should go.

No. I should stay.


I decided to take a shower instead. After a quick removal of my clothing, I turned the faucet only to be met with gushing water which sprayed everywhere. “Fuck!”

Turning the knob didn’t work. A few spins later, I grabbed my towel and made my way to the lounge room before I called maintenance.

“Hi, Summer?”


“Problem with your shower?”

I stepped aside and allowed the man into my room to investigate. Ten minutes later, and he managed to switch off the running water. “I’ve managed to fix it, but unfortunately there is some damage, so we need to relocate you to another room.”

“Okay thank you.”

“I’m going to make a phone call to find out what’s available.”


The maintenance guy took out his phone at the same time Tyler walked in. “What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry, miss. But we’re fully booked.”

“Wait. Seriously?” My eyes widened. “How is that possible?”

“What’s going on? Tyler repeated.

“My shower broke and flooded my room. How can there not be a room available?”

“There’s a convention here and a lot of guests are involved in it.”

I sighed and placed my hands over my face. “This can’t be happening.”

“Just stay in my room,” Tyler offered.

My attention shifted towards him. “What?”

“You take the bed, and I’ll take the couch.”

“You need sleep, Tyler.”

“What other choice do you have?”

I chewed the inside of my mouth and thought about spending the nights in his room.


“I’ll stay with him.”

“Very well. Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.”

Tyler led me to his room before I placed my bag near the entrance. “Sorry about this.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Do you mind if I shower? I didn’t have a chance to before.”

“There should be a spare towel in the bathroom.”

The hot water was exactly what I needed to keep my mind off Tyler, but all that changed the moment I stepped out from the bathroom refreshed. He was seated on the couch with his neck back, and his hands covered his face.


Startled, he turned to catch my gaze. “Yeah?”

“Why don’t you take the bed? I’ll stay on the couch.”

“No, it’s fine.”

“Tyler, please.”

“I said no, Summer.”

“Why not?”

“I want the couch,” he growled.

I stepped closer towards him. “It’s not going to be comfortable for you.”

“I don’t care.”

“You haven’t slept properly. Take the damn bed!”

Tyler stood and glared. “Why are you so fucking stubborn?”

“Stop giving me a reason to be so fucking stubborn.”

He huffed and moved closer towards me. “You’re impossible.”

“No, you’re impossible!”

One more step and he was right in my face. “You drive me fucking crazy.”

“You’re the definition of crazy.”

“And you’re a liar.”

I gasped. “What have I ever lied to you about, Tyler?”

“I can’t fucking do this anymore.”

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