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Chapter 24


A brief smile appeared on my lips before I stole the desperate kiss from her mouth. My hands grasped her waist while I tasted her warm breath, mixed with my own. I wanted to feel her. Every curve and every inch of her body. Summer was confident most of the time, but I could tell she was self-conscious about parts of her that I adored...and I adored a lot.

Wanting to feel more, I grabbed a hold of her ass and squeezed tight. She immediately wrapped her arms around my neck, and I pushed her back against the lift wall.

Her lips are perfect. How the fuck did I stay away from her so long?

We only broke apart with heavy breaths when the lift doors opened.

“Maybe we should take this inside.”

She nodded and wiped the corners of her lips. I took her hand in mine and led her to our hotel room. After a quick swipe of my key, the door clicked. We weren’t even in all the way and I picked her up and slammed the door shut with my foot. Her legs wrapped around my body, and I pushed her up against the wall.

“You have no idea how fucking bad I want you.”

“Judging by the feeling of your cock, I’m guessing pretty bad,” she smirked.

Her dirty words hummed in my ear, and I did what any man would do. I pressed myself against her again so she could feel exactly what she did to me.

“Mmmm,” she moaned and closed her eyes.

“Dammit, Summer.” I devoured her with another desperate kiss to ease the ache being away from her the past few weeks had caused.

After I placed her down, we frantically removed each other’s clothes, eager to feel her soft skin between moments of kisses. Summer watched me tear the condom pack open, and the moment she bit her lip, I wanted to taste her again.



“Fuck me against the wall.”

A guttural growl echoed in the back of my throat before I lifted my girl and pushed her up against the wall. She eased herself on me and I rested my head against the crook of her neck while I thrusted back and forth.

Each moan that she released from her lips with every thump on the concrete, hummed in my ear. Her delicate flesh called out to me so when I bit down on her shoulder, Summer begged for more.

“Bite me harder.”

I dug my teeth into her skin. Hard enough to leave a mark to claim my girl again.

“Fuck, yes! Tyler!”

“I love it when you scream out my name.”

She pulled me towards her and brought my lips to hers. A low moan escaped her mouth and the purr vibrated in her throat.

After I broke the kiss, I let her go with ease and she planted her feet on the carpet. “Turn around,” I demanded. She leaned against the wall and rested on her arm while I tilted her hip up. “Fuck!” I groaned, as I drove into her warm spot. The resounding slaps would be heard from the room next door, as were her screams.

“Oh, God! Tyler!”

“That’s it, baby. Let me hear you fucking scream.”

Her wetness coated my cock with each thrust. “I’m so close, Ty!”

“Let me feel you, baby.”

I held onto her while she trembled her release. “Fuck! Oh, fuck!”

Our lips connected for a moment before I spun her around. “I’m not done with you yet,” I smiled. “I’m gonna make you come till you can’t fucking stand it.”

Her breath hitched and I stepped backwards before I fell back onto the bed. “Now come ride me.”

In a quick moment, she climbed over my body. My hands settled against her waist while she lowered her form onto mine. This was her favorite position, and it didn’t take long for it to become one of mine. Even with her ideas of flaws, she was perfect to me. Summer stretched her arms above her head and leaned back while she rode me. Her curves bounced with her and my hands couldn’t help but grab a hold of each of them. The exact time she moved forward, one of her breasts fell into my mouth, and my tongue glided over her erect nipple.

Summer squeezed her pussy around my bulge and she immediately felt tighter. “Fuck!”

“You like it when I do that?” she purred.

“I love everything you do to me.”

“What about this?”

She reached behind her body and grabbed a hold of my balls before she squeezed them tight. “Fuck. I love it.”

“Tyler, I swear you’re gonna make me come again.”

Summer was insatiable. Her appetite for sex was as huge as mine, which was one of the reasons we were perfect for each other.

“Go for it, baby.”

For the second time, Summer’s body shook before she collapsed on top of me. She lifted her head and smiled when she caught my gaze. “I need more.”

Fuck, she’s amazing.

“I’ll come with you this time.”

“How do you want me?”

I flipped her over straight on her back. “I want you like this.” Nothing compared to the feeling of my hard cock as it moved in and out of Summer’s wet and warm center.

I grabbed a hold of her hands and pinned them down on the mattress while my thrusts caused her resounding moans. “Mmmm.”

“You feel incredible,” I whispered, and rocked my hips. She lifted her body to meet me. Each movement put us both near the edge. “Summer...”

“I’m so fucking close.”

The ammunition that rang in my ears was all I needed to fuck her harder. She screamed out my name and shuddered beneath me. “Tyler. Oh, my God! Yes!”

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Argh.”

My body fell onto my girl and I nestled into her neck, catching any breath that resembled hers.



“There’s something I have to tell you.”

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