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Chapter 27

“God yes,” Tyler shrieked.

I stepped back and a smile played on my lips. “Be prepared for a night of torture.”

Tyler drew out a hard breath. “I already feel tortured.”

My open palm slapped Tyler on the ass. “So, what are we going to have for dinner?”

“Well, I know what I want to eat.” He glanced down towards my pussy and subtly grazed his tongue over his bottom lip.

“Oh, you mean this?” I winked and slid my fingers across my stomach before I reached the place his eyes were still locked on. When he stepped closer, I shook my head. “Nuh uh. Not until I say so.”

“You’re killing me, Summer.”

Another smile crept on my lips. “I know.”

“Okay fine. I won’t touch you,” he grinned. “But two can play your dirty little game.” Tyler tugged his tie and sucked the air between his teeth. “If you can walk around the house looking like that, then I can walk around the house like this.” He winked before he snapped the tie off his neck and unbuttoned his shirt.

Don’t do it Ty.

Against my wishes, Tyler stripped down to nothing, and I couldn’t help but stare at his naked form.

And hard. Damn Tyler. So fucking hard.

I swallowed my arousal and cleared my throat, trying to appear like he had no effect on me, when the truth was if I stayed in the same room, I would have devoured him whole. “Suit yourself,” I winked. “But I’ve decided on Italian.” My bare feet turned away from him before I fell back onto the couch. After unlocking my phone, I searched for my favorite local Italian restaurant.

Tyler sat on the couch opposite me. I glanced up and noticed his cheeky smile, and I couldn’t help but reciprocate. His smile widened before he did something, I never expected.

What the fuck is he doing? Oh, no!

“See, I might not be allowed to touch you,” he moaned. “But I have no problem touching myself while you look as sexy as you do.”

Damnit. He knows what this will do to me! I’m not going to be able to control myself. Ugh. God, he’s sexy. Fight the urge, Summer.

“I can see your mind racing, Summer. I know exactly what this is doing to you right now.” He wrapped his hand around his cock and moved it up and down.

Oh, my God. This is such a turn on. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What do I do?

I couldn’t help but watch for a moment. The way his hand moved against his impressive length, and how I was desperate to have a taste. There was nothing more I wanted than to please him, but my mind had other ideas. I smiled to myself and glanced at my phone before I made a call.

“What are you doing?” Tyler asked.

“Calling Finlay.”

“What!” Tyler shrieked. “What the hell-?”

I giggled in time for Finlay to answer. “Hey, Summer.”

“Hi, Finlay.”

“Trip was good?

“Yes, we did well. I’ve got you on speaker. Tyler needs to talk to you.”

“Okay. Hey, Tyler.”

Tyler cleared his throat while his flushed cheeks caused a grin to appear on my lips. I stood, winked, and threw the phone in his lap before I whispered low enough that only he could hear me. “Your move.”

Satisfied by my idea, I strolled into the kitchen and waited for Tyler.

“I see why you rang him. He doesn’t get off the phone,” he sighed. “Good move, baby. Now it’s my turn.”

I propped myself up on the kitchen bench and smirked. “Do your best.”

“I called my mom,” he said.”


“She’ll be over in five minutes.”

My mouth gaped open and I jumped off the island. “What the fuck! I’m half naked, Tyler!”

He covered his mouth as he chuckled. “I’m kidding, baby.”

“I could strangle you right now,” I vowed.

Tyler stepped closer and grasped my waist, while a seductive voice rippled through his mouth. “Do you really think I would call my mom, and miss out on all the sexiness going on here?”

“You play as dirty as I do.”

“Did you like the show I put on for you back there?”

“No,” I replied.

“You don’t sound too convincing.” He cocked his brows. “Are you lying?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“You liked it?”

“No...I loved it,” I admitted. “Now pick something to eat because I’m starving!”

Tyler licked his lips. “Fine.”

He lifted me over his shoulders and a loud shriek hitched. “Ah! What are you doing?” Tyler slapped me on the ass. “Damnit!” Before I knew it, Tyler threw me down on the bed. “What are you doing, baby?”

“Having my dinner,” he growled, crawled on the bed and spread my legs apart. My red lingerie had a clip at the bottom of my crotch, which he snapped open, then plunged his face into my throbbing core.

“Fuck! Oh my God!” My back immediately arched while he licked and sucked my clit, then lapped up any juice which flowed down my thigh. “Oh my!”

He paused and rested on his arms to look at me. “Want me to stop or keep going?”

“Are you fucking kidding me, Tyler? Don’t stop now!” He smiled before his attention shifted to where I needed it the most. As he slid one finger inside, my hips bucked while he thrusted in and out of my beating center. “Tyler, fuck that feels amazing.” My body convulsed with every flicker of his tongue. “Tyler, don’t stop. I’m going to cum.”

Tyler immediately sat up and smirked. “Your move.”

My mouth gaped open and my breath hitched. “What? You fucking tease!”

“I’m kidding, baby,” he chuckled. Tyler’s lips met with my pussy and instantaneously I came in his mouth.

He grasped my shaking body and held me in place. “Oh my God! Tyler! Yes!”

“You taste unbelievable.”

“God, the things you do with your mouth drives me crazy.”

“I’m not done with you yet.” Tyler grabbed a condom from his wallet before he climbed back on the bed. His hand slid against my thigh before he placed my legs over his shoulders, and eased himself into my pussy.

“Oh, Tyler!”


I took in every inch of his cock and bucked my hips while I begged for more. When he pulled out, an audible whimper escaped. “Why did you stop?”

“Are you going to tease me like that again?”

A smile played on my lips. “Definitely.”

“Good. I love it when you tease me.” He shoved himself back inside.

“Oh my God!” Guttural growls escaped his mouth while his thrusts went in deeper and harder. “I love the way you fuck me!”

“Keep talking dirty like that and I swear, I’ll shoot my load through the condom.”

“Tyler...I beg you to fuck me harder.”

One more grunt was all it took for my body to convulse beneath him. “Oh, God! Yes!”

“Uh. Fuck. Fuck. Uh!”

Tyler paused and took some deep breaths before he flipped on his back.

“That was,” he panted. “Amazing...”

I chuckled when he drew me on top of him. “I can’t control myself when I’m with you.” He swept the hair from my face. “You do things to me no one else has.”

I bit my lip before a smile spread to my eyes. “And no one else will get to do.”

“I don’t ever want anyone else Summer,” he confessed. “I’ve never wanted someone so bad as much as I want you.”

My heart fluttered against my ribs, knowing I felt the same way. “Is that how much you like me?”

Tyler swallowed hard and cupped my face in his hands, while his expression softened. “No, Summer,” he whispered. “It’s how much I love you.”

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