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Chapter 28

Did I hear him right?

I sat up in bed and Tyler soon followed. “Summer...I.”

“I love you too, Tyler.”

His smile would have melted me on a Winter’s day in the French Alps. “You do?”

“I do.”

He giggled and flipped me on my back then leaned over me. “I really love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I’ve never been in love before,” he admitted. “And now that I’ve admitted my feelings towards you, I feel like I could tell the world.”

I couldn’t help but beam. “Maybe just start with your mom.”

“She’ll be so happy.”

“Not as happy as I am right now.”

He leaned down and kissed me with adoration. “You’re my girl, Summer No one and nothing will change that.”

“Eat in or takeaway?”

“Eat in please.”

The waitress at our regular café escorted us to our table. Tyler sat down as close as he could.

“Any closer, babe, and you might impregnate me,” I joked.

“Is it bad that I want to be close to my girl?”

“No, I love it actually.”

He wrapped his arm around my neck and drew my head forward for a kiss to the temple. My eyes closed at the feeling of his warm mouth on my skin. As soon as my lids opened, the waitress stared between Tyler and me.

“I guess she realizes you’re not just my boss anymore.”

Tyler laughed. “Yeah, she gave me her number before.”

“Well, if she gives it to you know knowing that you’re taken, she needs a good slap.”

“I love this jealous side of you.”

I smiled at my guy. “Not jealous...just protective.”

“You have nothing to worry about. I can’t even think about looking at another girl.”

“What can I get you?” the waitress asked.

“Big breakfast for me,” Tyler replied.

“Same here.”

“Oh,” Tyler added. “Make sure her bacon is extra crispy.”

Before the waitress walked away with our order, he asked for a pen and turned to me. “I have something for you.”

“Really? What is it?”

Folded neatly in his pocket which he immediately removed, was the Relationship Agreement form which Tyler already signed. “It just needs your signature.” My skin buzzed as I took the pen and signed my own name before he placed the paper back in his pocket. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Tyler.”

“Hey, beautiful.”

“Hey there yourself, gorgeous Ty.” I leaned on my toes and pecked him on the lips. “Where’s Ellie and Adrian?”

“Outside. I was just waiting for you.”

It was the night of Ellie and Adrian’s party, and I had just arrived and found Tyler in the kitchen seated on the stool while he played a car racing game. “Wanna head out for a drink?”

“In a minute. I want to tell you something.” He grasped my waist and drew me closer to him so I stood between his legs. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“That’s all. We can have a drink now.”

“Oh my God!” Ellie exclaimed. “Ahhh! I’m so happy for you guys!”

“Thanks, Ellie.”

“We have to celebrate,” she beamed.

“We’re just about to head outside for a drink.” I said.

“Or two,” Tyler winked, and I rolled my eyes. He was desperate to see how friskier I was when I’ve had a few to drink.

We made our way outside and found ourselves at the bar. “What can I get you?”

“Beer,” Tyler and I said in unison.

“Coming right up.”

Tyler wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a few soft kisses on the neck.

“Now there’s a sight to see.” Adrian interjected.

I chuckled and shifted my attention to Adrian. “What? Tyler kissing my neck.”

“No, Summer. I’m talking about you being happy.”

“Thanks, Adrian.”

We grabbed our drinks and then headed to the firepit where the four of us sat down together.

“So, any more news on who sent your boss the porno?”

“Porno? Really, Ellie?” I chuckled.

“Fine. Sex tape,” she clarified.

“No. I’m telling you, it’s probably Cassidy.”

“She’s always been jealous of you,” Ellie said.

“Yeah, well I don’t care, but the minute she messes with me or Tyler, shit’s gonna hit the fan.” I took a slow sip of my beer and swallowed my anger along with the liquid. “This is so good. You guys always get the good stuff.”

“I haven’t tried that one yet.”

I reached to Ellie and tried to hand over my bottle. “Have some of mine.”

“No, thanks.”

“Come on, babe. You’ll love it.”

“Not really in the mood for beer.” Ellie cleared her throat and exchanged a look between her and Adrian. “I’m having water.”

“Water? Seriously? At your own party?”

“Yeah, I can’t drink right now,” she smiled. “Or for the next nine months or so.”

“What? What are you---Oh, my God!”

“Did I miss something? Tyler tilted his head and drew his brows together.

I stood and pulled Ellie up for a hug then tightened my arms around her. “I’m so happy for you guys.”

“Easy, babe,” she chuckled.

I stepped back and briefly embraced Adrian.

“Thank you, hun...but shhhh. The only people that know are our parents and the two of you.” She pointed towards Tyler and me. “At least until our twelve-week scan.”

“Wait! You’re pregnant?” Tyler’s whisper almost felt like a yell with the sensitive information that passed through his lips. He glanced at Ellie with a shocked expression.

“How did you not get that with the whole 9 months reference?” I teased.

“I’m hopeless sometimes.”

“I still love you,” I laughed.

Tyler shook his head with a smile before he shifted his attention to Ellie. “How far along are you?”

“8 weeks.”

“How adorable!” I cheered. “You guys will have a little munchkin running around here soon.”

“Dibs on teaching the baby to bowl,” Tyler danced in his seat.

“It might be awhile before you get to do that, baby.”

“At least there’s a legitimate reason to put the bumper bars up,” he joked.

“You’ll pay for that, Tyler,” I replied.

“Can’t wait.” Tyler was pulled from the conversation when his phone rang. A slow smile spread on his lips when he noticed the I.D. “Hey, mom...No. I’m not at home. I’m next door with, Summer...” I chuckled when I heard her scream through the receiver. “Yes, we’re back together...Yes, mom. I’m sleeping again...No, mom. I won’t hurt her again. I love her.” The scream intensified that Tyler had to move his phone away from his ear. “I said I love her...Yes, mom. She knows...Okay, mom. Love you, too.” Tyler hung up the phone and glanced at me. “Mom says hi.”

I chortled. “Sounds like she said a lot more than that.”

“I will probably understand what you’ve just said once the ringing in my ears stops.”

“She was happy, huh?”

“Not as happy as I am.”

It had been a week since Ellie’s party, and the amazing baby reveal. I have stayed at his place every night. Things at work settled and we had given Finlay the signed form. He said he was happy for the both of us.

Tyler was invited to a pool party by his friends. The dress code was swimwear, so when I stepped out of the bathroom with my purple one piece, his eyes widened. “God, you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I blushed and wrapped the soft material of the sarong around my waist. “You look amazing too.”

He glanced down at his almost naked form. Tyler’s bare chest was on display while he rocked floral swims shorts. “Thanks, baby. Got a spare sarong I can use? I’m feeling quite naked by the way you’re looking at me right now,” he winked.

“Wait till I get you fully naked,” I laughed. “Then you can tease me.”

We were in the car on our way to the party. My heart thumped in my chest as it was the first time, I was meeting a few of his friends. “Where are we going?”

“No idea. I just put the address my friend gave me in the GPS,” he replied. “I don’t even think he knows whose party it is.” After twenty minutes, he turned into the familiar street before he veered the car to the side and pulled up in front of the house. “We’re here.”

My mouth gaped open and the thundering in my chest roared, while my body shook. “Tyler...what the fuck are we doing here?” Each breath was a struggle and it hitched as soon as I saw someone standing outside the house. “Oh my God. No. No. No. No. No.”

“Summer, what is it?” Tyler glanced out the window and it wasn’t long before he understood why I was physically reacting. “What the fuck is he doing here?”

My body continued to shake. “Tyler, we need to leave right now.”

“Why? Because of Drake? Fuck him!”

“No, Tyler Not because of Drake...because of Kyle.”

Tyler’s eyes narrowed and he gently touched my shoulder. “Kyle? Who’s Kyle?”

I wrapped my arm around my waist and groaned. “Tyler, I think I’m going to be sick. Please just drive.”

“Okay, baby. It’s okay.” Tyler started the engine and drove a few blocks away before he stopped to check on me. “What’s going on?”

“That...h..house,” I stuttered. “It’s the same house I was in when...”

Tyler’s breath caught in his throat. “Oh, God. Summer, I had no idea.”

“I know you didn’t.”

“Summer, if that’ the house you were attacked in, what was Drake doing there?”

I shook my head and blinked the tears from my eyes. “I don’t know,” I cried. “But I need to find out.”


“We have to go back there.”

“What? Are you sure?”

“We might not even have to go inside if Drake is still out the front.”

Tyler gently held my trembling hand in his. “I understand, but you do realize you might see Kyle.”

The sound of his name sent shivers down my spine and caused bile to rise in my throat. “You’ll be there the whole time with me, right?”

“I’ll never leave your side.”

I inhaled deeply and released the breath from my mouth. “Okay. Let’s go.”

Tyler drove back to the house, and I felt the anxiety build in my blood. As soon as he pulled the car over, Tyler and I stepped out.

Drake’s eyes widened after he did a double take. “Summer, what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? What the fuck are you doing here?”

He forcefully grabbed my arm. “You need to leave.”

Tyler stepped forward and growled. “You need to get your hands off my girl.”

Drake glanced down and quickly pulled his hand away. “You can’t be here, Summer. There are things you don’t know.”

“So, now’s your chance to tell me.”

Suddenly, a familiar laugh resounded. I shifted my attention to Krystal who was in a conversation with her friend. “Did you have fun with Kyle?” Krystal asked.

“Yeah, your brother is a real piece of work.”

My heart stopped and I swiftly turned to Drake. “Shit,” he whispered.

“You motherfucker.”

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