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Chapter 29

“Oh, shit!” Krystal gasped.

I shifted my head towards her. “Kyle’s your brother?”

“Y...yes,” she stuttered and the two friends beside her immediately stepped away.

I swung my arm back and slapped her across the face with an open palm. She winced in pain as she held her cheek. “Ah!”

“Fucking whore!”

Tyler shifted his attention to Drake. His jaw clenched and the blood drained from his knuckles. “You knew?” he asked.

“Yes,” Drake replied.

I swallowed hard and turned to my ex. “How long?”


“How long have you fucking known for?”

He hesitated, and I knew he struggled to give me the answer. “Since...ugh. Since the trial.”

My blood boiled and I was overcome with an emotion I never knew existed. Kyle was an ass. A rapist. I found out the hard way who he was, but Drake. He surprised me the most. I trusted him.

With every strength in my body, I swung my arm back and punched Drake in the jaw. Once he fell to the concrete, I straddled his lap and continued to pummel my fists in his face. Krystal stood with her hand soothing her cheek, but the tears that fell down her face only fueled my anger.

I managed to get a few good hits before Tyler pulled me off. “It’s okay, baby.” He drew me into his arms before sobs escaped my mouth. “I’m here, baby.”

My body trembled and the lump in my throat made it harder to breathe. “Can...can we go?”

“Of course.”

The pain in my knuckles was a reminder of the betrayal I didn’t expect.

Drake stood and wiped the blood from his face. “I’m sorry, Summer.”

Tyler held my shoulders before he stepped back. “Fuck this.” He punched Drake who once again fell to the ground. “If you ever come near my girl ever again, I will kill you.”

A quick nod from Drake was all we needed to turn away, though we were suddenly stopped by a voice which made the vile rise in my throat. “Leaving so soon?”

I leaned in and whispered to Tyler. “That’s Kyle.”

His grip on me tightened before we both turned to my attacker, who wore a smug look on his face. “There she is,” he winked. “Damn, girl. It’s been a long time but you’re still hot as ever.”

I stepped away from Tyler, but he pulled me back towards his body. “I don’t want you near him.”

“It’s okay, Tyler. I need to do this.”

“If he tries anything...”

“I know.”

With confidence I found after my attack, I stormed right up to Kyle, who eyed me up and down. “Still a whore though, I’m sure.”

Without warning, I gathered my strength and punched him in the nose with full force before I held onto his shoulders and kicked him in the balls. Repeatedly. And once more for good measure. “You lowlife piece of shit.”

Kyle fell to the ground, bowled over and hugged himself, before he started to cry like the little bitch he was. My attention shifted to Krystal who leaned down over Drake. “You two really fucking deserve each other.”

Tyler smiled when I walked back towards him. “Damn, Summer...”

“I’m ready, Ty baby. Let’s go.”

My fists burned, still tingling from beating Drake, so when Tyler took a hold of my hand, I clenched my jaw from the pain. “Ah.”

“You okay.”

“Everything hurts.”

And it did. As much confidence I had sticking up for myself, Drake’s unforgivable betrayal stung me to the depths of my soul that were untouched.

Tyler opened the passenger door and I stepped inside before he settled into the driver’s seat. He glanced down at my shaking hands.

“It’s the adrenaline. I need to tell Alex.”

“I’ll take you home.”

“Your home,” I clarified.

“Of course.”

I sniffled, unzipped my bag and took out my cell before I made a quick call to Alex.

“Hey, sis. What’s up?”

“Alex, I need you to meet me at Tyler’s place right now.”

He could hear my trembling voice. “Sis, what’s wrong? You don’t sound too good.”

“Leave now. Questions later.”

“On my way”

I hung up the phone and Tyler glanced at me before his attention shifted back on the road. “You should call Ellie. You need her right now.”

“She’s pregnant, babe. I doubt the stress would be good for her or the baby.”

“I didn’t think of that.”

Ten minutes into the car ride home, I received a call from my best friend. “Hey, babe. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Alex called me up wondering what was going on and why you were upset. Did something happen with Tyler?”

“No, babe. Tyler and I are heading back to his place. Meet us there and I’ll explain everything.”

I hung up the phone and turned to Ty. “I really don’t want to stress her out.”

“I think not telling her and she finds out that you didn’t, would probably stress her out more.”

“You’re right,” I sighed. “I’m sorry about not meeting your friends tonight. I really wanted to hang out with them.”

“Don’t even worry about that, baby.” He grabbed my hand and caressed my palm. “I love you.”

Tyler grabbed the bottle of whiskey in Ellie’s alcohol cabinet while I fell back onto the couch. My brother arrived five minutes prior to us and I could see the curiosity etched on his face.

“Sis...come on. What’s going on?”

“So...it turns out that Kyle is Krystal’s brother.”

Every jaw had dropped in that lounge room apart from Tyler and mine.

Ellie shook her head. “I’m sorry. I thought I heard you say that Kyle...is Krystal’s brother.”

“I did say that.”

“What?!” Alex yelled.

Tyler handed me my chilled whiskey and I immediately took a sip and closed my eyes. I needed as much alcohol I could take to forget the events of the night.

“That can’t be right,” Adrian said.

“The party Tyler was invited to, was at the same house I was raped in. When we got there, we saw Drake outside the front.”

“It must be their house.” Tyler sat beside me. “That’s why they were all there.”

“Summer we went to their engagement!” Alex growled. “Kyle wasn’t there!”

“I know. I did see Drake’s mom though. She would have known I was at the engagement party of my attacker’s sister.”

“Summer, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe Drake,” Ellie apologized then took a sip of her water bottle.

“He needs another beating.” Alex rubbed his hands together.

“Well, your sister took care of that,” Tyler beamed proud.

Alex smiled and nodded approvingly. “Way to go, sis.”

“I took a page out of your book, Alex.” My smile faltered. “Kyle was there tonight too.”

“Oh my God,” Ellie exclaimed. “You saw him?”

“She did,” Tyler laughed. “And she went total badass on him!”

“What did you do?” Alex asked.

“Punched him in the nose and kicked him in the nuts.”

“More than once,” Tyler clarified.

“I wonder if that’s what Drake wanted to tell you before,” Adrian said.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t think I could handle any more surprises right now.”

It had been a week since the house party. I was in the break room at work grabbing a mug from the top shelf of the cabinet when Tyler walked in.

He stood behind me, grabbed my hips and sent shockwaves through my body when he whispered. “Hey, beautiful.” Grasping a little tighter, Tyler pushed himself against me and I immediately felt his hard cock dig into me.


“Keep moaning like that and I’ll take you down to the records room.”

“You promise?”

“Is that what you want?”

Another moan escaped my lips when his cock hardened. “Yes, that’s what I want.”

Tyler growled, and spun me around then pressed his lips onto mine. When he pulled away, I gazed around the room to make sure no one had seen.

“We’re alone in the office right now.”


“Finlay took everyone to the town hall for the meeting,” he explained. “I told him I needed you here to finish off that report.”

Tyler leaned in and pressed his lips against my neck. “Mmmm,” I moaned. “And he believed you?”

“Right now, I don’t give a fuck if he did or not.” He looked at me and smiled. “I’m going to take you into that room, and I’m going to fuck you until we both cum. You’re going to be screaming out my name, baby.”

I bit my lip and a slow smile spread on my lips before a whisper breathed out between them. “Yes, sir.”

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