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Chapter 30

As soon as Tyler and I entered the records room, he slammed the door shut.

“Get on the table,” he ordered. Tyler’s demanding tone made me instantly wet between my legs.

I obliged and propped myself up and dangled my legs on the side. With two strides he grasped my cheeks and kissed me. My legs automatically wrapped around his waist to bring him closer. “Lay back,” he whispered when he broke the kiss.

I smiled, leaned back on the table while his hands traced the flesh of my leg. He rose higher until he reached my panties, which he slowly tugged down and off. “Lift yourself up.”

Bucking my hips, Tyler pushed my skirt past my ass and left me exposed. A breathless moan escaped my mouth as soon as his thumb caressed my clit. “Mmmm.”

“You’re already wet for me.” He slid one finger in, then two before he spread my legs wide and used his tongue to sweep against my slit. Flicking at the nub and eliciting my wetness to drip in his mouth.

“Oh, my God. Tyler!”

“I can’t get enough of the way you taste.” He sucked at my clit and his fingers thrust at the same time.

After a few moments, I wanted to let everything go, but Tyler stopped me from reaching my climax when he pulled away. “Baby? Why did you stop?”

“Sit up.”

I obliged and let out a sigh of slight disappointment. Damn I was so close.

“Don’t worry. You’ll get your chance to come.” He fumbled with his belt and unzipped his pants. Before he even asked me, I dropped to my knees. “That’s my girl.” I grasped the base of his cock in my hand and teased his tip with my tongue. “Mmmm.” Sliding up and down his shaft, I finally place his entire length in my mouth. “Oh...yeahhhh.” I loved the way he tasted. How hard he would get every time my mouth and hand pumped his cock. Tyler kicked his neck back and moaned. “Fuck! You’re amazing.” He looked down at me and I gazed up at the same time. Tyler smiled when I winked, and he immediately pulled back. “I need to be inside you.”

“Yes, sir.”

He helped me to my feet and I turned my body around before I leaned over with my hands flat against the table.

“You know what I love.” The soft material of my skirt grazed my skin when he rose it up my thigh, then slapped me on the ass.


“Fucking perfect.”

After putting on protection, he slowly teased my opening with the tip of his cock. “God, Tyler.”

“Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you, Summer,” he growled. “How bad do you want me to stick it inside you?”

“So fucking bad, baby.”

With my desperate words, he grasped my hips. One thrust was all it took for him to make me scream out his name. “Tyler! Oh my God!”

“I love it when you call out my name.”

Tyler leaned forward and reached around to play with my clit, at the same time he pounded me from behind. “Oh, fuck!”

“Do you like that?”

“I love it, baby. Don’t stop!” With his fingers working my nub, and the deep thrusts with his cock, it wasn’t long before I was ready. “Tyler. I’m so worked up!”

“Are you close, baby?”

“Yes. I’m so fucking close.”

Tyler growled, and wrapped his hands around my neck. “Come for me, baby.”

It was the first time he had done that, but I didn’t mind, in fact, I loved the feeling of his hands grasping almost too tight. Tyler fucked me harder and my body shook its release. He loosened his grip so I could scream. “Oh, my God! Yes! Yes!”

“Ahhhhh fuck! Summer! Fuck!”

After he pulled out, Tyler spun me around and crashed his lips onto mine.

Twenty minutes later, I was in Tyler’s office. He was seated at his desk and I was on the chair opposite him. I glanced up from the paperwork in front of me. “So, are we actually going to do any work today?” I asked.

“I have to give something to Finlay, otherwise he would never let us stay in the office again.

“We can’t have that now, can we?”

“Not if it results in us going to the records room.” I bit my lip as thoughts of our rendezvous flashed in my mind. “I can’t get enough of you either, Summer.”

A smirk played on my lips. “We’re still alone in the office.”

“Summer, you can’t keep tempting me. You know I can never say no to you.”

“Then don’t say no.”

Tyler’s pen bounced on his notepad when he threw it down. “What if someone records us again? I’m not really on the lookout when I’m fucking you.”

I stood, walked over to Ty then pushed his chair back before I straddled him. “If they want to watch, let’s give them a show.”

He let out a breath when I moved my hips around. “Summer,” he whispered.

“I can feel how hard you are, Tyler. I know you want me again.”

He grasped my hair and gave it a tug. “I always want you.”

“Show me how badly you want me.” There was a slight pause before I growled my next word. “Sir.”

“Back to the sir, are we?”

“For now, yes,” I purred. “What do you want me to do to you, sir?”

“Get on your knees.”

I smiled before I dropped to my knees. “Yes, sir.” Tyler stood, unbuckled his bent and unzipped his pants before they dropped to the floor. My lips pouted when he pulled out his cock and started jerking off. “That’s my job.”

A slow smirk spread on his lips. “Then suck it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tyler watched me intensely while my mouth worked his cock. He sucked the air between his teeth as soon as I felt him at the back of my throat. “Fuck!” When I pulled back to breathe, my saliva strung between his tip and my mouth. “How are you so fucking perfect?”

I wiped my lips and smiled. “I love sucking you off.”

“Stand up,” he ordered before he placed protection on his shaft.

I stood to my feet while Tyler fell back into his chair. “Sit on it.”

A smile crept on my face before I winked, and turned my body around, then lifted my leg on either side of him. “I love it this way,” he admitted. “But when you cum, I want you facing me.”

“Yes, sir.”

Grasping his legs, I lowered myself onto him. “Ahhh,” he moaned.

“Pull my hair, sir.”

He grabbed a fistful of my waves and tugged my neck back as I bounced on him. “Yeah! Fuck, Summer!”

My hips gyrated around. Tyler’s grunts and moans echoed in my ears when he pulled me back towards his body. After a while, I stopped, stepped off and turned to face him. Wrapping my arms around him, he grasped my waist and threw me down on his cock while my mouth tasted the warmness of his tongue.

“Ride me harder!” he begged. I did as he asked. My core immediately tightened, and Tyler could feel it. “Cum now.”

“Yes, sir.”

As soon as the words were released from his mouth, my body shook over his. Tyler moaned and growled his release. “Summer! Fuck!”

“Oh, Tyler!”

My body slumped and my head rested against the crook of his neck. Our hearts thumped against one another, as we tried to catch our breaths.

“I love you, Summer.

“I love you, too.”

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