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Chapter 33

I woke up and noticed my headache still throbbed but was less severe.

“Hey, baby. How are you feeling?”

“A little better thanks to you.”

He smiled and leaned in to check my temperature with the back of his hand. “You still feel warm.”

“Fever hasn’t gone, I guess.”

“Hmmm. Okay. I was going to head to the shops to get a few things. I might call Adrian to watch you.”

“No, Ty. He might catch what I have. I don’t want Ellie to catch it too,” I replied. “I can be by myself. I’m fine. Get what you need done.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive, baby. I’m already feeling better.”

“I’ll be back soon.” He nodded, leaned in then pressed his lips against my temple. “Stay in bed and get some rest.”

“You won’t get an argument from me.”

Tyler left and I laid back down and fell asleep straight away, only to wake up however long later to the sound of the banging on my front door.

Don’t tell me he forgot his keys.

I flung the blanket off my body and used what energy I had stored to get out of bed before I dragged my ass to the door. “Did you forget your keys, baby?”

It wasn’t Tyler who knocked. It was Drake. “Hi, Summer-.” I slammed the door in his face before he yelled out. “Damnit! Summer, open up!”

“Go away, Drake.”

“I’m not leaving until you hear me out.”

“You can stay there for as long as you fucking like,” I growled. “I’m not letting you in.”

“Then just hear me out. Please.”

“No. I have nothing to say to you and there is nothing you could say to me that will make what you did remotely okay.”

With the stress of Drake, and the sick feeling over the last couple of days, my body felt weak. My eyes flickered for a moment before it went completely dark.


I was driving back from the shops when I turned into the street, eager to make sure my girl was okay. When I was in view of the house, I noticed someone standing outside my door. “Fucking, Drake!” My foot pressed the gas and the car went over the curb and onto the front lawn. I stepped out of the car and moved towards him, and the fear in his eyes was instant. “What the fuck are you doing here, Drake?”

“I need to talk to Summer.”

“Can’t you take a fucking hint? I told you if you come near her, I would kill you,” I fumed. “What part of you thought I was joking?”

“Please let me talk to her,” he begged.

“No,” I firmed. “Now leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Don’t say I didn’t fucking warn you.” A few steps were all it took for me to grab him by the collar and push him to the ground. “I’m giving you one more chance to leave, which is one more chance than you deserve.”

I must have been screaming at Drake loud because the next thing I knew, Adrian stormed out of his house. “Tyler, what the fuck is he doing here?”

“I came home and found him on my doorstep trying to talk to my girl.”

“I have to talk to her.”

“Why is he still breathing?” Adrian asked.

“I’m wondering the same thing.”

“Don’t let Ellie see him. She’s resting in bed.”

Drake tried to get up, but I pushed him back down. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Need help hiding the body?” Adrian said. “I know a good spot.”

“I might take you up on that offer.” I threw my house keys to Adrian. “Can you check on Summer? I’m staying here with fuckface to make sure he doesn’t try anything.”

Arian nodded, and turned to the entrance. My body went numb when I heard his bone chilling scream. “Summer!” he shouted. “Tyler, get in here!”

I ran into the house because I knew from the tone of his voice that something was wrong. Summer was on the floor unconscious. “Call the paramedics!” Adrian made the call while I bent down to check on her. “Summer. Summer, can you hear me?”

It didn’t take long for the paramedic to arrive. As they wheeled her to the ambulance, I noticed that Drake had left. She was taken to the emergency department and I stayed in the waiting area hoping to speak to the doctor after they treated her. Adrian and Ellie drove to the hospital and I contacted Alex who arrived shortly after.

“What the fuck happened?” Alex asked.

“I’m not sure. She was sick but started to feel better. I headed to the shops to grab something for dinner. She said she was feeling better,” I explained. “When I got back, Drake was standing outside my door I assume trying to get inside. Adrian checked on Summer and he found her on the floor.”

“He seriously tried again?” Ellie asked.

“I’m glad I came when I did,” I replied. “I shouldn’t have left her alone.”

“This isn’t your fault, bro.”

Alex tried to reassure me, but it was no use. The guilt had already set in my blood. “I should have been there. She seemed like she had improved.”

“She probably fainted from the stress of Drake showing up.” Adrian said.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me he was there.” Ellie shook her head at Adrian.

“Sorry, baby. I love you, but I knew you would have killed Drake if you saw him.”

“You’re right,” Ellie sighed. “I guess I’ll have to settle for killing you instead.”

“I’m going to pay Drake a visit once I know Summer is okay,” Alex growled. “I think he needs a refresher.”

“Are you here for Summer?” The doctor interjected.

“Yes, we all are.”

“Are you family?” he asked.

“I’m her brother, and this is her boyfriend.” Alex pointed to me.

“Okay, well I can update you on her condition,” he began. “It looks like Summer may have fainted from exhaustion. We’ve tested her and it looks as though she has the severe case of the flu. We’ve given her some fluids and we’re going to keep her here for observation to make sure she is okay. She may have hit her head from the fall.”

“Can we see her?” I asked the doctor.

“Yes, of course,” he smiled. “But only for a few minutes because she needs the rest.”

“You go and see her first, Ty. She would rather look at your face than mine right now.”

“Thanks, bro.”

I made my way to see Summer. She was laying in bed with a drip attached to her arm. After pulling out the grey seat, I sat down beside her and took her warm hand in mine. “I’m here for you, baby.” Her eyes fluttered open and she narrowed her brows. “Hey, baby. I’m so glad you’re okay.”

“I’m sorry...who are you?”

My heart stopped for a moment and I swallowed hard. “You don’t recognize me?”

A slow smirk appeared on her lips. “Of course, I do. I’m just messing with you.”

“Are you kidding me right now?” I breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t help but smile at her cheekiness.”

“Hey, baby.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Weak. Tired and in pain.” Summer whined when she shifted in bed. “Oh my God. I forgot. Drake was over!”

“I know, baby. I saw him outside the house.”

“Did he leave?”

“Yeah.”Fucking pussy didn’t even stay to check up on Summer. Asswipe.“Don’t worry about him. Let’s just focus on you right now.”

“Will you stay here with me tonight?”

“They’ll have a hard time kicking me out.”

Summer smiled, and I stood from my chair before I climbed on her bed. She rested her head on my chest and snuggled up to me. Her being in my arms was the best feeling in the world.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too.”

“Hey, mom. What’s going on?”

“How’s Summer?”

“I think she seemed better after she had more fluids.”

My mom messaged me telling me there was something important she needed to discuss, so when she arrived at the hospital, I met her in the waiting room.

“What happened?”

“She has a severe case of the flu.”

“Poor darling.”

“What is it, mom?” There was a look in her eyes which told me something was wrong. “What’s so important?”

“I have some news,” she said. “It’s about Kyle.”

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