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Chapter 37

“What is it?” Tyler asked his mom.

“He’s come out of surgery. Kyle’s going to pull through.”

I took a deep breath of relief. “So, I didn’t kill him?”

“No, darling. You didn’t.”

Tears stung my eyes and my voice croaked. “I hate him, but the idea of killing someone...”

“I know, sweetheart,” Alice said with a gentle tone. “I just thought you should know.

The next morning, Tyler escorted me to the police station as they wanted to get my statement about what happened the day before.

“Are you both ready?” Officer Radley asked.


She pressed the start button on her voice recorder before she placed it down in front of me. I was comforted by the fact that Alice was supporting me. “I came home from work and went to my room to get changed. I closed the door behind me and when I turned around someone punched me. I didn’t realize who it was at first, but then he spoke. I recognized his voice.”

“You recognized his voice?” Officer Radley asked.


“How do you know him?”

“He raped me five years ago.”

She glanced down at her paperwork. “I didn’t see a conviction.”

“No, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

The police officer nodded. “I know. Please continue.”

“So, after he punched me, he threatened me. Kyle came at me and I defended myself. I tried to run, and he grabbed my leg. I fell, kicked him, and ran. I wanted to protect myself, so I took a knife from the kitchen and hid it behind my back. He found me, ran after me. I jumped over the kitchen bench and fell to the floor. He turned me and the knife was facing upwards. When he tried to climb on top, he stabbed himself with the knife.”

“Okay. Is that all?”

Alice leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Let her hear the tape.”

I nodded and glanced back at the officer. “I recorded the whole thing.”

’You did?” she drew her brows together.

“On my phone. I had it with me.”

“Let’s hear it.”

I played the memo and Office Radley heard every word. Every threat. She shook her head in disbelief when Kyle talked about raping me and the other girls. Her jaw clenched when he said he was going to do it again, and when he threatened to kill me.

“Wow,” she breathed.

“He’s a real piece of work,” I said.

“I want to use this as evidence against him.”

“Please do. I mean he’s still alive, right? He still has those charges against him.”

She noted down a few details on the paperwork in front of her. “By the sounds of the recording, you went through a major ordeal.” Officer Radley caught my gaze. “I can also confirm what you did was self-defense.”

A long breath blew out from my mouth. “I’m not going to be arrested?”

“Going by your statement, the recording and Kyle’s history.” Officer Radley shook her head. “Absolutely not.”

I nodded, grateful that I wouldn’t be held accountable for my actions towards that asshole rapist. “Thank you.”

“Kyle deserves to be in prison. With your help and the help of the other two survivors, I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure he ends up in there,” she advised. “A man like him should not be walking the streets.”

I nodded my head. “I really hope the system works this time.”

“I’ll make sure it does.”

“How do you feel after that?” Tyler asked.

“More confident this time around from what the police officer told me, but it helps that I had the recording.”

Tyler smiled, and wrapped his arms around me. “I’m so proud of my badass girl!”

“Really?” I settled into his warm embrace and closed my eyes.

“Definitely proud...and you’re mine.”

I glanced up and pressed my lips with his before he pulled away from me. “Have you told Alex what happened?”

My lips stretched and I sucked the air between my teeth. “No.”

“Do you want to?”

I nodded quickly and Tyler gave me a faint smile. “Come on. We’ll go and see them now.”

Ellie’s jaw dropped as soon as she opened the door. “Fuck! What the hell happened?”

“Oh my God!” Adrian’s eyes widened.

They had both noticed the bruise on my face.

“This is nothing. You should see the other guy,” I joked.

“Fuck. What happened?” Alex growled as soon as he heard the commotion.

“Come on. Let’s go inside and talk.”

“Okay, I feel like whatever you’re going to tell me, I’m going to need a drink.” Alex sighed and made his way to the wet bar.

“I need one too,” I said.

“Make that three,” Tyler added.

“Four,” Adrian shouted.

Ellie pouted and slumped her shoulders. “Damnit.”

“It’s okay. You’ve got something in you that’s even better,” I winked.

I sat down on the couch and Tyler sat next to me while Adrian and Ellie huddled together. Alex poured our drinks while I explained. “Well, I came home from work yesterday, and Kyle was waiting for me in my bedroom.”

Suddenly, I heard something crack and I glanced at Alex whose hand was now crimson red. Adrian grabbed a towel for his hand.

“Alex, are you okay?” I asked.

His face was as bright as the blood that seeped from his hands. “Did he?”

I shook my head. “He tried.”

“What the hell was he doing out of prison?” Ellie asked.

“He made bail,” Tyler replied and clenched his fists in a ball. “I’m so fucking mad.”

“Why do they keep fucking up?” Adrian sat back down.

Alex’s hand stopped bleeding and he cleaned up before he joined us on the couch.

“I had to go down to the police station to make a statement today.”

Ellie tilted her head. “Why? Because you punched him?”

“No,” I hesitated. “Because I stabbed him.”

“You stabbed him?” Adrian exclaimed.

“What? Alex stood and glanced up to the ceiling with his hands over his head. “Thank God.”

“He’s alive,” I said.

Alex huffed and sat down, disappointed at the news. “Oh.”

“Did it feel good?” Adrian asked with a smile. “I bet it felt good.”

“It was an accident. I got the knife and when he chased me and I fell, he turned me around. He tried to climb on top, but the knife faced up and he ended up stabbing himself,” I explained. “I was lucky I didn’t get stabbed in the process.”

“Accident or not, he deserved it and more,” Adrian replied.

“So, he’s in hospital,” Alex stated. “Best news I’ve heard all day.” Alex corrected himself. “I don’t mean that he attacked you, I meant that he’s suffering and in pain.”

“It’s fine,” I smiled. “I need your help. Well, all of you.”

“Anything, babe,” Ellie said.

“I need help packing up my things and moving in with Tyler.”

“We walked right into that one, didn’t we Adrian?” Alex laughed.

“There will be pizza and beer involved.”

“Oh, I’m in!” Adrian beamed.

“I can’t lift anything,” Ellie pouted. “But I still want pizza and beer.”

“Don’t worry, babe.” I told her. “I’ve got you covered.

“Babe, what’s this?”

Tyler pulled out a trophy from one of the moving boxes. We had just emptied the last of the car with my belongings.

“Go on, Summer,” Ellie smirked. “Tell Tyler what that is.”

I glanced at my best friend and shook my head with a laugh before my cheeks burned a hole in the flesh. “Ummm. It’s an award for best blow job.”

Tyler dropped the box and a few things crashed. “Um, what now?”

I couldn’t help but giggle. “Ellie and I went to a hens night. A friend of ours was getting married and they had a game with cucumbers,” I whispered. “And I won.”

Tyler breathed a sigh of relief.

“Relax, baby. No real cocks were used.”

“Good, because the thought of you with another guy other than me...”

I leaned on my toes and pressed my lips against his.

“Oh, come on, sis!”

Tyler pulled away from me and I turned to my brother. “Yes, Alex?”

He sighed. “Never mind.”

“I can’t believe how perfect the two of you are together,” Ellie complimented.

Tyler glanced over and smiled. “Neither can I.” He wrapped his arm around me. “I mean when I first saw you in Ellie’s room, I never thought in a million years we’d be moving in together.”

“Neither did I.”

“How are you feeling?” Tyler asked.

“Still shaken up about what happened,” I replied.

“That’s completely normal,” Ellie said.

“One moment I’m fine, and the next I can’t stop thinking about it,” I explained as best as I could. “I have my moments.”

“Everything you have been through over the last five years is a lot for one person to go through.” Tyler pulled me closer. “Of course, you will have your moments. I’m hoping that you get the justice you and the other two girls deserved.”

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