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Chapter 41


I was seated on the plane with Tyler gazing out the window. We were on our way to our free holiday and of course the upcoming Wedding. We decided on a small intimate ceremony on the beach with a few selected family and friends.

“Are you okay?” Tyler asked.

Shifting my attention to him, I smiled. “Definitely. I can’t believe we’re getting married in Hawaii.”

“I know. I can’t wait to see you in your dress.”

His smile faltered when I said something he wasn’t aware of. “You know we have separate rooms the night before the wedding, right?”

“What? Seriously?”

“Yes, baby. We’re not allowed to be together the night before.” A saddened look etched on his face and it suddenly hit me. “You won’t be able to sleep?”

He shook his head. “Not without you.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Why don’t we talk on the phone that night and we can leave the call open?”

“You’d do that?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you.” His smile returned, but he soon let out a groan. “Ugh. That means no sex the night before too, right?”

“That’s exactly what it means.”

He pouted his plump lips and whispered to me. “But I love fucking you.”

The combination of his breath on my skin and the words that were released caused a throbbing between my legs.

“Are you seriously trying to turn me on right now?”

“Is it working?” he wriggled his brows.

“You know it is,” I grinned and looked at the flight attendant. “Excuse me, miss?”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“I’m feeling a little cold. Do you have any blankets?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll bring you one right away.”

The lights in the cabin switched off as everyone drifted to sleep. I secured the blanket of Tyler and I.

“Are you okay, baby?”

“Definitely okay,” I replied before I leaned in and muttered. “Now take out your cock.”

His eyes widened in response. “What?”

“Take. Out. Your. Cock,” I repeated with each word slow and defined.

A smirk appeared on his lip before he licked the dryness away. Not making it obvious, his hand reached underneath the blanket and I saw him fumble before he leaned to me. “It’s ready for you.”

“Let’s see how ready.”

I tucked my arm beneath and immediately realized how turned on he was. “Damn.”

“Mmmm,” Tyler let out an almost inaudible moan.

“Damnit, Tyler.”

A satisfactory grin appeared on his mouth before he closed his eyes and allowed himself to marvel in the feeling of my hand moving up and down his length.

Only a few pumps in and he cleared his throat. “Fuck.”

The deep breaths he took could only be heard by me, but they caused my body to react the same way his moans did. “Oh, God. Summer, this feels so fucking amazing.”

“You’re so hard,” I whispered back. “You have no idea the strength it’s taking me not to climb and ride you.”

“Faster, baby.”

I obliged and moved my hand up and down, pumping him as he begged. Before I knew it, he let out a low groan before I felt his warm cum on my hand. “Uhhhhhhh.”

My tongue glided over my bottom lip. “The sounds you make, Tyler. My God!”

I released my hand and Tyler placed his cock back in. “You’re perfect. I can’t believe I get to marry you.”

“Soon, I’ll really be Mrs. Crispy Bacon.”

“And I’ll get to be Mr. Crispy Bacon.”

Tyler and I arrived in Hawaii. Our family and friends had booked into the hotel a few days from then. When we exited the airport, we were ushered to our transfer bus which took us to our location.

“Hi, checking in,” I said.

The woman glanced up from her computer. “Yes, of course. Name please?”


She then noticed my fiancé who stood beside me. “Oh my God. Tyler? Is that you?”

His eyes widened before he cleared his throat. “Oh. Hi, Kim.”

“Wow. It’s so good to see you. What are you doing in Hawaii?”

I couldn’t help but notice the awkward exchange between them, well more from his side.

“Well, I’m getting married in a week to Summer.”

Her mouth gaped open and she almost flung herself back. “Wait. Married? Seriously? Is that some kind of a joke?”

Fuck no she didn’t.

“Excuse me?”

She swallowed hard when she realized the tone she used with Tyler. “I’m sorry. Nothing against you. It’s just Tyler here is not the marrying type,” she said. “At least that’s what he told me.”

“That’s because he hadn’t met me,” I grinned, but it wasn’t genuine.

“Really? Is that all it took?”

Man, I don’t like this bitch.

“Yep,” Tyler answered, though her question was directed at me. “She was definitely unexpected but just what I needed.”

The sincerest of smiles appeared on my lips and I grabbed the back of Tyler’s neck before our lips smacked together. My attention shifted to Kim when I pulled away. “So, checking in.”

“Oh. Yes. Um,” she stuttered before she tapped her fingers away on her keyboard and handed us our room cards. “Maybe we can catch up while you’re here, Tyler.”

Why the fuck would he want to, bitch?

Tyler flung his arm around my shoulder. “I’ll probably be busy with my fiancé. Sorry, Kim.”

Damn straight.

He glanced over to me. “Are you ready to head up to our room?”


We both walked away without saying anything to desperate Kim. When I stepped into the lift, Tyler followed me close behind then waited for the door to close.

“So...Kim, huh.”

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“Not your fault,” I said. “She seems pissed though.”

“Well she did tell me she was interested in me while we were um. You know.”


“That’s why I broke it off.”

I couldn’t help the smile that curved on my lips. “I can see why she’s mad. You’re quite the catch, Tyler.”

“You’re adorable,” he replied. “But I think you have it the other way around.”

The next morning, Tyler and I woke up and made our way to the buffet breakfast. After a delicious meal, we found ourselves at the reception desk to look for activities we could do while on the Island.

“Well, there’s a lot of things,” Kim smiled. “You can go take a helicopter ride around the Island. Check out the volcanos and in the evenings, you can attend a traditional luau.”

I shifted my attention to Tyler. “Oh, that sounds good. Can we book the luau for tonight? During the day we should go to a volcano!”

“Sounds good, baby. Let’s do that.”

“What time does the luau start?” I asked Kim, whose eyes gawked at my fiancé.

She cleared her throat and grinned. “6pm.”

“Perfect. That gives us plenty of time to come back from the volcano to do other stuff.”

Tyler tilted his head. “Other stuff?”

“You know. Hang out in our room.” I wriggled my eyebrows up and down. “Other stuff.”

“Ohhhhh. Other stuff,” he whispered. “You know I’m always up for the other stuff.”

From my peripheral vision, I noticed Kim rolled her eyes. “Would you like me to book?”


“Tyler, I’ll need your phone number to confirm the booking.”

Nice try bitch.

“You can send it to mine. You should already have it with my room reservation.”

“Of course.”

Kim kept sneaking glances towards Tyler, and I could tell she noticed when he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer. “We should spend the day at the pool tomorrow.”

“I’m up for that.”

“Okay,” Kim interjected. “Booking is all done.”

“So, we have a spa in our room.”

“You noticed that too,” Tyler said.


“We have plenty of time before the luau.”

Without saying another word, Tyler and I stripped off our clothes and left them on the floor before we went into the bathroom to set up the spa.

“Oh, I forgot something. One sec.” I ran inside the bedroom and grabbed a condom from his wallet before I went back to Tyler. “Is it warm?”

“It’s perfect.”

One foot in front of the other, I stood inside, and the water heated up my entire body. “That feels so good.” I straddled Tyler’s waist before I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

Tyler’s hands rested on my bare waist and after a fleeting moment he pulled away. “I want to fuck you so bad.”

“I brought this just in case.”

He smiled when he noticed the condom packet in my hand. “Sneaky girl.” After he placed the condom on, I straddled him again. “We need to be careful as it might slip off in the water.”

“Don’t worry,” I whispered. “I’ll be gentle.”

“Not too gentle I hope,” Tyler winked.

“I’ll ride you as hard as you want me to.”

Tyler sucked the air between his teeth. “I want you to ride me pretty fucking hard, baby.”

“Yes, sir,” I teased.

“You know what that sir stuff does to me, right?”

I moved my hips in his lap. “I’m about to find out.”

“Sit on my cock, baby.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tyler grasped my waist and lifted me up before I eased onto his erection. “Fuck. Go slow at first, baby.”

“Okay, sir.”

Obliging, I secured my arms around him and eased myself up and down, the way he asked me to. “That’s it, baby.”

The water swooshed with my small movements and caused ripples.. I couldn’t help but let out an audible moan. “Mmmm. Is that how you want it, sir?”

“Fuck. That’s exactly how I want it.”

He pushed me down on is cock while I rode him until his hands grabbed a hold of my breasts. “Faster.”

“Yes, sir.”

The harder I moved, the water splashed over the edge of the spa and onto the tiles. “Yeah, fuck! You feel so fucking good.”


“Hader, baby.” I gyrated my hips and rode him as hard as I could, until he whispered in my ear. “Cum on my cock.”

Tyler’s words always found a way to resonate to my core and I immediately felt my wetness pour onto every inch of him. “Yes, sir! Oh my God!”

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Fuck!” He secured his arm around me and pulled me closer to his beating heart, which thumped against my own. “That was incredible.”

“It always is with you.”

It was the evening and Tyler and I were getting ready for our night out. “It’s warm tonight. I think I’ll wear something light.”

“If it gets cold, baby. I’ll warm you up.”

I couldn’t help but smile at the man I was soon going to marry. “Always thinking of me, baby.”

“Ever since I first laid eyes on you.”

After getting changed, we made our way out of our room and into the lift which took us directly to the lobby. Just outside the entrance, our tour bus waited. As we stepped onto the bus and took our seats, someone we recognized got on with us.

“What is she doing here, Tyler?”

He shifted his head to Kim before he glanced back at me. “I don’t know, baby.”

“Hi,” Kim greeted.

Keep smiling at me like that bitch.

Tyler flung his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close, ignoring her completely.

“You guys make a cute couple.”

“We think so too,” I replied.

“How did the two of you meet?”

Tyler smiled at me. “Your turn to tell the story, baby.”

I giggled, blushed, and hid my face against Tyler’s body before I finally answered Kim. “Well, we met at my work.”

Tyler drew his brows together and tilted his head, then decided to play along.

“Oh, what do you do for work?” Kim asked.

“I’m a stripper.”

Kim’s mouth gaped open and Tyler stifled his laugh before he squeezed my shoulders tight.

“You’re a stripper?” she muttered beneath her breath; her tone filled with disgust as she scrunched her face.

“Well, not anymore,” I replied. “Not since I met Ty. Though he does get private shows from me quite a bit.”

She shifted her attention to Ty. “You’re marrying a stripper?”

“Ex stripper,” he clarified.

“So, what do you do now?” she asked me.

“Well, my main job is to please him,” I pointed to Tyler. “He said I’m the best at it and no one has pleased him like I do.”

“Okay, I don’t know if you’re joking or not.”

“Why would we joke about that?” Tyler asked.

“How does one get into stripping?”

I leaned closer and grinned at Kim. “Are you interested?”

“Um, no. Just curious.”

“Well, my mom was one. She taught me everything I know.”

“Okay, well I’m going to have a chat with the bus driver. I’ll be back.” Kim rolled her eyes, stood to leave, and made her way to the front of the bus.

“Okay, I did not expect you to go in that direction,” Tyler said.

I leaned back into his arms “That girl is so into you, babe.”

“I don’t care.”

“I know I just don’t want her to try and cause us problems. My instincts are telling me not to trust this girl.”

“I trust your instincts.”

We arrived at the serene beach. The golden sun lit up the horizon as it set. Tyler and I found our seats and watched the incredible entertainment at the luau. The dinner was traditional, with the pig cooked in an underground oven.

“Hey, baby. I need to go to the ladies room. I’ll be right back.”

Tyler nodded and smiled before I leaned down and pecked him on the lips. After a quick visit, I returned and noticed Kim seated opposite Tyler. The closer I became, the more I could hear the conversation between them.

“I just think you can do better than her.”

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