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Chapter 44


I was laying in bed and had fallen asleep to the sound of Tyler’s comforting snores. Suddenly, I woke up over voices chatting through the speaker.

“I thought you didn’t want to see me the night before our Wedding?”

I tilted my head in confusion. Is he talking in his sleep?

“I’m glad you came though. I’ve missed having you next to me.”

“I’ve missed you too.”

What the actual fuck?

Kim’s familiar voice whispered to Tyler. I flung the blanket off my body and sprang out of bed before I snatched my phone and hotel room key. As soon as I heard the door click to Tyler’s room, I pushed my way in just in time for Tyler to scream.

“I told you to get the fuck out, Kim!”

“You fucking bitch!” I roared.

She turned and her mouth gaped open. “Oh, fuck.”

“Yeah, oh fuck. What do you think you’re doing?” I stepped closer to her.

“Baby, I didn’t invite her, I swear!”

My attention shifted to Tyler. “I know, baby. I trust you completely.”

“Tyler asked me to come-.”

Without giving a chance for Kim to spit out lies, I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her ass out of Tyler’s room. “Come near either one of us again and I’ll fucking kill you!” My voice thundered before I slammed the door in her face.

Tyler contacted security and advised they would send someone up right away.

“Fucking bitch, trying to ruin us,” I huffed.

“I’m so sorry.” My fiancé pulled me into his warm chest and the fast beats of his heart vibrated to my cheek.

“Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault.”

“Please stay with me. Don’t go back to your room.”

I shook my head against him. “There’s no way I’m going back there tonight. I’m staying here and leaving early morning before I wake up.”

Suddenly, there was a knock. Tyler pulled away from me and opened the door to greet the security guard.

“We have found her. We’re holding her in our security room until the authorities arrive.”

“How the fuck did she get in?” I asked.

“She managed to steal the room key. She will be dealt with. We’re extremely sorry that this has happened,” the guard apologized. “I’ve been advised that they are going to void your bill for the entire stay. Please know that we take our security here very seriously.”

Well, I’m sure Finlay’s gonna be happy about that.

The next morning, I woke up early and headed to my suite. Ellie met me there with Char, so she could help me get ready.

“What happened last night?” Ellie asked. “I thought you weren’t going to stay with Tyler.”

Ellie had just laid sleeping Char on the bed to sleep, before she placed pillows around her body for protection.

“I wasn’t. Kim the tramp stole Tyler’s room key. She let herself in and climbed in bed with Ty.”

Ellie almost woke Char up with her scream. “I’m sorry, what?!”

“Yep. Something else to add on top of the shitty things she’d done the day before my wedding,” I replied. “But I don’t want to think about that right now. I get to marry my best friend today!”

Ellie pouted her lips. “Your best friend?”

“My other best friend.”

After a welcoming shower, I got changed into comfortable clothes so Ellie could help me with my makeup and hair. When she fixed herself up, we both helped Char get ready.

“Summer, you look beautiful.”

I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and smiled. My wavy hair was let down over the thin straps of my Wedding dress. Laced from top to bottom, the top of my breasts was exposed while the air con blew wind against my uncovered back.

My attention shifted to my Goddaughter. “Hey, beautiful girl. You look like a princess.” I bent down and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Are you ready, babe?” Ellie asked.

“I’m ready,” I beamed.


“You look beautiful,” my dad smiled and reached out his arm for me to link.

“Thank you.”

We stood at the back of the aisle and my heart thundered in my chest. Even though my body shook, it was out of excitement and not fear or regret. Tyler was everything I wanted in a man, and I was eager to spend the rest of my life with him.

The music played over the speaker, and Ellie and Char made their way down. The golden sun reflected on the crystal-clear water behind the flower filled marquee which was done to perfection. Large pots with gorgeous pink, white and red roses were presented on either side of the aisle.

“Are you ready?” My dad pulled me from my thoughts.

“Yes, dad.”

The sand softened beneath my feet as we walked down. My eyes locked with Tyler’s and I couldn’t help but smile.

God, he looks incredible.

When we reached the front, my father offered his hand to Tyler. “Take care of her.”


My dad walked away just before my fiancé leaned in and whispered into my ear. “You look like a Goddess.”

“Thank you, baby. You look incredible in your suit.”

“Thank you,” he winked before he leaned his head back and checked out the back of my dress. “Damn, that ass.”

I giggled lightly and shook my head. “Now’s not the time to be checking out my ass.”

“It’s the perfect time to check out your perfect ass.”

“Please be seated,” the officiant asked. “On behalf of Summer and Tyler, I would like to thank you all for being here on their special day.” She smiled at the two of us before she continued. “They have invited you all here to celebrate their love. They feel blessed and extremely happy to be able to share this moment with you.” After the introduction, Tyler and I turned to each other for our vows.

“Summer...You made it so easy to love you, even with my closed heart. You snuck your way inside and I wasn’t aware of how deep my feelings were for you. You’re an incredible woman. Your strength, courage, and love for people around you, including me, is something I will always admire and cherish. I promise to show you every day that my heart beats just for you.”

A single tear dropped down my cheek, that Tyler quickly wiped away with his thumb. I cleared my throat before I spoke my vows. “Tyler...I dreamed about finding someone as perfect as you, and nothing makes me happier today than to stand here and tell you how much I love you, and that I am honoured to be your wife. You mentioned I had strength, but some of that strength came from you. My rock. My saviour. The man who treated me as every man should treat his girl. It was easy to love you too. Tyler. You’ve given me more than you’ll ever realize. You’ve given me a reason to find love when it had abandoned me. I pledge my life, love and heart to you always.”

Tyler smiled and mouthed the words I love you to me.

After we exchanged the rings, the officiant ended the ceremony.

“And by the power invested in me, it is my honour to pronounce Tyler and Summer, husband and wife,” she beamed. “Tyler, you may show your declaration of love by kissing your bride.”

Tyler smiled before he leaned in and brushed his lips against mine. Another tear rolled down my cheek as the guests clapped and cheered.

“I love you,” Tyler whispered when he broke the kiss.

“I love you, too.”


It had been a few years since my Wedding to Tyler, and we’d never been happier.

Ellie was pregnant with her second child. Adrian and Char were extremely excited about it.

Alex had just gotten engaged to a girl he met in Hawaii. They’re hopelessly in love.

Drake and Krystal never got married. He broke up with her after the trial and moved overseas. That was the last I had heard about them.

Kyle was still in prison and got beaten up regularly, and completely suffered.

Oh, well.

I was at the bowling Alley with Tyler, Ellie, Adrian, Char and Alex. Also with us, was our three year old son named Lucas. Like a good father, Tyler tried to teach him how to bowl.

“That’s okay, kiddo. Give it another go.”

“Daddy, it’s too heavy.” Lucas tried to grab the ball, but I stopped him.

“It’s okay, baby. I’ll help you carry it.”

“Okay, mamma.”

We held it together and placed it on the ramp to assist. “Okay, baby. Give it a push.”

Lucas let go of the ball and we watched it roll onto the bowling alley. “I did it! I did it!”

Tyler picked up Lucas and hugged him tight before he placed him back down. “High five, kiddo.”

Lucas held up his hand to his father. “Char Char’s turn.”

“Do you want my turn?” Char asked.

Lucas gave her a hug. “Yes, please.”

“It’s adorable watching them play together,” Ellie said.

“Char is so protective of him,” Adrian added.

“I’m sure Lucas will be the same when he grows up,” Tyler said. “He adores Char.”

“Uncle, Alex! Piggy ride!”

Lucas ran to Alex who immediately scooped him up and put him over his head to sit on his shoulders. “You mean like this?”


“Alex, please be careful,” I begged.

“You worry too much, sis.”

I sighed, but beamed as soon as Tyler wrapped his arms around me from behind and whispered in my ear. “So, should we start practicing for number two?”

I couldn’t help but grin. “We’re already practicing. A lot. I’m getting hot just thinking about how much we practice.”

Tyler giggled before he whispered in my ear. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard tonight.”

“Tyler, if you’re not careful, I’ll take you somewhere here and have my way with you.”

“Promise?” he purred.

“Mamma, I’m hungry.” Lucas tugged the hem of my top.

“Okay, baby. Let’s get something to eat.” I shifted my attention to Tyler. “You and I will finish that discussion later.”

“Tyler, are you in trouble?” Alex asked.

He shrugged his shoulders then turned to me. “Not sure. Am I, Summer?”

“Big time.”

Tyler’s voice dipped low. “We need to bring out those cuffs again.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you guys talking about sex again?” Ellie chuckled.

“Daddy, how did you and mommy meet?”

“Funny story, kid.”

I playfully slapped him on the arm. “Don’t even think about it.”

Tyler wrapped his arm around me then planted a kiss on my neck. “I love you so damn much, Summer.”

“I love you too, Tyler.”


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