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Just a dirty oneshot about a manager who falls for his former apprentice. Contains explicit sexual content and cussing. Maybe this will turn into a short series, I'm not so sure abt that yet. Also I plead guilty for not being able to think of a creative title. And with this, have fun!

Erotica / Romance
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Pleasantly fresh summer heat greets me as I step out of my business car. Only a three series but a strong one at least. Today will be my last check on one of our best stores. It would be a surprise visit, which I always loved. From the moment they spotted me I would know if they forgot something or if anything wasn't as it should be.
Not that there has ever been a problem with this store in particular. There hasn't been a time where I didn't leave smiling, knowing that they're only doing so well since I switched some things up.
But this time I am the surprised one. Instead of a committed team only a single woman greets me.

"Miss Carlson, it's nice to meet you again", I greet the manager of this location. She isn't as calm as always.
"I'm fine Mister Wesson. How was the drive?", she asks back as she sorts some commissions and papers into plastic envelopes and boxes.
I get rid of my bag that contains things like my laptop and notebook.
"Where's your team?", I ask, not hiding my surprise purposely.
There's a certain tension in her voice when she answers.
"I sent them home. Today has been very quiet and they all have some overtime left. It's only two hours until we close so I thought it wouldn't hurt. The weather is beautiful, why not do them a favour".

Before I can ask another question a customer enters the store. She greets them in her usual friendly professional manner and serves them. Just when I want to use the spare time to check on something another customer enters the store. I don't have any other option than to serve them and like this we're both busy for the rest of the day. Working with her liked this strikes a certain nostalgia. Even if I would have liked to talk to Miss Carlson, there seems to be some issue. I'm concerned about her position. Usually we get along well, but right now she seems distant.

The last customer leaves the store and she locks the door. We meet at the cash register.
"So much for a quiet day, huh?", I say jokingly as I count a stack of green bills.
"If you would't be here I would have managed it", she states with a raised chin. What is she talking about? We both had to hustle from one customer to the other.
"I would like to talk to you. Would you prefer that over dinner or here?", I suggest. Usually I would have kept her in the store for the time of the talk but since she had a special place in my heart I would prefer it in a more comfortable environment.
She seems surprised about the offer but agrees to the dinner.

As we're seated in the big restaurant I get to walk behind her and admire her style of clothing for today. Tight pants that make her ass look amazing as well as a silk blouse that playfully accentuated her features. It's clear that she's the woman in charge.
"So, to what do I owe the honour?", she asks after she takes a sip of her water.
I study her for a few seconds before I speak up.
"I'm just checking on all the stores, to see how they're doing. If there's any problematic cases or room for improvement. Stuff like that. You know the drill", I answer.
"We could have done that on the phone too. No need to spend so much time on the road for that. It will get late until you're home. What does Camilla say about that?", she asks with a raised eyebrow.
Hmm, sharp tongue, as always.
"Don't worry about that. I need to take time for my employees once in a while. And me being on the road for a week is one of the things she knows she has to deal with. That's how it's always been since I accepted this position. I kind of miss being stationary but it's not woth giving up what I have right now ", I say and think back to my wife and the argument we had recently. That I don't see the kids that much anymore and she's worried that they will miss me. She might be right.

Over dinner we talk about a couple cases and how her team is doing in general. Under all of this I can hear tension.
"Why are you really sending them home? You have more work than you can handle. We know each other for a long time now, it would never cross my mind to question your competence. There isn't a thing that you can't deal with, I made sure of that. If i wouldn't have so much faith in you i wouldn't have given this location to you. It was up for closing and you pulled it up again. Even when you were still in your apprenticeship you were the brightest of your year. Never satisfied with even a little imperfection. So tell me, what's really going on? Are they acting up?", I ask into the blue. Just to give her something to react to.
She's taking her time to answer.
"I appreciate your concern but it's a private issue. Work doesn't have to do anything with it".
She's pointlessly pitching her fork into the half finished meal.
"It wouldn't be a problem if you needed a week off. I can manage it for you", I offer. It has its perks to be so high up in the chain.
"I'm not that little girl anymore, you don't need to take care of me. If I want a week off I take it", she answers determined.
Clearly this was the wrong approach.
"You were my best apprentice. Something I don't just say, which you should be aware of. You know that I picked every one myself. Seeing you in this position and being as successful as you are makes me proud. Just because I'm not only your boss anymore doesn't mean that you can't count on me. If you ever need anything you can still ask me. No matter what it is, for you I always have an open ear", I reassure and put meaning into every word I say.

She faintly smiles and looks around the seated tables.
"If everyone would think so highly of me like this", she mumbles.
"What do you mean?", I ask further.
Admitting defeat she looks me in the eyes.
"My boyfriend of three years left me and now I try to busy myself with work so I don't have to deal with the pain. You should be happy, my numbers are on a new peak again.", she states. Her smile is dull.
"Why do I even tell you. You're my boss, not my therapist" she mumbles further and leans back to look away again.
"He's an idiot", I say blatantly.
She only gives me a surprised sidelook.
"You don't even know him."
"I don't need to know him. Leaving a woman like you are was a mistake. He won't ever find someone with that strong of a character and the looks like you have", I explain and realise that I might have crossed the line.
She just scoffs out a laugh and raises her eyebrows.
"Wow, now you're really going at it. Thanks but I don't need any pity."
"I mean it", I say as honest as I can be.

For a minute we only look at each other. I would be lying if I said that I never had thoughts about her. It was maybe a bit foul to take advantage of such a vulnerable situation but I've done worse things.
"Thank you then. Aren't these bold words from a married man?", she asks but I can feel her mood shifting. She has always been so easy to read.
"It's an open marriage.", I state, telling half the truth. We've both been not entirely truthful all the time and made the agreement to just take it easy. For the kids sake, or maybe we're still too attached to finally let go.
She doesn't answer and looks away now.
"Why don't you show me this house you were telling me about? I suppose it's yours alone now?"
"I'm not sure if this is the right thing", she confesses
I lean forward with a charming smile that I know looks good on me.
"This once my dear, you don't have to play by the rules. Have some fun", I say and wrap her around my finger with my words. I already know what she will say.

I follow her car for ten minutes until we arrive at her home in the middle of nowhere and with a wide garden. It reminds me of my own home, strangely. Only that here there are no trampolines or kids toys strewn across the lawn. She still has her life before her.
Once we get inside a subtle and floral smell greets me.
As she leads me through the different rooms I spot a plate full of cookies in the dining table. They look untouched. I guess she must have tried to busy herself in any way. I remember that baking was never her thing. Or they were from her moron of ex.
To stop the playing around I step behind her and lay both of my hands on her waist. Immediately she stops her motions.
Why would we want to waste our time with coffee.
I remove the hair from one side of her neck to bow down and inhale her perfume. Since she is so unsure I place a kiss on her now exposed neck.
"Why don't you show me the first floor?", I whisper and let my thumbs circle over her back.
Seeing her this out of place was amusing. I thought she had more experience with things like these.
On our way upstairs I grab a hand full of scarfs from her wardrobe.

The bedroom had a beautiful and spacey four-poster in it that was the centerpiece of the room. The indirect lighting made it even more inviting.
The dark purple sheets looked too innocent tho.
I take my tie and blindfold her after we enter the room.
"This is only to help you relax, my dear", I coo to which she nods once. A habit she developed in her first week. Always confirm everything with a nod.
Slowly I pull her blouse up and reveal a black and purple lace bra.
"Hmm", I approvingly hum as I see she's wearing a matching set.
Must have given her some confidence.

She's still insecure about what to do so I guide her over to the bed and make her sit on my lap, her back facing my front. Like this I am able to fully control her and can still watch her in the mirror on the big dresser in front of us.
I take my time to kiss her shoulders and neck and get her breath all shaky with my hands roaming around her skin. Just to ease her up, she's so tense.

"Has your boyfriend ever done anything like this to you?", I ask as I spread her legs in my lap and run my fingers over the outline of her thong.
She shakes her head.
"Fool. But now you can let go completely. The only thing that matters are you and me in this very moment. We're nothing but two people who want the same thing", I murmur into her ear and brush my fingertips along the inside of her thighs.

She actually relaxes a bit more and leans against me.
"Hmm that's right. Let go. I will take good care of you", I coo and run my pointer finger over the middle of her underwear. With this goosebumps form along her arms.
So innocent.

To help her relax I return my focus on her boobs temporarily. She leans back even more and like this I have the perfect view. Her head rests on my shoulder, I can see down her flat stomach. She must already feel my boner pressing against her firm ass.
Holding her like this I let my other hand wander down again and can't hold back my smile when I see how excited she is.

In one smooth but slow motion I pull her underwear to the side.
Hmm, shaved.
Just to tease her I run my fingers over her labia with a feather light touch.
I let her lick my fingers before I do the same motion again.
Ah, that seems to spark something.
Before she can think about it too much I insert one finger. In the mirror I can see it disappearing knuckles deep and coming out shiny and wet.

Little whimpered moans escape her lips.
"Hmm, come on darling, don't hold back", I coo and insert the second finger. Her legs twitch, which widens my grin even more. She's panting like a bitch in heat and also presents herself like one. Shy moans fill the room but I just keep going. Slowly out, even slower in. Every time I take an extra way to spread her own fluids around her labia and her clit. I would love some ice cubes right now. But fuck it.

"Do you like this?", I coo and keep my pace.
She nods again.
"Say it"
"Yes, I like it", she breathes.
I chuckle into her ear, knowing what effect it will have. For a moment her walls tighten.
"And what about this?", I ask and curl my fingers, circling them along her hotspot.
She arches her back and breaths out another yes.
Just what I thought.
"What about this?", I add my thumb to stimulate her clit while my middle and ring finger repeat the last motion.
This moan is louder.
Just right, my little girl.

I keep fingering her, but every once in a while I circle my thumb and curl my fingers. Her moans get deeper as she arches her back, trying to get even more. My hand is now soaked in her fluids. In the mirror it looks amazing. When was the last time I did something like this with my wife.
At the thought of her I lose control for a moment and am harsher than necessary. A little whimper and she wants to close her legs again.
"Shhh, it's alright. I will make you feel better", I coo and now focus on her clit. Soon her cheeks get rosy and her hands turn into claws.

"Relax, lean back", I whisper and intensify the pressure. Her legs are already shaking, hmm. To mix things up I dip my fingers in and continue to circle them there.

Her squirming feels like she's grinding on my dick on purpose, even if I know that's not the case.
Just because I'm enjoying the show so much I let her taste herself. She's so eagerly sucking on it I wonder if that douche at least taught her how to properly suck a dick.
When I return to her hot core she's begging me with her body by working with my hand.

"Does someone want to come?", I whisper in amusement.
She only whimpers and nods eagerly.
Ah, so young, so innocent, yet so dirty.
"Just because I like you so much", I whisper and speed up my fingers and hold her in place at the same time. I smile at myself in the mirror as she's getting even squirmier, her legs twitching all while whimpers and moans echo from the walls.

When she comes my fingers are buried inside her, I can feel her pulsing on them and warm fluids dripping down on the floor between my legs.
Bloody hell this is so sexy.

"Has he ever made you cum like this?", I ask, to which she shakes her head.
"Amateur. You're lucky he's gone. Ready for round two?"
"Round two?", she asks with a shaky voice.
I chuckle and play my fingers inside her once more before I pull them out to taste her myself. I make sure she hears every detail of it.
"Hmm, you didn't think I would leave you hanging like this, didn't you. I've always been there for you and pushed you to be the best you could be. And that's what we're doing now, honey"

With this I pick her up and lay her on the bed only to get on top right after.
To my surprise she demands my clothes off, which I won't complain about.
Seems like I made her hungry. Good.
Blindfolded with my tie and her tits in that push up bra she looks so fucking hot. I want to just take her already. My pants are almost ripping apart.
I stop her hands once they're done with my buttons and join them over her head. Now begins the fun.

I use her temporary confusion to grab one of the scarfs to tie her wrists together and to the headboard. She's new to this too. God, what did this idiot even do?
The other scarfs are too short to tie her ankles to the other posts, sadly. But I also don't feel like going downstairs to get new ones. This will have to do.

Shivering in anticipation she lies beneath me. Just to admire her fully and add a little fun I get off the bed. There she lies, squirming around, partially exposed, not knowing what's about to happen. On the floor by the end of the bed there is a little puddle of her cum. This is about to be fun.

I audibly open my belt and zipper of my pants. When I let them drop she's squirming even more.
Ah, so full of life again, I could get used to this. We will definitely need to see each other again.
When I get rid of my underwear my erection pops out, so ready to give this girl the fuck of her lifetime.

When I get on the bed again her breath is catching up speed. Such a good girl, I could make her do whatever I want. But she deserves only the best. So that's why I'm here.
"Why are you so nervous, darling?", I whisper and kiss her forehead.
She doesn't answer, instead she's trying to suppress it.
"Come on, let it out. I want you to enjoy this", I coo and let my kisses travel down her neck.
"I'm not sure if I will be good enough. I've only been with... him. And you ... Seem to know more about me than I do myself", she admits and turns her head away, blushing.
Now isn't that adorable.
"Just because this fool didn't know how to properly take care of you doesn't mean that I want you any less. That's behind you. Let that go, okay? Right now it's only you and me. And whatever happens happens. I won't be able to get enough of you anyway", I say and nudge her bra to the side to let my tongue play over her nipple. I want to make her feel like the best goddamn lay I ever had. Because that's what it will be. She's special.

I open her mouth to let her suck on my thumb. She's so inexperienced, yet eager.
Like she's always been, as I realise with a smirk.
I spread the spit on my tip and get into position.
"I bet you are a smart girl and thought of protecting yourself?", I ask and tease her.
She quickly confirms that she is on birth control.
With this I line up and dip my tip in. Fuck she's so wet. Bit by bit we get closer until she surrounds me completely. The way she's pulling on her restrains only makes me want to go even deeper.

She's trying to catch her breath while I throb inside her. Goddamn is she sexy.
"Just tell me when I'm too much, okay?", I say and wait for her to confirm it again. I'm glad her hands are tied together, I don't want to explain anything tomorrow.

Slowly I retreat, pull out almost all the way just to thrust back in.
Hmm now we're talking. Her legs twitched back together but she's eager to open them again. I'm picking up the pace and fail to hold back. Our hips collide in such a satisfying way. Synchronised, both greedy.
By now her moans got louder, she's pulling on her restrains so much that I fear she will seriously hurt herself now. But the way her legs are twitching again keeps me going.
"Would you like to cum again, my dear?", I ask, getting closer myself. She's just too much to handle.
"Yes, please, I want to", she pants, having already learned from before.

Now's your lucky day...

I let my thumb circle over her clit and slow down my pace. As soon as her breath gets ragged and her moans higher I pick it up again. It doesn't take long until she's erupting for the second time. But now I don't let her settle and close her legs, hold them up so her feet are by my head and slam my hips against hers. Over and over again. I don't stop when her legs are shaking uncontrollably. The sounds that leave her throat just confirm that she's fucked senseless already.
Either way I am surprised when her juices gush out once more.
Bloody hell. Fuck I am the luckiest man alive. To not overwhelm her I slow down and set down her legs again. They don't stop quivering, even when I bow down and stop completely, buried inside her.

Feeling like words are unnecessary now I just kiss her. Even these motions are lazed and imprecise. Damn I must have done her almost too good.
Having decided she's had enough for today I free her hands. Red streaks cover her wrists.
"Ready for round three?", she asks with a sloppy smile.
Before I can ask she put me on my back.
Being utterly surprised I can't do nothing but stare. Slowly she gets rid of the blindfold and looks at me through heavy lids.
After a few strokes with her spitted hand she lines me up and sits down in one stroke.
A sharp cuss escapes my lips.

She doesn't waste any time and rides me like she didn't look like passing out a minute ago.
This girls a firecracker, for fucking sure.
With one quick motion she gets rid of her bra and throws it to the side. Now I can watch everything that she was gifted with jiggle from the impact.

Unable to control myself once more I sit up and wrap my arms around her. I bury my face in her decollete, suck on her nipples. Give into the craving of her young flesh. She makes me want her while I'm having her. Holding her in an embrace like that I slam her down. Now it's on her to cuss.
Fuck girl, show me where that came from.
She wants to work with me but I don't let her. Instead I control her like I please until I'm close. Only then I let go to take her face into my hands again. Our tongues dance around each other while all these beautiful sounds escape her throat.
Just because I can't get enough I cup her chin and take another look at her.

This fucked face will haunt me in my dreams, for sure.
She slowed down by now, her eyelids flutter when she sits down all the way and even grinds her crotch against mine. Just to get her going again I slap her ass, to which she contracts for a moment. So I keep doing it again, causing the same reaction every time.

I won't be able to last much longer. And I want to look into her beautiful face when I finish. So I pull her down when I lay back, to have her face at mine and thrust my hips up. While biting her lip she works with me again, rolling back her eyes soon enough but still not stopping. Next to my head she grips the sheets and moans deeply.

That is too much, I hold her down and look at her pretty face as I unload. She keeps grinding and I have to throw back my head. She might lack some experience but that doesn't keep her from stunning me once more.
Because that's how it's always been.
When she gets up again and pulls out our mixed fluids drop down on my crotch and stomach.
Next to me she passes out almost immediately. I let her sleep for a while and settle down myself.

We will definitely have to see each other again. Damn I won't be able to get her out of my mind.
But I have to. I'm still her boss after all. With her wildly tangled hair and her rosy cheeks she looks incredibly adorable. Something I never really cared about but that strikes me now that I see it.

I take her wrists and softly kiss the streaks. They will still be visible tomorrow. But at least she didn't scratch me or give me a hickey or some shit like that. Slowly she wakes up again and looks at me dreamily.
She is so incredibly fucked. I'm glad she broke up with that idiot. But that means she's available now, open for anybody.
I would love to fuck her while her ex is watching. Show him how it's really done while he can't do anything but jizz in his pants from how good she's getting it.
A thought, that makes me smirk.

"I have to get back to the hotel or people will ask questions", I say quietly after another minute. She can't really hide her disappointment, but deep down she knew from the beginning. So she just nods and sits up.
"So, that was it?", she asks, facing away from me.
Aah, I hate that talk. Usually I leave a false number and that's it. But with her it's different. I can't just blow her into the wind and then she's gone. No. She's here to stay one way or another.

"The offer from before still stays. If you ever need anything. And I mean anything. Then just give me a text or call. My private number is still the same. Or just text me and I will call you back as soon as possible. For the sake of our both careers we should keep it secret.", I say calmly. Somehow I feel like an asshole, something I've only felt when I told my wife that I fucked the baby sitter who happened to be one of her friends. She was the first one. After I found out she wasn't faithful either that feeling vanished as soon as it came.

But now it makes me seriously uncomfortable.
So I sit up too and make her look at me.
"Don't tell me you regret it", I say and feel even weirder. Regret. What the fuck is that even.
But she only looks down on her wrists.

"I don't know. I can't help but feel like one of many others. And that this was it and we're back to Miss Carlson and Mister Wesson again. We have to act like we're just colleagues in the next meeting and you have to scold me every once in a while so nobody thinks you prefer me. I shouldn't be mad. I don't know what I even expected", she says and gets up. I watch her disappear in the bathroom.

Ah shit. I really am an asshole.
When she comes back she's in a white bathrobe, her hair up in a messy bun, and sits down on the edge of the bed. Meanwhile I'm in my pants again and about to get dressed fully. But at the sight of her I have to interrupt myself.

"Listen. Just because it's better if we keep it a secret doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to see you again. At work everything will be as it used to. You will always have a bonus, not only because of your skills. Like you always have. And if you would like to meet up again, just let me know."

Women always need to make up their mind about things first. Sometimes it's annoying but with her I've never been so stern.
She just nods and keeps looking down.
"Hey, I can't leave you hanging like that. Give me a smile", I demand as I sit down in front of her.

She faintly smiles and looks up.
"Next time you call me I'll have a little surprise for you. But for now just clear your mind. Take a week off, go on a vacation. Don't work yourself up. You are special and you always were. This wasn't just a distraction, I really want you to feel better.", I say and lay my hand on her cheek.

Soon she will realise that things aren't as bad as they seem right now. And that's when she will come back to me.

She doesn't answer for a while but eventually looks up.
"You should go now. Thank you for coming. I will bring you to the door", she says with the same faint smile.
Oh dear.

As a goodbye I kiss her on the head once more.
Words are unnecessary.
Until next time.

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