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What do you get when you cross a Vampire with the desire to Love so strong that everyone involved is caught in her plot to stop at nothing to have the man she wants? MIND NIGHT BLUE is a book of creatures who's sexual desires are on another level. Sex is what keeps a Bampire alive. Blood is not necessary for life. And Emotions multiplied by 10 can be beautiful or deadly. I challenge you. If you can figure out who started all of this trouble by the end of book one? I promise you, you will never see these events coming. Oh, and can you resist the urge to not um..... PLAY? EROTIC THILLER is an understatement. The Spotify Playlist on INKITT started with this book and LB HARPDOG the author.

Erotica / Fantasy
LB Harpdog
4.7 59 reviews
Age Rating:


Hi, Welcome to MIND NIGHT BLUE.

This Book is unlike any other. You will feel happiness, sadness, joy, desires, love, and sometimes, hate.

In order to get the most from this book, you will need to have a music channel like YouTube, Spotify, or some sort of music playlist. You can play certain songs at certain times throughout this book to delve deeper into the story. Here are the songs to have ready to play, if you choose to do so. If you do have Spotify, then Type in MIND NIGHT BLUE in the search and you are ready to go.


1)RUN TO YOU sung by Lea Michele

2)HURTS LIKE HELL sung by Fleurie

3)WITH THIS TEAR sung by Celine Dion

4)YOU DON’T KNOW sung by Katelyn Tarver

5)NEVER TOO LATE sung by Three Days Grace

6)I WANT YOU BACK sung by Cher Lloyd

7)ALL I EVER NEED sung by Austin Mahone

These songs will help connect you to the characters in this book as well as help you feel what they feel. Remember, what you will read is very erotic so please read responsibly, and make sure you are alone and relaxed.

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